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  1. We aren’t booked until February so I’m certainly hoping things will be settled by then but will need to make a decision late fall because of flights and such from Canada.
  2. Oh believe me he doesn’t based on past experience but in this messed up world right now - who knows what his options will be should we actually want to live our lives. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  3. Interesting information that I have not seen. I guess it will be up to his doctor to advise on it - she will either have to recommend he get it or substantiate her medical exemption as to why not. I can understand his hesitation from past medical experience knowing that’s what triggered him almost dying. It’s not even recommended he get the flu shot so this is interesting to see. Definitely going to need another discussion with doctor on it.
  4. GBS was triggered by vaccinations during his time in the service. Medical advice is to never get vaccinated with any vaccine again. The instance he had was one and only but even I was surprised his doctor did not even hesitate when we asked. The question was barely out of our mouths to ask about vaccine and she said no way no how unless you want to die. So long story short - this condition would only be triggered by vaccinations based on his medical history. Not to say that’s the be all end all answer but he’s comfortable cruising and is public facing everyday at this point.
  5. Your immune system basically attacks your nervous system: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/guillain-barre-syndrome.html There are tons of articles and studies about vets and GBS. A lot of has to do with the combination of the vaccines in short time periods like on needle parade where they basically line up before going overseas and get whatever they need all within a few hours.
  6. Not at all - I just want answers as to how they are handling medical exemptions. I gave sent my email off to them. I am chiming into conversation to give a different perspective that I don’t see many talk about. Not everyone has the choice on whether they get vaccinated is my point so there has to be some exceptions which as you’ve stated before will be to reach out which we’ve done. Just bringing a different perspective.
  7. At this point still required to isolate 3 days upon return in gov’t hotel until negative test results come in. We are just hoping by Feb that we will be able to test and come home. Obviously the travel restrictions will play a huge part in whether we even get to cruise. We’ll cross that bridge in the fall once cruises are sorted and see what travel looks like.
  8. I am willing to pay a reasonable price and he’s willing to test for sure but being forced into certain areas of ship or restrictions doesn’t make sense to me from a medical issue standpoint which I in my own think is logical but nothing makes sense these days. 🤣
  9. Possibly but we’re from Canada so that would be a task we’d rather not take on. I’m sure it will work itself out.
  10. Which we absolutely will but at this point no where does it say that just because he’s medically exempt he won’t be treated under the same regulations/requirements as someone who CHOOSE to not be vaccinated. We are waiting to hear back from RCL.
  11. And what about the people who medically can not get vaccinated? I haven’t seen much chatter about that. My husband served 27 years and had every vaccine under the sun - he eventually developed GBS from all the vaccine combinations etc and has been told the next vaccine he gets could very well kill based in his last experience which landed him hospitalized for months. So where does this leave someone like him? He doesn’t have a choice whether to get vaccinated without possibly deciding between life and death. His doctor has issued him a medical exemption letter stating why. I am honestly wondering how they will treat him in that regard - he really shouldn’t have to endure extra costs due to a medical condition. Will be interesting if I ever get a response from RCL on it. We are booked in Feb but I don’t know if we’ll go if he’ll have restrictions that we don’t have being it’s not a choice for him.
  12. I found my OBC no problem in my Cruise manager.
  13. We are debating this. We actually don’t plan on gambling as much this cruise and we booked a Havana room so we’ll spend large majority of our time there vs casino so I think we might do Cheers anyway.
  14. For sure that’s my thoughts - I understand not getting extra OBC but the drinks on us would be awesome!
  15. My understanding is actively playing.
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