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  1. Oh most definitely very neat for young ones. Not sure about the 20 month old as far as fun. We did not have our son with us, but he is 9 and I would definitely think he would like it. I can't answer for sure about the swim aids (sorry! not much help). I can't remember if they had a playground (you might look it up, we were all adults and my kiddo is a little older and I think he'd have fun snorkeling with us so that's why i think he'd like it) I think overall it's a very good family friendly place, but as far as them being entertained for hours and highlight of their trip I'm not sure. They have other attractions like the bird avairy and the shark tank and some walking around to do. I think it would be better than a beach day in my opinion. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. I don’t know that this is the best place to post this ( if there’s a better place just let me know) but I have a pair of whispers that keen is going to replace. They tore 😞. So I can pick whatever shoes I’d like ( with a voucher). I’m buying them specifically for Dunn’s falls and hiking. Are the whispers the best or the Newport or the Cnx (I think that’s the other one). Any suggestions? Thank you!

  3. It is so cool. Highlight of our trip last year. Their man made reef is amazing. You get to hold the baby turtles and they take you on a little tour. Then you can go swim in their man made reef with the turtles and a bunch of other cool fish. They also have a little aviary and a restaurant and gift shop. Places to lay out in the sun and you can go back and play with the turtles any time. 

    This year we are doing the stingrays. We didn’t want to do both at once because we wanted to enjoy them both 😁

  4. There’s only 2 of us, just me and my husband. I’m hesitant to book as I know he could make so much more with a big group. I’ve put a shout out on our roll call that maybe some more would want to join us. Have any of you gone with just a couple people? 🙂 

  5. I saw lots of first time riders. That's mainly who they cater too. I think you would be just fine. The horses pretty much know just where to go and what to do. They have mounting blocks so you don't have to try and jump up there. It all moves pretty smooth. You just walk so you're not going very fast :)

  6. We were on the Carnival Breeze and we booked with Carnival. It was our first time to Cayman and we didn't feel comfortable booking with anyone else yet. (fairly new cruisers lol, only taking our third one this year). Not sure what company they used if they source that out. They were great, had plenty of time. shore excursioner probably has some available. Not sure on price comparisons.

  7. We did not do the combo. We just did the turtle farm last year. It was AMAZING! And I'm glad we just did one cause we spent all day at the turtle farm and had a great day! Plenty to do and their man made snorkel area is really cool. And the time you get to spend with the turtles is so much fun. After you go through the tour you can do whatever you want. Go back and touch the turtles, go snorkeling and swim with them, eat, go to the little aviary they have or shop at the gift shop. We spent most of the day snorkeling. I hope someone can help you with the combo one, but thought I'd share our experience 🙂

  8. Oh and maybe a pouch of some sort if you want to take pictures. I had my lanyard that I had a pouch to put my phone in, but it was hard to get to and I didn't get many pictures of my own 😕 And it was heavy on my neck. I think I'm going to take a small backpack this next time. I always take my regular size backpack for all my things, but something just a little smaller would be good so I can get in and out of it quick.

    Bug Spray




    Change of dry clothes

    I think that would be the main things I would take 🙂

    Maybe some money for the pictures and a souvenir if you wanted. They had a few things in their little store. And I think they had a place to get some lunch and something to drink, but we didn't do that. Might double check me on that. 🙂 

  9. Yes you can! They have lockers to purchase. I can't remember how much they were. No more than 10 or 15 bucks. We rode through the jungle first then hopped off and they got the water bareback pads on the horses for us to go through the water with. (they may do this in reverse, but they will let you know so you can dress appropriately.) While they were changing saddles and all, you could go back to the lockers and change. Then you can back and got in line to go through the water. They took about 10 at a time through the water so you did wait just a little bit. I would highly recommend bug spray. It rained while we were riding also, but it felt good. Was kind of hot. All in all it was fun. The facilities are okay, but not super clean. I mean, the cleaning lady was really nice and she was sweeping, but it reminds me kind of like a camping facility at a state park.

  10. I would read reviews to see what fits best for you and your family. I've done the dolphin push and pull with buffet twice. It was awesome. The dolphins are amazing. They did well with young and old alike. You still get to watch the sea lion show. They do two a day. And you have the whole park all day so plenty to do. We enjoyed snorkeling there as it was our first time to ever snorkel and it was fun, easy and still got to see a few cool fish 🙂 . Highly recommend the dolphin discovery 🙂 

  11. I've noticed in my excursion choices for RC that I can choose just a direct shuttle to Dunns Falls (with no ticket) or I can choose a more expensive excursion that has Dunns Falls (ticket included) and includes a guide. Is it better to do the latter or just go and purchase my own ticket? I was thinking of using shore excusioner and getting our own tickets and tipping a guide? I hear it's super busy and don't want to wait in line to purchase a ticket if I can help it. We did a different excursion last year so I've never been there so any advice appreciated. Thank you! 🙂 

  12. It is done through Chukka. It was fun. A friend and I did it last year. We ordered our pictures, but had no way to check the CD. I got home and it would not work. With a little effort on my part, I was able to contact them and they did get me my pictures. Facility was okay. It wasn't my favorite thing to do, but we did have a nice guide that told us about the area and was able to answer some of our horse questions (we have horses and were interested in how they take care of them there and what they feed and other silly questions lol). He was really nice but it was SUPER busy. There were other tours going on and had to wait forever for our horses. I was going to tip our guide, but after we switched to the water ride, I couldn't find him. I had put everything locked up in my locker so I didn't have any cash on me. Any questions I'd be happy to answer. 🙂

  13. Thank you. I wasn't sure how it would work. They went to Alaska last year and had a wonderful time. They don't expect to be able to get off (and are not upset about it at all :-) ) I just thought if I could shout out here and maybe someone would have an idea. I will let them know about that place to eat if they get the chance :-) They went this week so we'll see how it goes. Haven't been able to talk to them yet since they've been on.

  14. My grandparents are taking a cruise in a few weeks to Grand Cayman. My grandfather is in a motorized scooter. We just recently took this same cruise on Carnival (they are taking Royal Caribbean). We had to tender to Grand Cayman and I wasn't sure if motorized scooters can make that trip? I wasn't sure how that worked if they can do it? And if so, does anyone know what they can do while they are there? Are there taxis they can take? Recommendations of maybe a place to eat or something fun to do? I was hoping they could take a taxi and go eat somewhere pretty famous and then get back to the ship. It's such a beautiful place I hate for them to miss out on it! But understand there's only so much that can be done. Any suggestions would be much appreciated so I can pass them on to my grandma.

    Thanks so much!

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