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  1. 1 hour ago, Hobscheshire said:

    Thanks all for your responses and some very helpful info. We've now booked for the 18th, we know the experience won't be the same as usual but we're really looking forward to the break.   For those of you who have already been on the Staycation cruise, was there a gala evening? Also I'm sure I saw somewhere that there is free WiFi, is that correct? Thanks very much. 

    Hi we were bumped off our July 4th cruise so rebooked for July 18th really looking forward to it all,still waiting for our cabin allocation but can’t wait restrictions and all to be back onboard.

  2. 10 hours ago, kalos said:

    Good morning I hope everyone is good this morning :classic_smile: The folks on Britannia will

    be as they pass Lands End before cruising up the west coast of Cornwall. Some old 

    to cruising and some new to cruising . Some will be eager to book the next cruise and

    can't wait . It's fine to be enthusiastic about sailing... Just don't go overboard :classic_unsure: It's great

    thinking back to your first cruise ,I was nervous about meeting new people on a cruise...
    ... until I realised, we are all in the same boat. Not a boat though it's a ship, those little 

    orange things dangling over the side of the ships are boats !:classic_smile:  There is so much you can

    do as well, I once took a Spanish language course on a cruise ship and I got lost at si :classic_ohmy:

    Some people will scurry around the ship filming it which is nice but the people who use selfie

    sticks on cruise ships  really need to have a good, long look at themselves.:classic_wink:  I hope the new

    holiday app works well, much better than carrying one of those pager's about .The last time

    me and the Mrs  went to the ships restaurant .The Waiter said, I am sorry but we are so busy

    tonight. Would you mind waiting for a bit? I said no problem. He said "well take these drinks

    up to table 10 for me please .":classic_smile: On dry land everyone seems busy as well ,I only have to

    look at all the photo's posted on here of your travels and exploits and very nice they are too.

    Ships are to be soon up to 50% and soon to be full again I'm sure ..Even I seem to be getting 

    busier with things to do and my nephews who are in the building trade are fitting new skirting

    boards for us today .Very kind of them to fit us in between doing a full weeks work . :classic_love:

    I have posted almost every morning for quite a while now to lift us all with a bit of brightness 

    and fun but as from today I may not post every morning as I have other things to do  at the

    moment . I hope you enjoyed  the posts as much as I enjoyed doing them but I will do a

    morning post again at some point . Always remember a joke should be like a skirt, long

    enough to cover the subject ,but short enough to keep it interesting. Thank you :classic_smile:

    Stay safe and be happy :classic_love:

    Thank you kalos I’ve enjoyed all your morning posts and looking forward to the next stay safe and well lindy 👍🙏

  3. 10 hours ago, Rocky of London said:

    We have been told that our cruise is now swapped over to the Q E.....but I cannot see this on the Cunard web site and our friends now want to join us on this late November 4 night, but cannot find the cruise under Q E to book ?



    Yes our dec1st and Dec13 cruises are not showing on the website and we only received an email about swapping QV to QE  not official booking forms hopefully we will get confirmation soon👍

  4. 1 hour ago, Purdey16 said:

    Hi Eddie pleased you’ve had a lovely few days away and enjoyed yourselves in one of the lovely areas I love . I also been away for 3 days in London going to a few restaurants we wanted to tick of our list which will be coming up , London was quite quite considering which made it even more better, so I think I’ve already posted pictures of Hard Rock Cafe , picture of a huge monkfish which we didn’t eat 😁, so lunch in Harrods which was pasta , then on to Tom kerridge’s bar & grill, and then a five tasting lunch menu in the Hide restaurant . Sorry I’ve uploaded so many but thought I’d give you all some food porn as Wowzz calls it but first thing in morning this time so no Pringles wowzz to munch on 😁 Have a lovely day everyone.


























    Omg food looks amazing glad you had a nice time 👍

  5. 21 minutes ago, jaydee6969 said:

    On another thread it was mentioned about MSC changing their cruises to match new government guidance on vaccinated passenger limits being raised to 50% and not capped at 1000.


    I have not found any official government guidance as yet, however stumbled upon the artical below which states from P&O:-


    P&O Cruises said it was “considering the options” as news of the policy change emerged.

    A spokesperson for the line said: “We are aware of the updated government guidance regarding the number of guests permitted on the UK coastal cruises this summer and we are considering the options.

    “Should there be any change to our current stance then we will advise guests accordingly.”





    I wondered if P&O would change their policy because a cruise I looked at a few weeks ago was showing sold out but now it’s back for sale, very tempted but reluctant to book as I was bumped of my July4th cruise and I really don’t want  to be bumped off again and have another disappointment 

  6. 9 hours ago, Loafy12 said:

    On cruise 6th August.


    1) can men wear dress shorts ( knee length style smart) lunchtime main dining room.

    Along with short sleeved t shirt.


    Or is this a no ...no ? 



    2) on NON  gala nights - of which there is 2 Gala nights 

    Can men wear trousers - jacket and shirt 

    But NO TIE ? 

    Or is tie required ? 


    3) can we carry on 6 pack of bottle water for cabin 


    Thank you 




    and yes 

    let’s hope the weather is good because I’m on that cruise to.🤞🏻

  7. On 6/28/2021 at 10:31 AM, BigMac1953 said:

    On a slightly different vein, the 1 November cruise which was originally the QV, has been cancelled and the QE substituted.


    We are booked to go.


    Does anyone know when they are sending the substitute documents? Our TA is asking for payment but I don't want to pay anything until I'm certain the new documents are in order.



    Hi we are on December 1st and December 13th and not received any documents whatsoever but quite happy with the change of ship because QE is our  personal favourite and until we get confirmation we won’t be paying either 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Pink-belle said:

    Sorry, feels like rubbing a bit of salt in your wounds😞 

    Thank you, and I’m sure we will have a great time, as will be grateful we have made it onto the ship!

    It’s great to see everyone excited and getting back to cruising looking forward to hearing all about it mine wasn’t meant to be but I’ve got loads other cruises to look forward to👍🤞🏻🙏

  9. 2 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    I will be getting of Iona then , we must have good taste keep booking these same ships and almost meeting each other on Britannia 😢 . I booked the Canary Islands on first day of sale but yesterday I booked the one before it Northern Europe 12th to 19th  to use up some fcc and hot 10% off as well for a back to back cruise.

    Agreed we have fab taste and I’m sure we will bump into each other one day on one of our cruises I’m almost afraid to get excited for my 21st Aug Iona staycation hopefully I won’t get bumped off this one 👍🥴

  10. 11 hours ago, majortom10 said:

    Spoken in the past with regards to the issue you are having with your TA and having had issues with them in the past know how difficult they can be. The trouble is that they do not "call the shots" they still have to adhere to the previously mention travel regulations because it is UK law and whether you have paid by credit or debit card I would still contact them to see if they can do anything.

    Hi thanks majortom and wowzz you have both given me very good advice on how to deal with the problem of refunds I have telephone numerous time to be told the correct department will call me back still waiting and when I email they just send me links to the abta website the  refund time now is almost up so fingers crossed my refund will be paid

  11. Just now, Pink-belle said:

    I always book directly with cruiselines, it’s my preference.  I’ve done quite well with the additional 25%’s of FCC that have built up.  

    I’ve certainly learned my lesson big time booking through TA has given me an enormous amount of grief  I just didn’t realise that it was in their TC too keep all monies we paid to them and then they called the shots as to when you got your refunds eg 90 - 120 days 

  12. 5 minutes ago, littlemisshoney said:

    Oh my goodness, feel your pain. I filled in form P and O sent me for refund, so hoping as I'm in their system I don't have such a bad experience as yours. Hats off to you for persevering. Did you get your credit card company involved to try and sort it out?

    No credit card only debit card but we kept rebooking big mistake I will only ever deal directly with p and o from now on

  13. 2 hours ago, Purdey16 said:

    Yep just had the second email about my Arcadia cruise now cancelled in December, pretty slow on the emails today , so just cheered myself up and booked a back to back on Iona next February to try and use some off this fcc up .

    Hi I’ve just rebooked Iona on 5th March next year using my fcc from my bumped off cruise in July omg will we ever learn👍🤣

  14. 39 minutes ago, paulhulatt said:

    I was bumped off MSC and have rebooked on Marella Explorer from Southampton on 2 Jul and I'm confident that they have not overbooked these trips.  Especially as it's now a week after the announcement and the sailings are still on sale.

    Good luck I’m still undecided and don’t think I could take another disappointment 

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