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  1. Yes, that is what I am seeing. The old ones are not dropping off.
  2. Hi, Are the Crystal Roll Calls still working? Has searching them changed? In other words, are they no longer selected by Ship > running dates? It may be me, but I am confused. Thanks, Robert
  3. Hi, I was booked for a Crystal river cruise this Dec. (2020). I moved it ahead to a similar one around the same time in 2021. I was able to cancel my flight (United, and received an immediate refund of upgrade money and points with the actual flight cost in credit that can be used any time over the next 24 months). I was also able to get both my pre- and post-cruise hotel refunds immediately credited to my card. I have a Crystal Ocean booked in Oct. 2021 (Canade, r/t NYC). And am also considering a cruise in May 2021, since we can book without deposits until Nov. 2020. If we are unable to cruise at that time, our economy will be so bad, it will not matter what I spent, as I will be eating scavenged food at that time.
  4. And now -- back to the original post conversion.............................. I am seriously considering booking this cruise, as well. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I already have a Crystal River Cruise booked in early December. But you cannot beat these prices -- even with the small single supplement. As I posted elsewhere -- oh, to be at sea again!!!!!
  5. I miss being on the open ocean!!!!! And I miss cocktails at the Cove. I have a Crystal River Cruise booked in early December, but am really looking at those early October 7-day cruises. Oh, to be at sea again ...
  6. Hello, I have a cruise booked that ends in Basel. My flight home is the next day out of Zurich. My plan is to leave the ship and stay in a hotel at the Zurich airport for my 10 am flight. I am traveling alone with 2 large bags and a carry-on. What would you recommend as far as travel from Basel to Zurich (and prices)? Or, should I plan to stay for the day in Basel to tour, then head later in the day to Zurich -- or is there more to see in Zurich? (I have never been to either city.) Thanks, Robert
  7. Still waiting for mine. I cruise the first Jan. cruise (Calif. Coast). Hope it comes soon. --Robert
  8. I am not sure some of you read it right: "You make a $500 non-refundable “Open Booking” deposit before June 30, 2020 . You’ll then have until March 31, 2021 to select your perfect Crystal luxury cruise of 7 nights or longer." Crystal will then extend an ADDITIONAL 2.5% savings off of the cruise fare "combinable with nearly all other offers." So if you put down a $500 deposit today, you will have until March 31, 2021, to book a cruise departing through Dec. 31, 2022. It is not 2.5% off of a cruise, up to $500 savings, as some are saying. And how is $500 a big deposit? And who is saying anything about putting down a 25% deposit?
  9. Sorry, didn't see this post until after I posted to your other post.
  10. Hi, Where have you heard this? I am looking at their website as I write this. Here is what they have posted: All ships sailings through and including May 11, 2020 All Alaska sailings through and including June 30, 2020 All San Francisco sailings through 2020 All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020 All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020 Also: "Holland America Line Pauses Ship Operations Through May 14" Cunard extends “pause of operations” until May 15, 2020 This is not "across all brands until 2021," or am I missing something?
  11. Hi, All, My luggage tags came with my cruise tickets. Received the pin and wine stopper on-cruise (very nice!). Also received the paperwork for the cookbook, but no indication of how long to wait for the actual book.
  12. Hi, where is this cruise posted. I do not see it on the Crystal site, nor on my travel agent's site. Thanks, Robert
  13. I also get excited when I receive my documents. (I recently received mine for my upcoming Nov. cruise.) It used to be other lines also sent similar document folders. I remember when Cunard and Holland-America sent their leatherette cases. (I still have them.) Now, at least with Cunard, you have to print your own. I am so happy with Crystal.
  14. Hi, I have traveled Crystal 3 times as a solo passenger, and never felt alone. There will be others who are single, many more who are with friends (both or all being "single"), and some who are with family, but are single. So even though solo, it is easy to make friend, etc. At dinner, I like to have a table to myself. Often another couple or table sitting nearby will talk (even in the specialty restaurants), and sometimes someone or a small group that I met will meet up for dinner. Regardless, you will not be alone and will find many people to talk to.
  15. Ant chance you might remember what the champagnes were?
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