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  1. My documents received yesterday also stated that my embarkation will start at noon.
  2. I will have to email. Here is what is showing up for selection: So, as you can see, one needs to put in accommodation type (red asterisk). And as you see below, one is still required to put in address, even though "vessel" is selected. Just a bit confusing for a site requiring all visitors to use. I will figure it out once I am able to register online later in June. --Robert
  3. The form is requiring that one lists "Accommodation Type" and gives choice of a vessel, but then requires address.
  4. They seem to have definitely changed the time when you can apply, because today (May 7) I was not able to enter my date of arrival for July 3. The only dates available were through May 21st. I am also a bit confused by the following: 1. Is the Type of Travel how I am arriving to the Bahamas? So Airline if flying. 2. For type of Accomodation, vessel, but what do you put for the vessel's address? Name of ship? 3. Destination Island, did you select Nassau, since that is where the flight is landing? I see the insurance is mandatory, even though we ma
  5. This appears to be the Beach Cabana at The Beach Club at Bimini (found at: https://www.travelbinger.com/should-you-book-virgin-voyages-if-youre-over-40-we-investigate/) I am not certain if I want that for $125, having the beach and sea blocked. It seems to me for those who want privacy and not much sun or beach experience.
  6. I have the same question. Has anyone been to this resort and know what the cabanas are like? (We know there are amenities on the ship; we know the excess sun exposure can cause health issues. That info. does not help answer this question.)
  7. Thanks for the great tips, everyone. gnome12, when you mention Basel to Zurich, is that leaving the Basel central train station? I can get ship transport to Basel Airport. Would I be able to catch the train from there directly to Zurich Airport? I am booked to stay overnight at the hotel connected to the airport terminals (thinking I can catch the train into central Zurich without luggage for sightseeing -- I have done that in Amsterdam, and it worked really well.)
  8. If anyone has sailed Crystal River Cruises on the Rhine River, and you transferred from Basel to Zurich, how did you do this? I am flying from Zurich the day after leaving the ship. Crystal is offering a transfer at $799. I am certain there is an easier way. My thought was to transfer from the ship to the Basel airport, then board a train from there to the Zurich airport. (Is there a direct connection, or will I need to transfer trains in Zurich?) I have GOOGLED this, but most of the responses concern renting a private transfer, etc. Thanks! --Robert
  9. Here are some important links on the Crystal website that answers some of thse questions: https://www.crystalcruises.com/crystal-clean https://www.crystalcruises.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/files/crystal-covid19-vaccine-requirements-faqs.pdf
  10. For those sailing over your birthday, this is the multi-course breakfast that they serve you in the dining room -- for ONE person! Now THAT was the most impressive thing ever! (I never take pictures of my meals, but this one, I had to.)
  11. Hi. I have sailed Crystal as a solo, and there is no problem eating anywhere on the ship as a single person. No one is treated any differently, you would simply be seated at a 2-top. And as I have always experienced, they NEVER put me in a corner or hidden away (which I would not like).
  12. Thanks for the info. My TA also booked me around midnight. I went online just to be nosey.
  13. I fully agree with you, bitob -- I am tired of staying home. Vaccinated and ready. Did Crystal offer a further discount for booking B2B, as they usually do? And will a B2B count as 2 cruises as far as Crystal Society Membership is concerned? --Robert
  14. I am booked for July 3rd. Even last night, when I went online at midnight (EST) all of the categories were available. Within 30 minutes, several were already sold out! Excited here, I already booked my airfare.
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