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  1. I keep telling my oh he doesn’t need much as it’s only four days hopefully it will give me more space 🤣we decided only 1 large case and 2 hand luggage should be enough, not expecting any upgrades as it looks like our cruise is fully booked🤗
  2. Yep checked the payment page I don’t really mind where my cabin is located but it’s nice to know in advance so I can get my bearings it usually takes me a couple of days to stop getting lost on board 🤣just about to start checking what toiletries I need, in August 2019 we did around Britain cruise and to be honest the weather was a total mixed bag so I suppose it’s take a bit of everything so pleased that there will be a formal night it’s been sooo long since we were properly dressed up👍
  3. I’ll be doing exactly the same as you a week later and so looking forward to it 🤗I’ve just checked in this morning but on mine it says cabin to be allocated when onboard 👍
  4. Wow fantastic news we haven’t been allocated our yet did you get an email? Or did you check your vp starting to get excited and a bit nervous now 🤗
  5. Hi Sue it’s 12 nights on board QE our favourite ship, we love cruises round Britain and to be honest not bothered about the weather if it’s not raining it’s a bonus 😅
  6. Hi I’m booked on 1st October round Britain with Cunard hopefully it will still sail but my B2B cruises in December to the Canaries and Spain who knows🤫
  7. Please keep us informed when you get more info, wish P&o would email about booking extras and what entertainment is available just to add to the anticipation it’s all part of looking forward to the cruise 😀
  8. Hi does your vp say anything about a formal night and can you book speciality restaurants?😀
  9. Hi that’s fab news we just paid our balance yesterday and our vp says our cabin can be allocated 21 days before starting to get excited now 😳👍
  10. Hi we had a Cunard staycation booked then 1night in Southampton then a P&O Iona staycation booked but we received a phone call from Carnival corporation saying we will have to cancel one of them so now we have August 7 nights on Iona, so B2B not allowed.
  11. Lovely photos we love the Lake District too, we had an afternoon out yesterday first time since lockdown coffee and cake in a cafe very nice but felt anxious at being so close to strangers hopefully things will get better as we come more out of the restrictions 🙏
  12. Hi our cruise is not till 4 th July but just wondering when cabins will be allocated 🤗
  13. I remember one evening on QM2 an American gentleman came to the restaurant with no jacket or tie and was creating quite a bit of noise about wanting to eat in the dining room whether he had a jacket or not eventually a waiter was sent to collect a jacket and tie for the gentleman to wear which surprisingly he did and was then allowed to dine, rules are rules if you don’t like them then go elsewhere to dine he really did make a fool of himself and was known to other passengers as (the jacket)
  14. Absolutely agree it feels like a friendly family group on here and it won’t feel the same now posting on a different thread and has definitely been a lifeline to many including me.🤗
  15. Good morning Graham thanks for asking but daughters eye appointment didn’t go too well steroid drops have not worked so she’s now prescribed oral steroids so fingers crossed they will work🤞🏻Getting dressed up every night and going for dinner is one of the highlights of our cruises can’t wait, and Pauline looks so glamorous and immaculate even on your beach walks have a good day👍Lindy
  16. Yes us too, have to make some room for all that delicious food we have to eat.
  17. Hi I can’t wait to get properly dressed up and be wearing heels again hope I can still walk in them🙏🤣really fed up with wearing jogging pants and trainers we won’t recognise ourselves 😂
  18. Thanks Graham I really hope there is one as I really enjoy the formal nights and all the dressing up👍
  19. Hi thanks for the info I’m also on Britannia in July then Iona in August it would be nice to have the information coming from P&O regarding all the usual pre cruise stuff 👍
  20. Hi all does anyone think there will be a formal night on the 3/4 night staycation cruises, I think there may be 1 on the Iona 7 night cruise has anyone had any information on their VP.
  21. Yes I thought it would have had the same expiration date as is on the one we can download from the NHS app, but I’m happy there is no expiration date so. Looks like this one will suffice for all my cruises this year 👍
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