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  1. For any of you who have been on a Crystal cruise to Israel and took ship excursions, what were they like? I am especially interested in the one they are offering to Masada and the Dead Sea. I have been to Israel before, but used a private driver the entire time. This time I am thinking of using the ship's excursions, but would like some feedback from those with specific experience with Crystal excursions in Israel. Thanks!
  2. I was hoping for any of the outside categories (guarantee). The entire ship is "sold out" for that segment.
  3. What have been some of your experiences being wait listed for a Crystal Cruise? I am desperate to sail the April 28th Black Sea. However, when I made my decision, the ship sold out for that segment. I can be wait listed, but don't want to miss booking another cruise, while waiting to see if I snag a cabin on the cruise I want. Any thoughts from those who have had or not had success when being wait listed? --Thanks!
  4. How did Crystal NOT inform the public? They put it on their website, and even gave an update in their Advisory Alerts > Statement of Crystal Symphony. (What is there now is an even further update.) Could not have been more transparent, except if the company made personal phone calls to all customers.
  5. I am really happy to hear about Jinn's continued cruise! But how very, very odd -- Bermuda made a close contact (who had tested negative) pack and leave the ship, then allowed them to take another test on land (negative) to be allowed to re-board. It is me, or does something not seem right? True, the Bermuda gov't. can do what it wants, but where is the science in this scenario? FULLY vaccinated to board + Neg. PCR to Board + negative rapid test to board + negative PCR to unload in Bermuda >>OOOOPS you were near a positive person, you need to leave the ship, PAY for one of our hotels, and take another test >>> BAM! Another negative test and back on board. (I think I am hearing circus music.)
  6. Considerations for those deemed "close contact" should consider if they were both vaccinated (which they were) and masked. There is a difference concerning exposure and these considerations. Curious, how often does the ship "inspect" to see if one is wearing the wrist band?
  7. Are men expected to wear a jacket and tie (especially for the Bermuda cruises) when dining in the Vintage Room?
  8. Does anyone have any inside information concerning the issue of Crystal using Venice as a port, particularly this Spring and Summer? It seems only the Symphony is scheduled to make stops, and the one cruise to the Black Sea is suddenly "sold out," even though there was availability in all categories last week.
  9. I wish I could find out more information about this cruise. Is it priced reasonably? Does it make any stops on the way?
  10. It would be an even better sight to sail away once the city lights are on. I have never seen New York City so beautiful as the time I sailed from the pier later in the evening, and the entire city was lit-up and we were having a sail away party in the Palm Court. WHAT A VIEW!
  11. Once you complete the online application and submit the fee, they will send you an confirmation email. That email had additional information. That email told me my "COVID-19 Cruise Arrival Test -- Friday, 29 October 2021 -- 11:30 PM," whatever that means! Also: Bermuda Travel Authorisation (By Sea) (Cruise Passenger) Notes: Thank you for submitting your application. You will receive a reminder email to get a Negative PCR Test and to upload the results. You will also be required to upload proof of vaccination at that time. That email will contain a link to a page for you to do so. Once you have supplied the required Negative PCR Test and Vaccination proof, your application documents will now be reviewed by the Quarantine Authority. For more information on validity requirements, click go to https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus-pre-vetted-travel-authorisation. If your departure test is deemed invalid, you will receive a separate email giving you the opportunity to submit a valid test result. If your pre-departure test result and vaccine proof is valid, you will receive a link to your Travel Authorisation.
  12. How do we find the entertainment page for each cruise? (I know this was shared before.)
  13. Thanks for all of the responses. The ship's choice of hotel, while looking fabulous, is WAY too expensive, especially for 1 night. As a single, nearly $1,000. I have already booked the Marriott.
  14. How (again) do we find this page for each cruise?
  15. Sorry, I did mean Boston. (I am on one of the NYC sailings.) Once on a Canada cruise on the Symphony, we were unable to go to Halifax because of rough seas (end of a tropical storm). On the day we were to disembark Halifax, we spent the day sailing back to Manhattan. The seas were rough. I was in a cabin on Deck 5, and the staff came and bolted a metal cover to the inside of the window. (It was kind of disturbing, as we had no idea it was happening until the men arrived to install the panel.) We returned to Manhattan the next day -- a day early -- had to leave the ship for immigration purposes and sit in the terminal for a couple of hours before we could return to the ship. We spent that day and that evening docked in Manhattan, disembarking the following day as scheduled. (However, some onboard chose to leave the ship when we docked.)
  16. Hi, are they planning an additional day at sea or returning to dock early in NYC (giving you an overnight stay onboard)?
  17. I am asking as I am sailing on the Dec. 18th Symphony cruise. I need to take a late flight out of Newark Liberty, and when I arrive (late) into Miami, I don't want a lot of travel hassle. Does anyone have experience with the Miami International Airport Hotel? Is it an easy stroll from the terminals into the hotel? (I have read things online, but am asking if anyone has any first hand knowledge or experience.) Or would you recommend another hotel? (I know I can post this on the Miami board, but they are not very active.)
  18. Thanks for the answers. Interesting that they offer hotels in NYC (which has its BIG share of hotels), but not in Miami. My overall thought was for the ease of transfers with hotel included. Oh, well.
  19. Is Crystal arranging pre-cruise hotels in Miami for the Bahamas cruises? I am sailing in December on the Symphony, and am curious what hotels they might offer, if they do, for pre-cruise.
  20. I mentioned in another post, but I sent my passport for renewal on July 16 and paid for it to be expedited. They received it July 19, cashed my check July 21, and the passport was renewed and back in my hands on Aug. 13 -- just 4 weeks! Now, I could be because I had JUST gone through the Global Entry on July 10th that the process was quicker. (I am thinking in the area of background checks.)
  21. Hi, Could you please share more information about what you discovered about the insurance? (I may have missed the details.) Thanks!
  22. Two things I would like to know from those who are currently on the first cruise to Bermuda. (Other can add as you sail -- Thanks!) 1. With the PCR test that you had to take on the ship to arrive in Bermuda -- What day could you finally disembark (Day 1, 2, of 3); what time did you disembark? 2. Are they allowing you to sit at the bar in the Crystal Cove? (We were not permitted on the 1st Bahamas cruise on the Serenity.) Thanks!
  23. True about eveyone's risk tolerance, but I have never been on a crowded shuttle with Crystal. And they are clean shuttles. (Who knows when a taxi or uber has last been cleaned! Or the air filters, besides.) Usually I have been on busses. Only once was I in a literal shuttle, and that was on the first Bahamas cruise July 3rd; and even then, there were only a small handful of people on the shuttle bus. I have never been in a Crystal shuttle for any unseemly length of time, ever. And the busses or less "tight" than the back of a taxi. And then, if one is coming into the airport too early to go to the pier, they are then forced to either wait at the airport terminal OR take a taxi to the Times Square waiting area and from the board a Crystal shuttle anyway.
  24. The Crystal transfers are $69 each way. These would be the less schlepping you will have, and I have learned this from experience. Additionally, since you cannot arrive at the port more than 1-hour before your scheduled boarding time, the transfer will take you to the "holding" hotel in Times Square and you will then be transported to the port on time. This means leaving your aircraft, getting your luggage, which will be whisked away by the drive, and then not having to see it again until it is in your cabin. True, much more expensive than a taxi (especially for 2), but saves a ton on the nerves and the bones. (I often chuckle when people who booked expensive penthouse cabins and above always talk about saving a buck when it comes to using taxis and such, rather than the ship's transfers.)
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