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  1. 14 hours ago, jaydee6969 said:


    I think we are the same low class as you.🤣  We came off on Sunday and had a great time.  We both dressed up for Gala night, and did not feel out of place.  Came out from seeing the 'comedian!', booked dinner on the app, wandered down to the MDR to see if there was really that many in front of us, got told yes.  We walked back to the Atrium, sat down ordered a drink and before it even came the app was telling us to go for dinner.  As we walked to the far end of the MDR, the majority we passed were dressed up.


    We knew going into this cruise things would not be normal and service and choices would be reduced.


    Andy would have been disappointed, no Peroni that I could find and no Corona.


    We also found that if you could remember a cocktail you liked from the pre-covid era, the bar staff were more than happy to make it for you.


    Would I go back and do it again, absolutely!

    We came off our cruise on Sunday too and a fabulous time so we must be lowest of the low we dressed up on formal night and only saw one couple not dressed and they we’re keeping a low profile, I found the ship to be great staff very helpful food delicious entertainment very good and was sorry to leave, it’s amazing how people view things differently and life would be so boring if we were all the same, I would most definitely do it again and I am in August on the Iona👍🤗

  2. 10 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    The major problem with CPS in the past has been that at busy times you often have to queue up before you are allowed to go to the drop off zone, this can add up to 30/40 minutes to your waiting time. Whereas with P4C you are allowed to go straight to the taxi drop off point from the gate, and although you then have to drive to the short stay car park after dropping off your luggage, both Ocean and Mayflower's short stay car parks are within 5 minutes walking time to the terminal, and for cruises longer than 6/7 nights they are usually quite a bit cheaper.

    Thanks for the info maybe I should check out both companies before I book again do they offer any discounts for multiple bookings 

  3. 15 hours ago, grapau27 said:

    Thanks Lindy.

    I hope you had a great cruise.


    Thanks Graham we had a fabulous time and wonderful to be back at sea the ship was lovely, staff were all welcoming, weather was great,  food was delicious, entertainment was entertaining what’s not to like and very happy to have a little bit of normal back in our lives, after all theses months of restrictions hopefully it will  continue to get back to pre pandemic times 🙏🤗oh and wearing a mask when walking around inside the ship was really a very small price to pay.👍

  4. 4 hours ago, zap99 said:

    Thank you. Ship is great and being back at sea is brilliant. Last time I ever book a cruise without knowing what cabin. We have been on Brittania 5 times and didn't know they had such little balcony cabins. We won't be booking Iona untill we can pick a cabin. Did you all know Iona has balcony cabins on deck 5. That's right , next to where they unload the lorries. No thanks. Don't expect the app to work. Half a ship full of frustrated passengers being told have you booked on the app. Ggggrrr. It don't work. Just waiting for the buzzer to tell us our table in the MDR is ready. Why oh why didn't we think to book on the app. Cos it don't work. You could always e mail head office sir. Cant do that the WiFi isn't working. Great to be on the ship, but the IT can be a pain.🤣

    Hi we got off Britannia   yesterday and the app was a total nightmare we did manage to book our first evening meal but as they didn’t buzz us after 15 minutes we were late so they cancelled our booking ☹️They really have to get this working properly hopefully in time for my Iona cruise in August hope you are enjoying yours,

  5. 57 minutes ago, Colin58 said:

    I would love to know who you now use.

    We booked a princess cruise, due to sail in March. It was cancelled late December but only received the full refund 3 weeks ago.

    Hi after a really bad experience with a travel agent I will now only book direct, I originally booked a cruise in Oct 2018 which was cancelled I rebooked twice more and they were cancelled so last time I opted for a refund and now after 113 days still waiting I’ve been told I have to wait 120 days so hopefully next week it should be paid I think it’s disgraceful that they can do this all my other cancelled cruise deposits  booked direct from P&o and Cunard were received within a couple of weeks, my only cruise I’ve got now booked with TA is in December and they are requesting payment on the 4th August and they will not bend.

  6. 3 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    I’m so sorry Lindylooellalouise that you’ve had another staycation cruise cancelled, it’s a real shame the crew have caught COVID let’s hope ( I think you have another one booked correct me if I’m wrong) that nothing stops that one and we both eventually get to go away for a few days 

    Hi Purdey that was my third cancelled staycation 😰I keep rebooking and they keep getting cancelled I’m almost afraid to get excited about my next one on the 18th July🤞🏻🤞🏻Then Aug 21st on Iona 🙏I suppose I’m lucky that we’re able to rebook at short notice. 

  7. 36 minutes ago, Josy1953 said:

    Definitely won't, dear Jack doesn't represent those of us live in this part of his constituency.🙈🙉🙊


    Hi Josy this was in an email I received today from P&O 






    Vaccine trials: Guests who have participated in an official UK Vaccine Trial 
    We will accept the official letter distributed to all participants confirming Vaccine Trial status. 

    Armed Forces: We will accept documented record of vaccination from the armed forces.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Splice the mainbrace said:


    I would have thought that after 2 weeks or so with testing and isolating those testing positive that it should be clear. If they are going to quarantine a ship for a month every time there are outbreaks on board we don't stand a chance!

    Initially we thought that but maybe it could start a chain of infections but you are right it’s impossible to quarantine a whole ship for a month every time there is a positive test

  9. Just now, Splice the mainbrace said:


    Why was the cruise cancelled? August is some weeks away if there is a current outbreak onboard.

    If that is the case there are going to be many more cruise cancelled with rising cases and likely to get worse.

    Covid outbreak amongst crew all July and beginning of August cancelled 


  10. 11 minutes ago, P&O SUE said:

    You must be so disappointed Lindy, hope to can enjoy something else.

    As for the ‘pinging’ from Track and Trace a friend was telling me yesterday her husband was ‘pinged’ saying he had 4 days to go - not 10. He was at work when he got the notification and then got a phone call saying they knew he wasn’t at home and he’d get £1500 fine! They had quite a bit of back and forth before they finally got it sorted.So - they have deleted the app.


    I had a patient cancel an appointment last week, she also had taken so long to be traced that her first notification said 4 days to go! She said she was glad she was retired and had hardly been out!



    Thanks Sue just when things were starting to look bright it all comes crashing down again wonder when it’s really going to end feeling anxious now about the restrictions being lifted☹️

  11. 1 minute ago, Josy1953 said:

    It looks like we will be unable to cruise for the foreseeable future, we had an email from Princess telling us that we need to show proof of our vaccination status on arrival at the port, it then went on to say that only vaccines approved for the current mass vaccination push would be accepted.  I rang them to check whether my letter of proof of receiving a vaccine during the trial would be acceptable and was told that it was not even though Jonathon Van Tam has stated that people who have received actual vaccines during the trials would not be discriminated against.  I have just checked with P&O and Cunard and they have confirmed that they have the same policy.

    For those of you have taken part in any vaccine trials I would advise you to confirm whether you are still able to travel.


    Lesson learned, don't take part in any future medical trials.

    Sorry to hear that Josy I can’t believe they won’t accept your proof, another disappointment for me too just had my Cunard August cruise cancelled 😞 

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