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  1. 1 hour ago, DaisyUK said:

    Thanks for the info and good to hear that you enjoyed the Rostron. We did decide upon the Aft suite in the end. We will be on deck 6 which I think has a slightly deeper balcony than deck 7, but still looks quite narrow. 

    We absolutely love the  aft suites and have had many fantastic cruises on QE and QV I’m sure you will enjoy and savour the whole wonderful experience but be warned you will be well and truly hooked.

  2. 2 hours ago, P&O SUE said:

    I googled ‘which GP surgeries are doing the Covid vaccine in Medway’ and got a big list. Unfortunately my parent’s GP not on it! They’re 81 and 83 and haven’t heard a thing 😞 The GP’s round here seem to be in groups and 3 or 4 of them are using one hub. (A big clinic)


    I spoke to someone in their 80’s (in my job) who’d just had their appointment- 7pm at night!!


    My sister is fuming as her husband (in Worthing) hasn’t heard a thing and he’s a manager of a care home!

    Hi Sue I’ve given up trying to Find out any info think it’s all a bit chaotic and depending where you live  it seems to be different so will just have to sit tight and wait 👍

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  3. Hi Graham yes we have all the receipts and statements and I’m sure it will get sorted in the long run but it’s all the hassle and upset I’m really fed up with and not being told the truth I would never have booked through a TA if I’d known that they kept the deposits, and this holiday was booked more than a year ago before all this covid mess started.


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  4. 1 hour ago, grapau27 said:

    Sorry to hear your TA is being uncooperative especially when you have another 4 cruises booked with them this year.

    In normal times I would ask to speak to the manager or area manager in person especially when you give them so much business.

    When you ring them I would mention how many cruises you book with them and ask them to show some Goodwill.

    Good luck.


    Hi Graham its almost impossible to get to speak to anyone as all they do is promise to call you back or pass you to someone else or even hang up so frustrating really worried about my other deposits  now.


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  5. 45 minutes ago, royallondon said:

    Moving forward,  I’ll be booking my P&O cruises direct.  The frustration in getting answers, refunds etc in the present uncertain climate, negates any  benefit to me in booking a P&O cruise via a TA. 


    Absolutely agree in fact all my 2022 cruises are booked direct and my 2021 cruises have all been rebooked cruises from my  cancelled ones in 2020  unfortunately had no choice but to still use  the TA

  6. 55 minutes ago, AnnieC said:

    Can you do a chargeback or S75 with your bank for the outstanding amounts (assuming you paid by credit or debit card)?


    Sorry if I've misunderstood your question - because I haven't been directly affected by cancelled bookings, I'm not up to speed with FCCs etc.



    Hi Annie I am sure I will get the money refunded but I wanted to use the 125% fcc for another cruise☹️

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  7. Thanks both for your replies i really had no idea this type of practice went on I truly believed all monies paid to TA would be directly transferred to the cruise company which I’ve contacted and they have urged me to contact my TA which I have another four cruises booked with them this year trying desperately to find out where those deposits are.

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  8. Hi all just had a very stressful morning trying to find out why my FCC is not showing in my account only my £50 future cruise booking is available because that’s all the monies that had been paid to the cruise company and my favourite TA has kept our 15% deposit in their head office account so how do I get 125% of something that’s not been paid 🧐it’s impossible trying to sort anything out as I’m just being pushed around and passed from pillar  to post so disheartening a I thought everyone was as honest as me how naive am I.  

  9. 12 minutes ago, Eddie99 said:

    Yes, Mate! 🙂


    We could fill inches of forum space with threads on what various meals are called and what foods you have at each!  Only breakfast is fixed 😂


    I’m sure it’s a hangover from Downton Abbey times and has a little of the blooming British class hang-up about it


    Personally - if we go out to eat, in the evening, we call it dinner.  If we eat at home - supper


    crazy! 🙄


    Hi for us up north east  it’s breakfast dinner tea then supper, 


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  10. 13 hours ago, fabnfortysomething said:

    our July QM2 transatlantic was of course cancelled

    there is supposed to be  FCC in my account for deposit paid but cant see it in my account

    plan to ring tomorrow to find out where it is and apply to July Transatlantic 2022

    Hi same here our April transatlantic was cancelled and no sign of it in our account as a FCC now waiting to hear about our 16June 14 day transatlantic will go ahead all we know is that it’s on hold.

  11. Hi Graham we looked at the Flybe option but not sure if they are still flying now and is the train journey non stop that would be a good option for us we feel it’s always better to go the day before as you can never tell what the traffic situation is going to be won’t be making any of those decisions till our next cruise. If it does sail June 21.

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  12. We have never encountered any kind of atmosphere or bad smell when we have been in QG only lovely like minded people who enjoy the luxury and ambiance of being in QG , but have in Britannia restaurant which is very sad because no matter where or what grade cabin you’re in Cunard give a first class experience to everyone and personally when it’s safe I can’t wait to be back on board in any grade of cabin.

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