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  1. We visited The Keg restaurant on Granville island. If you have an opportunity to go to Grandville island on Saturday morning and then stop in the keg for lunch That would be a great day. It was for us! The food was very good. atmosphere was great and the people were very friendly. Hope that helps... And I wouldn't have wanted to misse Granville Island being in Vancouver.
  2. Just came back from Victoria on a cruise, May 2019. Victoria was amazing!! We rented a car - Budget on Douglas. They were fabulous! Picked us up at the cruise terminal. Went to Butchart Gardens (there were 8 of us, we were there 90 minutes - 2 hours tops and we were good with that amount of time) Went to the Butterfly Garden (you can find great discount tickets online for this), and it's right down the street from the Butchart - An 8 year old, would love this place IMHO Returned the rental car - Probably should have kept the car while we did Murchies, but our next mode of transportation was fun... Did the PediCab ride - We had 3 pedicabs for our tribe of 8. Got driven around from Empress Hotel up Government Street to Murchies Tea. The apricot breeze (bought 2 oz) & peach champagne tea (bought 1/4 lb), as well as their draw string tea bags are awesome. And to our surprise reasonably priced. Went by the wooden street - Waddington Alley Took Pedicab back to cruise ship $40 per person - about 1.5 hours or so - great narrative about the whole area Had an unbelievable time all with the help of martincath & aerosop81 from here on cruisecritic - so hope sharing our experience helps pay it forward for you... Enjoy! Im off on a land based trip to Juneau (2 days), Petersburg (7 days) & Anchorage (late afternoon early evening) in 12 days - I am soooo excited.
  3. Stunning pictures, thank you for sharing. When you went to the promenade deck for the day of glaciers. Glacier Bay... Were you able to see these glaciers right from the ship or was this a separate excursion you took. If so what excursion, if you don't mind me asking. Thank you
  4. For me, I love visiting street/farmers markets where I can chat with local folk, eat local, and find unique local items. I dont like to shop, I love to eat!!...lol I wont be visiting Robson street other than to pick up the City passport book that may or may not be worth anything. But for the few bucks I paid for it, all is good. On our way out of town on Day 2, we will pay it forward and give the City Pass book to someone we pass by or say hello to and is staying in town longer than we... The plan is: Drop luggage off at Canada place or use porter genie (probably Canada Place) 4 hour tour with Best Vancouver Tours (9-1), Friday May 10 - We should see (Gastown, English Bay, Lookout, Granville Island, Stanley Park, the typical attractions etc) Take train from Waterfront to Airport - hotel will pick us up there Check in, rest a bit Turn around and go back to airport, take train to waterfront & hop on sea bus to N Vancouver to the Shipyard Market that starts for the season, that day. Train back (note to self, check to see what time hotel shuttle stops or 24/7) Next day: Hop on train, get to Stanley Park (may or may not do the horse drawn carriage). Depends on how much we see of the park on our tour the day before Factory Restaurant for lunch (cant remember the full name of it) or Go Fish or some suggested local place that is a greatest hole in the wall Granville Island - Here we do/see/go where ever we want We have entertainment.com digital membership & City Pass book for discounts. Possibly do West Coast Sightseeing Hop on Hop off OR head to the Cannery area to see the Village OR back to Richmond for some Dim Sum OR check out a few of the Dumplin Trail restaurants So whatever floats the rest of the groups boat, as my boat is full with the above schedule...LOL I think Ive got transportation cost down while in town. False Creek Ferry we will do a day pass, as we have buy 1 get 1 coupons. So $8 pp for a day pass. Plus I enjoy seeing the city from the water perspective. The fares are this?-- Day 1 1 zone $2.50 fare to get from waterfront station cruise stop to airport to be picked up by hotel Then afternoon: /2 zone $3.75 fare (if we are going before 6:30 pm which we probably will) Then back on seabus & train for 1 zone $2.50 (after 6:30) = $8.75 2nd Day – 1 zone for all lines & sea bus $2.50 per 90 minutes of travel. Hope I got the fares right, as it took me a bit to get a grip on the zone stuff. -- Next day, pick up rental car at airport and drive to Seattle for the next stop. Sound like a plan? p.s if we were going to do the suspension bridge we would go to Lynn Canyon vs Capilano. I personally will pass on both. Heights are not my friend 🙂
  5. Hello, Is Lonsdale Quay and Granville Island two different places? If so, is this how I get to both places... Sea Bus to Lonsdale Quay to go to the Shipyard Market False Creek Ferry to Granville Island TIA
  6. @Aesop081 - the time you mentioned is the meet and mingle for the cruise. Its on May 7 @ 10:00 am in the Adagio Bar. Do you want to meet there, spend some time meeting others then take it offline to enjoy lunch or coffee where it would be quiter? Im interested in learning, what are you going to do in your city pf Victoria when we port? I think its fun your coming down to LA to get on a ship, to take you back home. @martincath - thank you also for your input. There is nothing like the gift of invitation to spend time/reading/learning from those who live where you are visiting. I am so appreciative. I just looked online at Hatley Castle, that is a beautiful real castle looking building. Altho Ive never seen a real, real castle. Not yet anyway. I will someday when I visit Scotland. The Craigdarroch is more for the rest of the group. One of our participants, in the group of 8, is a senior and in no way going to be able to make the stairs at Craigdarroch. I will stay with her on ground floor & visit the gift shop while the others do the self guided tour. Any other suggestions on what we should take off our long list above or add to in place of, I am all ears! Thank you
  7. Aesop081 Thank you so much for your help. Your offer to share all about Victoira, is gracious. Please let me know where and when we should meet on the ship and we will be there. The whole tribe of 8....LOL Take care & talk soon, Roberta
  8. There are 8 of us going on the Ruby May 5, landing in Victoria on May 9. We get in on the cruise ship May 9, 2019 to Victoria at 10 am and leave at midnight. I am trying to plan for the 8 of us to see Butterfly Garden (closes at 3 pm) Butchart Garden Craigdarroch Castle (closes at 4:30) We dont need to take the bus tour however probably the best way to know what we are looking at with the commentary? AND SEE.... Hop on hop off City Sights stops ( last stop at start of route is 5:30 pm or so). World-famous Fairmont Empress Hotel Craigdarroch Castle Chinatown and Old Town Fisherman’s Wharf (10% off with valid Gray Line ticket stub) Panoramic Inner Harbour Parliament Buildings Christ Church Cathedral Oak Bay Village and Marina Cook Street Village AND SEE... Squares & Alleys: BASTION SQUARE CENTENNIAL SQUARE MARKET SQUARE PIONEER SQUARE FAN TAN ALLEY DRAGON ALLEY TROUNCE ALLEY WADDINGTON ALLEY There are 8 of us, so if we need to rent a car to get to the gardens, we need 2 cars, which is not an issue. Im just struggling to figure out 1) Can we do all of this 2) Should we do all of this 3) How to time it so we get to the places that have deadlines regarding closing times, and have enough time to see the Butchart Gardens Can it all be done!! Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts...
  9. Auralee, Thank you for such a great share regarding the Entertainment book. The books are sold out for Vancouver. However you can still get the digital membership. I looked it up and the Carraige ride in Stanley Park and the Ferry coupons are part of the digital membership - so GREAT share!! - Thank you
  10. Hi everyone, Has anyone found any unbelievable, can't beat it Going Anywhere deals under the Semi Annual Promotion on Carnival?
  11. I just came off the Imagination and we had an 80's nite. I didnt see anyone dressed.
  12. This was fabulous. Thank you for sharing!!! I leave on a 4 day Christmas cruise in 2 days. Reading these helped me crank up the excitement, even more so than I already was.
  13. Hi everyone, Hope youre great. I leave on my first Carnival Cruise since 1996, in 2 days. I cruised RC in October. Prior to leaving on RC, on the app all the ship activities were available for viewing. Does carnival have this as well somewhere and Im just missing it? Ive looked at the app, on the website and cant seem to find what activities they will be having/when/where on the Imagination December 23 cruise. TIA
  14. Hope everyone is awesome! What spa amenities are available to the public on the Imagination? When I cruised in October on another ship, another line the Spa was open to public for showers, sauna, steam room, lockers and robes.
  15. I just placed an order, I will let you know if I get anything that says they cant fulfill the order. It may be a silver lining for you if they couldnt fulfill because if you can order again online, you can go through a shopping portal such as Top Cash Back you get another (as of this writing) 3% back from them. Anytime I shop online I check the shopping portals such a above or Ebates.
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