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  1. Hi everyone, Hope youre doing awesome. Wondering when RC would typically open bookings for 2023 Alaska cruises ? Thank you
  2. Do you think RCL is still going to offer the OBC in the future for those who own 100 shares?
  3. I just read this https://tripinsurancestore.com/how-primary-and-secondary-travel-insurance-medical-coverage-works/ from the tripinsurancestore dot com because I had the same question Primary or Secondary.
  4. Im new to the whole insurance for a trip. Ive been reading its hard to get the pre-existing condition waiver. However, most of the policies Im receiving quotes for have the pre-existing waiver included if you buy within 24 hours, 14 and/or 21 days. I just had to do deposit & final payment all on the same day due to buying on Feb 10 for a cruise April 11, 2020. So my assumption (which I will call and confirm before I buy) is that if I buy in accordance to what Im reading for this Worldwide policy is, as long as I buy the insurance within 21 days, th
  5. Whatever Chase covers: For me, it will be buy a GeoBlue Plan, purchase the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus plan and use the card for a piece of the trip. For approx $122.00, that should cover it and is worth the next level of piece of mind. Thank you to everyone on the forums who share, as I had no idea how to go about getting insurance, what was needed and where to start looking. --- So thank you, thank you, thank you for making others lives much easier by sharing your experiences!!
  6. hi @ LDVinNC From the specific example provided, on the phone, by the benefits administrator, it would be the entire cost of the trip. From what I read in the guide she sent me, under evacuation (as an example) it says any portion of your trip charged you would be covered up to $100,000. I have not read the entire guide yet. This should be the most up to date guide, as I just received it via email on Feb 11, 2020. Here is the link to the guide she sent https://www.chasebenefits.com/sapphirereserve2 Hope its ok that I have attached
  7. Hi @ iamtrustworthy Is there any policy that pays 100% on Cancel for Any Reason, if you cancel your trip for a non covered reason? Thank you
  8. I just spoke to Chase regarding my upcoming trip with Chase Sapphire Reserve and was informed, if any part of the trip is paid for with the CSR card the travel insurance will be in place.
  9. Is this a specific policy with an insurance or a company? Im currently looking to buy insurance for my upcoming cruise but there are so many companies, and so many different policies.
  10. Sorry if I missed it - what cruise line (s) was this itinerary on? Thank you Roberta
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