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  1. 3 minutes ago, nosapphire said:

    For what it is worth, I reckon that people on cruises sailing this and next year - especially the first ones - will have a marvellous time.

    Yes, there will be restrictions and inconveniences, and no, it won't be the same as the normal experience. BUT.... the cruise lines really, really need to make a success of it.

    They want passengers to go home telling everybody what a wonderful time they had, how safe and well looked after they were, so they'll be pulling out all the stops to make sure people enjoy their cruise.

    The cruise lines will have already abandoned all hope of a profit - or even breaking even - in 2021, so these cruises will be a loss-leader just to make people confident again.

    Much later - end of 2022 or starting 2023 - is when the accountants will be going through all areas to see how and where they can start reducing debt, then we will see either big price increases, or a lot of trimming of service/standards, or maybe both.

    I'm not booked for 2021 or 2022 - but I am quite certain that those of you who get on board will have a great time, masks and all.

    Have fun.


    Yes I agree we have registered interest for an Iona cruise in August hopefully it will go ahead we’ve spent a year now behind closed doors and it’s now time for a change we have to move on with our lives before it’s too late life is for living not hiding away.

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  2. 1 minute ago, grapau27 said:

    Oh Lindy I'm so sorry to hear this.

    Take care and I pray you will be okay from your health issues.

    Best wishes.

    Love Graham x. 

    Thanks Graham it’s kept me going reading all the posts on here and all the lovely caring people who give love and support to everyone else who are struggling 🤗happy birthday to Pauline.

    Lindy x

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Beckett said:

    He definitely belongs in the Dim and Dimmer section Kalos; and I don't think "can" and "do" are 2 words, that beyond his wildest imaginings, could ever be put together.


    As for the jabbing - I've given up. To my shame I have, embarrasingly,  had a mini, but very polite, breakdown. I think that working full-time as PM, and doing weekends at the hub, came crashing down on me. I thought I could do it all but it seems I can't. I'm taking a couple of weeks off and will use that time for reflection. I'm 66 in August and could officially retire then. Not sure if that's what I want so some thinking time is necessary. Before the pandemic I used to do voluntary work at our local hospice so I may explore the possibility of part-time work and a couple of voluntary sessions back there. As you well know Kalos, health is all, so I think it's time for some serious thinking


    Oh God, another long, boring, and introspective post from me. I'll have you all running for therapy when you read this.


    You and Mrs Kalso look after yourselves and keep well. Best wishes. Jane.x 

    Hi Jane hope you’re ok? And absolutely agree that  as you get older health has to be our priority now so please look after yourself and do what’s right for you. 2019 we decided to retire and enjoy ourselves but the pandemic hit then I had my fourth cancer diagnosis in  the last ten years so you never really know what life has in store for us, do what’s right for you, and thanks for your amazing work within the NHS. Lindy

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  4. 11 minutes ago, joeecco said:

    I’d join a ship tomorrow. I miss having any sort of social life and I certainly miss the hustle and bustle of a ship. Vaccinated or not, sign me up! 

    Hi that was me a couple of days ago don’t know if it’s because we’re much older than you and have underlying health problems it’s just making me feel uncertain, cruises were the only way we were going to holiday because they gave us everything we could possibly want and just loved everything I really hope that something happens to change my mindset 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Britboys said:

    I'm very much in two minds about it. I'm 60, generally healthy and will have had both shots of vaccine by then. On the other hand, having not mixed with anyone for months, I would be quite nervous about being in close proximity to lots of people. I guess that will change however once I start meeting up with friends for meals out etc.

    I didn’t realise what a huge step it will be for everyone to socialise again and feel confident about mixing in large groups I haven’t been anywhere apart from hospital appointments in the last year and feeling quite shocked about how uneasy I feel about cruising again.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Angel57 said:

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to cruise with unvaccinated passengers and/or unvaccinated crew.

    I have had my first jab and second one is due early May but it’s more of the issue of the whole ship potentially being quarantined if there are cases on board. P&O will need to clarify what their planned procedures will be before I would book at the moment.

    Yes absolutely agree, initially I was excited at the prospect of cruising again but now feeling very apprehensive.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Eddie99 said:

    I hope everyone is ok.  Are you having crazy weather like we are - bright sunshine & blue sky one minute, hammering rain the next.  Nice rainbows though  🌈  Haven’t found the crock of gold.


    Feeling pretty low today.  An anniversary sort of thing, I think.  I well remember Friday 13 March 2020.  Johnson had done his first broadcast the day before - “a lot of people are going to die “ sort of thing, and people had started their own voluntary lockdown.  It was a nice day and we walked to the pub.  It’s normally rammed on a Friday lunchtime but there were hardly any customers.  We had a soup but didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t stay long.

    And that was it, basically.  Haven’t felt free since.  Still watching cases rise again in Europe and stop falling in the devolved nations here.  That might be ok if vaccination means cases do not progress to serious illness, hospitalisation and deaths.  We’ll see.  I’d still rather err on the side of caution and forego thought of holidays this year to secure holidays every other year.


    If I disappear from CC for a while, don’t be alarmed.  I’m low; I’m bored with circular arguments and I think it’s break time.  Maybe only for a day or two, maybe until things look better, maybe when I actually have a cruise in prospect!  Who knows?


    Take care.  Be well

    Take care 👍

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  8. Just now, Cathygh said:

    It does bother me a bit, but then in a few weeks I will be back at work mixing with the public so I don't think there will be much difference between that and being on a ship especially as mask wearing and social distancing will be required. If any lines are anything to go by it looks like tests will have to be taken before boarding. I also read there had been a covid case on a cruise last year, and it was dealt with effectively. I know it was discussed on here but can't find the thread. I think the close contacts had to isolate but not the whole ship Molecrochip used to say that cruise lines can't always stop covid getting on to the ship but it was how it was dealt with that was important. 

    Wish P & O would publish more information about what would happen should anyone have a positive covid result 

  9. 2 minutes ago, davecttr said:

    I would be very nervous indeed as the vaccination is not 100% effective and as mentioned elsewhere consider that it reduces the risks to that of someone 15 years younger. I have just turned 70 with underlying medical issues so maybe sharing a ship with a load of 'youngsters' many of which will not be vaccinated is not a good idea after all. Also, do people think P&O will be requiring full payment without a deposit?

    I am seriously rethinking all my plans for cruising at least for this year, I felt quite excited at the prospect of an around Britain cruise but after thinking of some of the consequences I’m  changing my mind.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Britboys said:

    I can't see there is any way that they will do that as it would severely limit the pool of potential bookings.

    Yes I can see that how do others feel about cruising with unvaccinated passengers?

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  11. 2 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    Although if both of you have been vaccinated,  wouldn't that mean that you would be protected against CV19 symptoms.   

    If you are uneasy about cruising with unvaccinated passengers, I think you will find it difficult to cruise for the forseeable future, assuming you want to get off the ship in foreign ports, given the speed of the vaccination programme in many countries.

    Yes we will have had our vaccinations and yes feel a bit concerned cruising with unvaccinated passengers not because of us contracting CV19 but the whole unknown  process of an unvaccinated passenger catching it.Would we all be confined to our cabins would we all have to disembark who knows.

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  12. 14 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    No information from P&O,  and I would think that this will not be a requirement,  because a large percentage of the population will not have had their second injection by August.


    Unfortunately I think then  it will be out of the equation for us booking with P&O we are in the over 65 group and both have underlying health issues. Maybe any cruises will be out of the question for us this year😰

  13. 2 minutes ago, grapau27 said:

    Hi Lindy.

    Azura does look big especially viewed from the South Shields side.

     I have a couple of calls tomorrow so I am going to try and call at Tyne Dock North Shields to view her closer up.

    I hope everything was okay today at the eye Infirmary.



    Hi Graham it's my daughter eyes  she has uveitis in both eyes and just had an implant into the back of one so fingers crossed its works so she can have the other one done 👍

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  14. 19 minutes ago, Beckett said:

    Hi Everyone. Just to let you all know that Cunard has declared. First cruise out is now 27th August. I know this is the P&O site but I also know some of us on here were waiting on news from Cunard. I just received the email telling me our July Fjords has gone. Oh well that's 3 more of us waiting on the P&O around UK waters announcements. Jane.x

    Just received the emails so now my next 3 cruises all cancelled knew it was coming but still disappointed, they’ve also announced QE cruises around British waters so let’s see what’s on offer also no mention of the crew being vaccinated. Hope you manage to find something else for you and your family. Lindy 

  15. 1 hour ago, grapau27 said:

    This is in local papers.




    Hi Graham we did a short detour from the eye infirmary on Monday to South Shields to see the Azura and was surprised how big she is. Looked very strange as we could see no  crew activity at all on board but really made me want to go onboard as soon as we  safely can.Lindy

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  16. Yes I could well be,it will be extremely difficult for me to find another cruise company that will give me everything Cunard does just feeling so aggrieved at the moment because I just want Cunard to cancel.

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