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  1. Would you say the Panorama is just as good as the Mardi Gras?
  2. Is it likely that Mardi Gras will eventually sail out of California or any other port? Thank you.
  3. If I already booked the cruise on my own, would there be any benefit to calling RCL and getting established with a Vacation Planner? Or would the Planner not be interested in helping me since I already booked on my own? Also, I got a midship balcony on Deck 9, cabin #9336 but when I look at the deck plan it appears that 9336 is located aft, not midship. Is this right? Thank you in advance.
  4. Very nice. Just curious, how did you decide on February? I was considering February but not sure if the weather will still be unsettled then/
  5. Can someone please help me answer a couple of questions? I am booked for 3/18/22 in a spacious balcony room 9336, for two people the total price is $2,025. I am thinking of switching to room 8330, which is the same room type and category. My questions are 1) did I get a good price, and 2) should I switch rooms or not? Thanks so much in advance!
  6. The big question is: will cruises even be running again come November?
  7. Just received an email from NCL stating that this sailing has been canceled due to a full charter. I am gobsmacked. Sounds fishy to me. Anyone have an opinion on this? Thanks
  8. Hi everybody. Just wondering what is the best night to dine at Nick & Nora’s Steakhouse on the Miracle? Are there any advantages to certain nights over other nights? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello everybody. Does anyone know if the French doors inside the 4K cabins are going to be replaced by windows during the upcoming drydock of the Miracle? Thanks in advance!
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