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  1. Hi Dave we had everything in order ready for our July cruise the QRC code on the letter from NHS (phoned 119) has no expiration date on managed to change my hotel booking to later on this year as well as car parking and already had my insurance it’s really unsettling thinking could they would they bump me again or my daughters booking if we were cancelled there is no way she would want to go alone, will contact P&o today to link bookings
  2. Thanks will give them a ring today I managed to find on the website it should be done when booking so fingers crossed .
  3. After being bumped off my Britannia cruise in July now worried about my Iona cruise in August our daughter is booked also but in a single cabin separate bookings she booked after us so they could cancel us or cancel her booking individually the uncertainty is very much unsettling if we pay in full and then we cancel because she’s been cancelled we will lose our money or should we cancel now before we pay the full balance
  4. Hi Graham I love seeing your photos and amazed how much you get about 👍and how much you both are enjoying yourselves 👍
  5. Looks fab fingers crossed I don’t get bumped off this one in August
  6. Absolutely agree with everything you’ve said we should have been informed of P and O intentions and then only to be offered 25% on top of what we paid is an insult I feel I have been deceived
  7. Hi we are also on Iona in August hopefully we will be able to sail on that one🤞🏻We are disappointed with P & O that they overbooked but I think that’s what most other cruise lines have done,
  8. Yes that’s what I was using until they’ve bumped me off my cruise cos they have overbooked☹️
  9. Hi phone 119 they will post out a certificate with both vaccinations on really easy to do
  10. Only incentive offered was the extra 25% no other offers of upgrades at a later date or on the other 5 cruises we have booked for 2021 2022 and 2023
  11. Hi when I phoned I asked for the cheapest option for Britannia cruise and conservatory for Iona and that’s what they gave me.
  12. Hi my Iona August cruise is not cancelled I’m just worried it might be and would I be bumped off first again
  13. Hi Ann what I meant was I asked would I be bumped off again I thought that could be the reason too, but we will never find out I would like to know how many of us have actually been bumped off
  14. Hi Ann we phoned yesterday and they couldn’t give me an answer also asked if I re booked could it happen again and they said they couldn’t guarantee it
  15. Hi we booked 2cruises direct on the first day 4 night Britannia July inside cabin and 7 night Iona conservatory suite in August no BLC discount no changes made I think it’s just been a random choice of who got cancelled or maybe some error was made with my booking phoned the dedicated help line yesterday and asked if I were to rebook would the same thing happen again to which they said they couldn’t guarantee it won’t so not confident about my Iona cruise in August not a good feeling for everyone who has a cruise booked as nothing is guaranteed
  16. Yes it’s the sly knowing overbooking that’s leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and no regard to our situation or how much organisation we’ve had to do
  17. Me too p and o have lost every bit of confidence and loyalty from me ☹️
  18. Hi Dave I’m booked in a conservatory suite on this cruise and booked on the first day but I have lost total confidence in p and o now
  19. I thought it was because we were only pacific tier and booked a cheaper cabin
  20. Why would anyone book a staycation cruise now knowing they could be bumped off at a later date or when the rules change
  21. Hi I meant nothing is available for beginning of July feeling scared to book anything now in case they do the same again I’m already booked on QE on 6th August wonder what will happen with my other cruises 🥴
  22. I wonder how many cancelled bookings there actually are how many pax did P&O think they could get on board whilst still promising to abide by all the protocols
  23. Hi I’ve checked everything nothing is available with any cruise lines until 31 July mine was also cancelled and I’m devastated too
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