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  1. That’s really sad it’s a lovely place for tea and a big rascal wonder if the one in Harrogate will be closing Lindy
  2. Yes Cunard know, it’s one of the biggest agencies they use it’s an agreement they have with them shocking but I suppose that’s how they do business just waiting for my refund and then I will delete them out of my life.
  3. So were we absolutely gobsmacked, it’s taken a lot of grief to recover all our deposits from previous cruises.
  4. Hi Jane so pleased your feeling better and feeling well enough to go back to work, and everyone appreciates all you’ve done and are continuing to do,. It’s very uplifting seeing everyone booking their cruises and we’re all looking forward to better things, covid will be with us for a long time and we have to take all the necessary precautions and learn to live safely with it, be tempted and book one it’s something to look forward to 👍Lindy x
  5. Absolutely right,and have done already but still waiting for my cancelled transatlantic June cruise deposits to be refunded then will not touch them with a barge pole.
  6. That has not been my experience with the TA we booked through apparently they had a (deal) with Cunard that when we pay 15% deposit they transfer 5% to Cunard and keep the balance in their coffers till payment is required I have this in writing from one of their staff. The problems arose last year as all the offices closed and we were trying to locate where our deposits had gone not a good experience for us.
  7. Yes we used to have loads of people running in at the last minute and we were open every day 10am till 8pm really long days our cashiers used to be in a kiosk 🤣 such a same they closed down in the uk
  8. Hi bringing back loads of good memories 20 odd years ago I worked at C&A at the Gateshead Metro Centre before they closed it’s amazing that they are still missed now.☹️
  9. Ha ha appreciated anyway 👍
  10. Thank you so much for your help and advice much appreciated
  11. Thank you wowzz one more thing how do I purchase the wine package through my voyage personaliser or onboard ?
  12. Ok but how does he know I have a package and which wines that I can choose from?
  13. When purchasing a wine package when or where do you actually choose the wines you want
  14. There’s going to be a lot of catch-up celebrations when we eventually come out of this, and we will definitely not take our families for granted.
  15. I will miss the bathrobes and slippers never mind, to be back onboard will be fabulous and so looking forward to it we’re booked for 21st August so hopefully someone will post some photos for us. Just debating if we should drive down or fly down to Southampton it’s a lovely problem to have.
  16. Hi we have a conservatory mini suite booked in August I was wondering if we got any perks can’t find any info anywhere do you get bathrobes and slippers bottle of fizz can you have breakfast in the epicurean restaurant?
  17. Yes of course we usually take wine for me and a couple of bottles of whiskey for hubby no questions asked and when we visit ports we top up if needed no problem
  18. I’m so looking forward to being on a floating 5 star hotel with all meals included 🤗and really do love our British summers and sea days so I’m liking this a lot too
  19. Thanks Jane I’ve got everything crossed 🤞🏻Lindy x
  20. My TA informed me when I booked that my cruise in August on the Iona was sailing at 45% and it was almost fully booked that was at 8,30 this morning
  21. Thank you Graham will find out in next couple of minutes 🤞🏻Lindy
  22. Winter holidays and cruises are the best time for us and when you’ve had a day sightseeing to get back on the ship and looking forward to your evening meal and entertainment is wonderful, if your fortunate to have good weather that’s a bonus.
  23. Oh wow congratulations let’s hope we both get what we’re wishing for will let you know tomorrow fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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