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  1. 22 minutes ago, silversurf said:

    Phoned my TA this morning and they told me it is only Britannia cruisers that are being cancelled. But lindylou says her 21 August, 7 night Iona one is cancelled, which is the one we have booked.

    Who is correct? Sounds like my TA is not aware of this.

    Hi my Iona August cruise is not cancelled I’m just worried it might be and would I be bumped off first again

  2. 18 minutes ago, davecttr said:

    If Britannia has 3600 passengers and P&O were gambling on a 2/3rds occupancy of 2400 passengers they will have to cancel 1400 passengers per cruise, about 700 cabins worth!


    Do Iona's cruises not start until August in which case P&O don't know what restrictions will be in place.


    There are press reports that the 4 week delay might only be a 2 week delay. Order, counterorder = disorder. Imagine the shambles that would cause.

    Absolute chaos 

  3. 2 minutes ago, ann141 said:

    I can understand P and O saying they can't guarantee a cruise being cancelled in the future because no one really knows definitely about future government policies etc.It was an official reply by P and O to the question of how people were chosen that I read so possibly the person you spoke to yesterday didn't know but perhaps she should have asked her manager One problem I find with phoning P and O is that you get different answers depending who you speak to.I tend to email instead. Very disappointing for you

    Hi Ann what I meant was I asked would I be bumped off again 


    1 minute ago, Son of Anarchy said:

     If the capacity has been reduced to 1000 pax, that's 500 (give or take a bit)  bookings.


    I heard many years ago that Artemis' final cruise sold out within 3 hours of release, which would have probably been in excess of 500 bookings.


    Could it be that over 500 bookings were made on launch day of Britannia's Staycations?   A lot of people out there with FCCs burning holes in their pockets and a lot of people wanting to get away as soon as possible.  Just a thought.

    I thought that could be the reason too, but we will never find out I would like to know how many of us have actually been bumped off

  4. 6 minutes ago, ann141 said:

    According to a reply by P and O on another social media site P and O are cancelling customers who booked last so if anyone booked as soon as dates were released I suggest phoning P and O and asking why they have been 'bumpedoff'

    Hi Ann we phoned yesterday and they couldn’t give me an answer also asked if I re booked could it happen again and they said they couldn’t guarantee it 

  5. 12 hours ago, Pink-belle said:

    This is very random and not meant to cause offence, but where are the cancelled passengers from?  all over the UK or Covid Hot Spots? 
    surely the only non discrimination way would be the latest bookings.

    lindylou, did you get a BLC discount on this cruise? I’ve just checked my details, I booked direct with P&O on 22nd March.  On 8th May they repriced my cruise to apply the discount.  My booking reference never changed.  Did yours ? , if they cancelled and rebooked you your booking date would have changed. 

    Hi we booked 2cruises direct on the first day 4 night Britannia  July inside cabin and 7 night Iona conservatory suite in August no BLC discount  no changes made I think it’s just been a random choice of who got cancelled or maybe some error was made with my booking phoned the dedicated help line yesterday and asked if I were to rebook would the same thing happen again to which they said they couldn’t guarantee it won’t so not confident about my Iona cruise in August not a good feeling for everyone who has a cruise booked as nothing is guaranteed 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Ardennais said:

    Exactly. Total cancellation of any cruise was always a possibility but this over-booking to such an extent seems very unprofessional. If I had been minded to book a cruise after receiving the promotional email today, reading this thread would have put me right off.  

    Yes it’s the sly knowing overbooking that’s leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and no regard to our situation or how much organisation we’ve had to do

  7. 1 minute ago, davecttr said:

    My Iona 21aug cruise was booked on the first day but as I am cruising solo and could only book a deluxe balcony I am now unsure if I too will be dumped as 2 occupying a cabin spend more aboard. i have already arranged a car transfer to Southampton but not yet insurance, final payment date is late July

    Hi Dave I’m booked in a conservatory suite on this cruise and booked on the first day but I have lost total confidence in p and o now 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Dave K said:

    Just had an email from P&O telling me that my booking has been cancelled due to the government's extension of the passenger capacity limits.

    We were booked on Britannia for July 4th (B113Q)

    Got to try to cancel travel insurance and car parking now🤬

    Wonder how many others will get bumped off?

    Hi me too booked on same cruise so disappointing wondered why we hadn’t been allocated☹️

  9. 34 minutes ago, littlemisshoney said:

    Got our cabin allocation yesterday, was very relieved to see an allocation. Also just had our travel agent on the phone checking we had all the correct paperwork etc and what to expect at port, full lateral flow test, thought it might just be temperature check.

    Excellent news still waiting for ours to be allocated ☹️Starting to get excited and a bit nervous really hoping the first cruises go ahead without any problems and looking forward to reading the posts🤗Our cruise departs 4th july

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