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  1. 5 minutes ago, Ardennais said:

    Exactly. Total cancellation of any cruise was always a possibility but this over-booking to such an extent seems very unprofessional. If I had been minded to book a cruise after receiving the promotional email today, reading this thread would have put me right off.  

    Yes it’s the sly knowing overbooking that’s leaving a very bad taste in my mouth and no regard to our situation or how much organisation we’ve had to do

  2. 1 minute ago, davecttr said:

    My Iona 21aug cruise was booked on the first day but as I am cruising solo and could only book a deluxe balcony I am now unsure if I too will be dumped as 2 occupying a cabin spend more aboard. i have already arranged a car transfer to Southampton but not yet insurance, final payment date is late July

    Hi Dave I’m booked in a conservatory suite on this cruise and booked on the first day but I have lost total confidence in p and o now 

  3. 4 minutes ago, P&O SUE said:

    You’d have thought they would have only allowed 1000 Pax to book at first then opened up for more nearer the time. So disappointing for everyone. I’m still wondering how they’ve picked the ones to be cancelled.

    I thought it was because we were only pacific tier and booked a cheaper cabin

  4. 1 minute ago, kevcharben said:

    QE on 19th July is showing available although the price has gone up since yesterday

    Hi I meant nothing is available for beginning of July feeling scared to book anything now in case they do the same again I’m  already booked on QE on 6th August wonder what will happen with my other cruises 🥴

  5. 13 minutes ago, Dave K said:

    Just had an email from P&O telling me that my booking has been cancelled due to the government's extension of the passenger capacity limits.

    We were booked on Britannia for July 4th (B113Q)

    Got to try to cancel travel insurance and car parking now🤬

    Wonder how many others will get bumped off?

    Hi me too booked on same cruise so disappointing wondered why we hadn’t been allocated☹️

  6. 34 minutes ago, littlemisshoney said:

    Got our cabin allocation yesterday, was very relieved to see an allocation. Also just had our travel agent on the phone checking we had all the correct paperwork etc and what to expect at port, full lateral flow test, thought it might just be temperature check.

    Excellent news still waiting for ours to be allocated ☹️Starting to get excited and a bit nervous really hoping the first cruises go ahead without any problems and looking forward to reading the posts🤗Our cruise departs 4th july

  7. Just now, ToxM said:


    The video where they explain it all is very comprehensive. 


    At least you still have your cruise - that’s good news!


    Sad for the worldies though. 


    Yes very disappointing for them feeling lucky I still have my cruises 

  8. 3 hours ago, Adawn47 said:

    That's what happened with this year's June cruise. The balance date was moved from March to May, and then cancelled. I had a sneaky feeling that this October cruise was going the same way, so we jumped before we were pushed.


    Looks like it’s going the same way as last year it’s the uncertainty that’s hard to deal with, because once you know you can accept it and move on someways it’s a relief not sure what to do☹️

  9. Just now, Britboys said:

    It is probably at least an indication that they are no longer certain it will go ahead as planned...

    Yes I thought it was something like that still no change to the payment schedule for my November and December cruises.

  10. 16 minutes ago, ToxM said:

    Seeing reports from the book of visage that payment dates for October 3rd cruise (not sure which ship) are being moved back to end of August. 


    I did a dummy run on my October cruise and payment date seems to still be 28th Julyish (already paid so can’t see from my paperwork). 



    Hi I’ve just checked my 1st October cruise with Cunard and payment now moved to 1st September is this an indication that it may be cancelled 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Pink-belle said:

    I agree, although embarrassed to say my existing formals don’t fit due to weight gain ☺️,so have sorted a suitable outfit of separates, I need to practice wearing proper shoes with a bit of a heel.  

    it might be exciting with a wonderful unexpected upgrade when you arrive. 

    I’m trying to cut down on toiletries as it’s only 4 nights, as aiming to carry on and off, and I am generally an over packer. With sensitive skin I always feel like I need to cover every eventuality.  Telling myself for 4 nights I could manage anything with a few good basic multi use items. 

    I keep telling my oh he doesn’t need much as it’s only four days hopefully it will give me more space 🤣we decided only 1 large case and 2 hand luggage should be enough, not expecting any upgrades as it looks like our cruise is fully booked🤗

  12. 46 minutes ago, Pink-belle said:

    Really that defeats there online check in where you do everything before arrival doesn’t it.  Have you checked the make a payment page just incase it is there even if it’s not on the personaliser. 

    Glad I’m not the only one with the little packing routine, I have memories of a normal world, and as half term approached a spare 5 minutes would see me jotting down the starting of a packing list in my work planner.  I’m going in to this blind, and don’t want to check a long range weather forecast incase it says rain 🤣

    Yep checked the payment page I don’t really mind where my cabin is located but it’s nice to know in advance so I can get my bearings it usually takes me a couple of days to stop getting lost on board 🤣just about to start checking what toiletries I need, in August 2019 we did around Britain cruise and to be honest the weather was a total mixed bag so I suppose it’s take a bit of everything so pleased that there will be a formal night it’s been sooo long since we were properly dressed up👍

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