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  1. “Will testing for COVID-19 be available on board the ship before disembarkation? A complimentary antigen or PCR COVID-19 test will be administered to all guests on board on Day 5 or 6 of the voyage. This test fulfills the requirements for onward travel home in most instances where guests board a flight immediately after their cruise. Guests who book a post-cruise stay before traveling home should ensure they meet all testing requirements. If the test provided on board does not meet the requirements for onward travel, additional testing is the responsibility of the guest at their expense.” I just ran across the above on HAL’s website...said it was updated 9/3. IF this is maintained going forward, it would certainly help! Has anyone been tested on board and can confirm?
  2. We have booked an Alaskan land and sea cruise for June, 2022. We depart from Seattle and disembark in Vancouver, BC. I understand that we must prove to be Covid free and vaccinated before embarkation in Seattle. Has anyone had experience with the requirements for boarding a plane to return to the US? I’m wondering if we will be required to get another test and how/where to do that in Vancouver. Also, how long to get results? Do we need to add the expense of a couple days in Vancouver? This is starting to make my head hurt...help!
  3. My hubby and I would like to do a WPR excursion in Skagway. Holland America has many to choose from. We’re wondering if it is worth the added expense to do the tour that includes Bennett Lake. Anyone done any of the WPR tours willing to offer their opinions? Thanks in advance!🙂
  4. My husband and I would like to do one of the many White Pass Railway excursions offered thru HAL. We’re wondering if it is worth the extra money to do the tour that includes Bennett Lake? Has anyone done any of the WPR tours willing to offer their opinions? Thanks in advance!
  5. I’m just curious, is there a way to determine how many cabins are booked for a particular cruise?
  6. Will the Cabin stewart provide distilled water for CPAPs upon request or should we bring our own?
  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely bride. May you be blessed all the days of your lives. 💕 Thanks for taking us all along on your cruise. I have been enjoying your posts and pictures immensely. 👏🏻👏🏻
  8. @VintageGeo...we’re “vintage”, too...definitely not energizer bunnies anymore!! Thanks for the input, maybe we’ll table the Jeep tour until next visit! 😁😁
  9. Thank you all so much for the info and the spectacular photos. We aren’t going until June, 2022, but I love to plan and ponder the possibilities. I was trying to decide of the wilderness tour would be exhausting, based on the length, or if we’d have enough energy to also do an excursion in the evening. We’re thinking of the self driven Jeep tour.
  10. Does HAL have their own hotel in Denali? Also, our HAL package includes a “Tundra Wilderness Tour” from 6:00AM-3:00PM included. Anyone know what this tour consists of? Details/opinions from folks who have done this would be most appreciated! 😊
  11. I just got off of the phone with a very pleasant HAL consultant. She told me I cannot book specialty dining until 60 days before cruise departure! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was able to book an excursion and my HIA credit was applied at checkout.
  12. We don’t cruise until June, 2022. The dining credits show but it says they are not currently available for use. I know we’re a long way out, but does anyone have any idea when we will be able to make specialty dinner reservations? Also, when are “gala” nights on a seven day journey? Thanks!
  13. I’m having a senior moment...again! Fourteen years ago, we did a tour with a company that was located right off of the dock, next to a big souvenir shop. You had to walk past it to go anywhere. I cannot remember the name and was wondering if it is still there? Anyway, any recommendations for an excellent whale watching tour company? Prefer to support local vendors rather than the cruise lines. Thanks!
  14. We did Express Walk Off on Divina last week. It was anything but express. Was supposed to start at 7:00AM, very, very long lines, didn’t move until about 7:45. Once off the ship, line continued in the terminal. They refused escalator use if you had two bags, so back in a long line to use ONE elevator. The Security lines at the airport were long. We made our 10:30 AM flight, but just barely. I’d plan for a later flight so you experience less stress!
  15. We disembarked from Divina on Tuesday. It was suggested that we self quarantine for 14 days due to the predominantly European passengers. We were also told to cancel Doctor appointments that were previously scheduled that fell during the 14 day period.
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