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  1. 16 hours ago, Sixfielder said:

    If what you say is correct re not being overwhelmed, why can Cunard not say that and give a date by which they will start processing cancellations and refunds?  I have expected so much better from what our friends tell us is the premier cruise line.  The issue is not the 30 day payment window, but the fact that my wife is working on the NHS covid vaccination programme and the NHS needs to plan its rostering well in advance - they cannot have all the staff on vacation! And secondly I earn my way as a consultant and similarly need to plan my workload for June now.  I cannot roster support staff at 30 days' notice.  Sorry Simon Palethorpe - and I'm sure Cunard staffers read these fora - your cruise line looks increasingly shambolic.  

    We have been very loyal to Cunard and thoroughly enjoyed all our cruises with them, but have felt very much abandoned by them during these recent times and I do fully understand the difficult situation they are in, we have already had one cruise with Cunard cancelled this year and just waiting for the next three in June and July to be cancelled as soon as it’s confirmed we will be taking our refunds and rebooking with another cruise company 

    Cunard know these cruises will not be going ahead and they should inform us ASAP fortunately we are now retired so don’t have work commitments to consider but really feel for those that have.

  2. Wow Avril that sounds fantastic I’m sure you will love doing B2B cruises I always check if it would be an option for us when we’re considering bookings, what are the itineraries  and which ship are you on  ? Great that you were able to book the same cabin, we’ve just had a short drive to North Shields to see the Azura and it looks fab but very quiet couldn’t see any crew activity 🤗

  3. Hi Avril we done a few B2B cruises on saver fares and have been lucky enough to be allocated the same cabin. I really love doing them because I love to stay onboard when everyone else is getting off we usually pop into Southampton using the crew shuttle bus to replenish our wine stack. To get our new cruise card we went to reception desk and they issued the new one explaining that if we wanted to disembark use the old card then the new one to embark really easy. We always check to see if we like the itineraries and have no hesitation in booking B2B. Lindy 

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  4. 1 hour ago, majortom10 said:

    The possible reason why Cunard have delayed their announcement is that the same staff work for Cunard & P&O in Southampton and dont want to overwhelm the staff with cancellations at the same time.

    Hopefully we will find out in the next couple of weeks it’s been a very long year for everyone 🤞🏻

  5. 2 minutes ago, Beckett said:

    Hi Lindy. Not sure what's going on with Cunard at the moment. I had originally booked a 7 day UK- ports- only in June on QE.  For various reasons I changed it early last week for a 7 day Fjords, with family, on QV in July. I just checked the Cunard website to see if there were any announcements (there weren't) and saw that my original June cruise was still on sale but the price had risen to an unbelievable level. I booked an outside single for around £1400. Today, the cost of an inside standard single occupancy is £1973!  What's happening! I still think we'll be cancelled next week though. Jane.x

    Hi Jane hopefully will find out soon what’s happening with Cunard  I don’t want to have any more FCC or change any cruises just want them cancelled, but like yours mine in July are still for sale and the prices have gone through the roof really hoping that cruises will be able to go ahead later on in the year missing them so much 👍lindy x

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Dermotsgirl said:

    We were quite lucky, as we had decided that we weren’t going to do much in the way of cruising in 2020, so were less affected by cancellations than we might otherwise have been.


    However, we have still lost three cruises or 35 nights.


    March 2020 Fred Olsen Boudicca 18 nights

    March 2021 Iona 14 nights. (In a different world, we’d have been on the road right now to Southampton)

    May 2021 CMV Amy Johnson 3 nights (went bust)


    our remaining 2 cruises have already been rescheduled to 2022

    Hi we are the opposite we had some really bad news in 2019 so decided that 2020 was going to be our retirement year and we were going to book as many cruises as we could fit in never for one moment expecting a pandemic but I suppose we are still lucky that we are still alive 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, MX-Drew said:

    We have had 7 cruises and 1 land based holiday cancelled. Just waiting for Cunard to cancel the 8th but can’t complain we are still alive, just.

    We are waiting for Cunard to cancel our June and July cruises why don’t they just get on with it because they know that they are not going to happen 

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  8. 14 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    Our latest cancelled cruise for July was our 5th so far with a total of 68 days, if you count our last Septembers B2B as 2 cruises.

    Just to add interest to this thread how many cruises and days has everyone else lost?

    Hi we’ve lost 5 cruises in 2020 total 95 days and this year 3 cancelled total 42 days expecting our June transatlantic 14 days and our B2B 24 days in July will also be cancelled really didn’t foresee this pandemic lasting as long.

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  9. We’re just sitting waiting for our QM round trip transatlantic on 9th June and our B2B on QE in July to be cancelled so we can have refunds this will be the second time that they have been cancelled and I’m losing confidence with Cunard because they haven’t announced the cancellations yet when other companies like P&O and Princess have.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Splice the mainbrace said:

    At least P&O have made the announcement, our next P&O cruise is not until October 2022 to Eastern Med which was transferred last November from a June 2021 cruise to Iceland.


    Still no further cancellation announcement from Cunard. Our QM2 TA + USA and Canada cruise in September is very unlikely to go ahead, so today transferred to a QM2 Sydney to Dubai cruise which departs March 2022. Surprisingly it is slightly less in cost but at 29 nights is a night longer but we have to add flight costs yet.

    Hi I’m still waiting for Cunard to cancel we have a round trip transatlantic in June then on  the on 4july B2B on QE 24 nights would really like to know what’s happening  so we can make plans only other cruises booked for 2021 are B2B on QV in Dec hopefully things will have settled down by then 🙏

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  11. 1 minute ago, grapau27 said:

    Azura today.


    Would love to have a drive out to see the ship, and it would be great if they did base her in Newcastle for the  summer cruises 👍would make our life so much easier than driving down to Southampton and staying the night before we board lindy

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  12. 13 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    If true they wont be as attractive as a longer round Britain cruise, especially for passengers living in the north.  However if they based  Iona in Liverpool I would certainly be interested in a short cruise experience.

    We would also be interested in short cruises from Newcastle or Liverpool just not viable for us to travel to Southampton for a couple of days

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