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  1. Hi Tikka we didn’t take out the extra cruise cover and we have only got cover for our cruises around the British isles we have two booked one in August on Iona and one in October on QE we will after those cruises add on cover for Europe.
  2. We’ve just taken out our annual policy with staysure and happy with the price and the cover they are providing us with.
  3. Hi Andy please don’t leave the forum, I really hope it isn’t anything I’ve posted that has upset you, if so I do apologise. Lindy
  4. Hi Bazrat I absolutely agree with all your comments and after the terrible year we’ve all had with losing loved ones the doom gloom sadness we’ve all experienced, for me personally I have to keep positive and look forward to the future, I am so happy for everyone who has booked a holiday of any type or booked haircuts beauty salons a meal out meeting family and friends again and looking forward to returning to some kind of normal, or what’s the alternative sit at home and wait for what !! Just doesn’t bear thinking about.
  5. Yes me too we don't need the sunshine( but it is nice) to be able to enjoy ourselves and it's very uplifting to see everyone booking and looking forward to being back on board.and life returning to some kind of normal.
  6. Thank you have used a Cunard cruise specialist so hopefully all will be confirmed Wednesday 👍
  7. Good luck anyway please post when you’ve booked up🤞🏻
  8. You need to register your interest with a TA as the cruises are released to them first then the price will increase
  9. Hope you manage to get booked up with the choice of cabin you want 👍
  10. Hi we’ve registered with TA 7 Nights round Britain in August could even choose our cabin 👍
  11. It’s sad to think our grandchildren will never have those experiences
  12. Hi how did you pre register with Cunard on website or phone we are looking to book one of the 7 day cruises round Britain
  13. In an ideal world they should be vaccinated but we don’t live in an ideal world and we can only hope everyone will be safe and we all do our best to make sure that it happens
  14. Yes wish I had been forewarned it’s a shame because one bad apple can leave a very nasty taste.
  15. Oops I’m in the wrong place 😂
  16. Hi when will Cunard announce the summer 21 new cruises I know they are on sale from 31st but would like to peruse first?
  17. Good luck we have now opted for all our cancellations to be refunded even though we will have lost out on the extra 25% FCC just not worth the hassle
  18. Yes that’s exactly how we found out because Cunard were only offering 25% of the 5% deposit then we queried with TA where was the 10% to be told the head office was in receipt of it.
  19. That’s really sad it’s a lovely place for tea and a big rascal wonder if the one in Harrogate will be closing Lindy
  20. Yes Cunard know, it’s one of the biggest agencies they use it’s an agreement they have with them shocking but I suppose that’s how they do business just waiting for my refund and then I will delete them out of my life.
  21. So were we absolutely gobsmacked, it’s taken a lot of grief to recover all our deposits from previous cruises.
  22. Hi Jane so pleased your feeling better and feeling well enough to go back to work, and everyone appreciates all you’ve done and are continuing to do,. It’s very uplifting seeing everyone booking their cruises and we’re all looking forward to better things, covid will be with us for a long time and we have to take all the necessary precautions and learn to live safely with it, be tempted and book one it’s something to look forward to 👍Lindy x
  23. Absolutely right,and have done already but still waiting for my cancelled transatlantic June cruise deposits to be refunded then will not touch them with a barge pole.
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