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  1. Hi all after been bumped off my P&O cruise in July I’m now looking at a marella  cruise  departing from Newcastle in July for 8 nights but feeling a bit concerned in case the same thing happens again has anyone any knowledge of any overbooking with Marella.

  2. 7 hours ago, davecttr said:

    With a 30 day final payment date you have until 22nd July to make your mind up. We should know by then if things are OK after the 19th July. I intend to purchase my single trip travel insurance in early July when we should get some feedback on how P&O are handling the policies. Also confirm my private hire car which I can cancel or move to a later date. Moving dates may also apply to the insurance policy too.


    Oops, nearly forgot the NHS vaccination confirmation and pdf printout. We will have to see if the QCR code has a use by date.

    Hi Dave we had everything in order ready for our July cruise the QRC code on the letter from NHS (phoned 119) has no expiration date on managed to change my hotel booking to later on this year as well as car parking and already had my insurance it’s really unsettling thinking could they would they bump me  again or my daughters booking if we were cancelled there is no way she would want to go alone, will contact P&o today to link bookings 

  3. 7 hours ago, terrierjohn said:

    Yes they do we have linked bookings on previous cruises with P&O, not sure if it can be done on line on the CP, but it can do done.

    Thanks will give them a ring today I managed to find on the website it should be done when booking so fingers crossed .

  4. After being bumped off my Britannia cruise in July now worried about my Iona cruise in August our daughter is booked also but in a single cabin separate bookings  she booked after us so they could cancel us or cancel her booking individually the uncertainty is very much unsettling if we pay in full and then we cancel because she’s been cancelled we will lose our money or should we cancel now before we pay the full balance 

  5. 14 minutes ago, Sea Green said:


    The problem is P&O didn't give any indication when they took my booking that this was what they were doing - basically 'taking a chance' that travel restrictions would be lifted on 21 June so they would get away with it. It was never stated it was in any way conditional, wait listed or dependant on lockdown restrictions.  I could have 'taken a chance' and booked to travel to a green or amber list country in the hope that travel restrictions would be lifted, but there is too much uncertainty for that to be a sensible decision. So I did what I thought was the right thing - booked a seacation that would be fully compliant with current travel regulations and restrictions, and would go ahead except in the very unlikely event of another stay at home order. 


    If I HAD booked under those conditions I would be irritated but understand it was uncertain. But the point is I booked under the impression that I was one of the 1000 max people allowed on a seacation. If I had thought there was a chance I might be sailing at anywhere near capacity of 5000 pax that would have also influenced my decision to book. But I couldn't make informed decisions because P&O kept all the relevant information to themselves.  


    21 June was only ever the first date easing restrictions would be considered. We could still be at Step 3 on 21 June 2022! So P&O to do this and then try and blame the Government is exceptionally shoddy. 

    Absolutely agree with everything you’ve said we should have been informed of P and O intentions and then only to be offered 25% on top of what we paid is an insult I feel I have been deceived 

  6. Just now, debsjc said:

    I am so sorry to hear that, I was just reading the posts. Really disappointed that P&O didn't cap the bookings to a level that worked with current guidelines. 
    The same may happen to us in August

    Hi we are also on Iona in August hopefully we will be able to sail on that one🤞🏻We are disappointed with P & O that they overbooked but I think that’s what most other cruise lines have done,

  7. 2 hours ago, Pink-belle said:

    Yes, and I truly expected this to be the same.  I have had move over and a move down offers from Princess.  Like airlines Cruise ships oversell anticipating a certain number of cancellations.


    my last offer was for a move down, they wanted our balcony room and offered us an ocean view and a refund of 50%, I said no as they couldn’t give me a room number so I could check layout.  The next day they called with room number and an increased financial offer, which we took.

    search Move over offers, some people have had incredible ones. 

    I am sure if P&O had offered move over offers they would have had people take them up. I would have accepted a move to a later date in an upgraded cabin, not a big upgrade just a guarantee of an aft facing one.

    Only incentive offered was the extra 25% no other offers of upgrades at a later date or on the other 5 cruises we have booked for 2021 2022 and 2023

  8. 22 minutes ago, silversurf said:

    Phoned my TA this morning and they told me it is only Britannia cruisers that are being cancelled. But lindylou says her 21 August, 7 night Iona one is cancelled, which is the one we have booked.

    Who is correct? Sounds like my TA is not aware of this.

    Hi my Iona August cruise is not cancelled I’m just worried it might be and would I be bumped off first again

  9. 18 minutes ago, davecttr said:

    If Britannia has 3600 passengers and P&O were gambling on a 2/3rds occupancy of 2400 passengers they will have to cancel 1400 passengers per cruise, about 700 cabins worth!


    Do Iona's cruises not start until August in which case P&O don't know what restrictions will be in place.


    There are press reports that the 4 week delay might only be a 2 week delay. Order, counterorder = disorder. Imagine the shambles that would cause.

    Absolute chaos 

  10. 2 minutes ago, ann141 said:

    I can understand P and O saying they can't guarantee a cruise being cancelled in the future because no one really knows definitely about future government policies etc.It was an official reply by P and O to the question of how people were chosen that I read so possibly the person you spoke to yesterday didn't know but perhaps she should have asked her manager One problem I find with phoning P and O is that you get different answers depending who you speak to.I tend to email instead. Very disappointing for you

    Hi Ann what I meant was I asked would I be bumped off again 


    1 minute ago, Son of Anarchy said:

     If the capacity has been reduced to 1000 pax, that's 500 (give or take a bit)  bookings.


    I heard many years ago that Artemis' final cruise sold out within 3 hours of release, which would have probably been in excess of 500 bookings.


    Could it be that over 500 bookings were made on launch day of Britannia's Staycations?   A lot of people out there with FCCs burning holes in their pockets and a lot of people wanting to get away as soon as possible.  Just a thought.

    I thought that could be the reason too, but we will never find out I would like to know how many of us have actually been bumped off

  11. 6 minutes ago, ann141 said:

    According to a reply by P and O on another social media site P and O are cancelling customers who booked last so if anyone booked as soon as dates were released I suggest phoning P and O and asking why they have been 'bumpedoff'

    Hi Ann we phoned yesterday and they couldn’t give me an answer also asked if I re booked could it happen again and they said they couldn’t guarantee it 

  12. 12 hours ago, Pink-belle said:

    This is very random and not meant to cause offence, but where are the cancelled passengers from?  all over the UK or Covid Hot Spots? 
    surely the only non discrimination way would be the latest bookings.

    lindylou, did you get a BLC discount on this cruise? I’ve just checked my details, I booked direct with P&O on 22nd March.  On 8th May they repriced my cruise to apply the discount.  My booking reference never changed.  Did yours ? , if they cancelled and rebooked you your booking date would have changed. 

    Hi we booked 2cruises direct on the first day 4 night Britannia  July inside cabin and 7 night Iona conservatory suite in August no BLC discount  no changes made I think it’s just been a random choice of who got cancelled or maybe some error was made with my booking phoned the dedicated help line yesterday and asked if I were to rebook would the same thing happen again to which they said they couldn’t guarantee it won’t so not confident about my Iona cruise in August not a good feeling for everyone who has a cruise booked as nothing is guaranteed 

  13. 5 minutes ago, Ardennais said:

    Exactly. Total cancellation of any cruise was always a possibility but this over-booking to such an extent seems very unprofessional. If I had been minded to book a cruise after receiving the promotional email today, reading this thread would have put me right off.  

    Yes it’s the sly knowing overbooking that’s leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and no regard to our situation or how much organisation we’ve had to do

  14. 1 minute ago, davecttr said:

    My Iona 21aug cruise was booked on the first day but as I am cruising solo and could only book a deluxe balcony I am now unsure if I too will be dumped as 2 occupying a cabin spend more aboard. i have already arranged a car transfer to Southampton but not yet insurance, final payment date is late July

    Hi Dave I’m booked in a conservatory suite on this cruise and booked on the first day but I have lost total confidence in p and o now 

  15. 4 minutes ago, P&O SUE said:

    You’d have thought they would have only allowed 1000 Pax to book at first then opened up for more nearer the time. So disappointing for everyone. I’m still wondering how they’ve picked the ones to be cancelled.

    I thought it was because we were only pacific tier and booked a cheaper cabin

  16. 1 minute ago, kevcharben said:

    QE on 19th July is showing available although the price has gone up since yesterday

    Hi I meant nothing is available for beginning of July feeling scared to book anything now in case they do the same again I’m  already booked on QE on 6th August wonder what will happen with my other cruises 🥴

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