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  1. Thank you all so much! This is very reassuring!! I don't bring anything valuable to the pool, usually just towel, book, cover-up, sandals, Seapass. My husband's not big on pools, so he'll sit and read while I go for a dip, so I've never worried. Some of our group will have kindles (older models, nothing too fancy). These are all great points about verifying SeaPass charges and other people generally keeping an eye on their surroundings too. Thank you all!!
  2. I apologize if this has already been answered or discussed. I did search through the forums and didn't see anything posted. I'm always a little nervous leaving my bag of stuff by my chair when I hop in the pool for a dip. Sometimes my husband is sitting there to keep an eye on things, but this time we're cruising with a group and we may all get in the pool together. I think many people are decent, but it's a floating city so there's bound to be a few dishonest people. Do things (especially a phone or sea pass) get stolen from the poolside, or am I worried over nothing?
  3. I found this link to a website all about the port in another thread: https://costamaya.com/about-the-port/ Other posters seemed unimpressed with the port, but this looks pretty cool! They describe the port pass and activities. I think they probably have an area of chairs reserved for port pass holders. Hope that's helpful to others!
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