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  1. Thanks for the info SarniaLo. Should be an awesome trip!👍 Rick
  2. Guess we'll just go with the flow for the 3 days in the Falkland Is. The closer we get to the big day, I'll look into it further. Btw...don't think you'll see us👈👉 Rick
  3. Just wondering whether any folks here are doing the 18 day Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Falkland Islands in January, 2022 on board the Roald Amundsen. Rick
  4. We have an Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Falkland Islands cruise booked for January 2022 with Hurtigruten for 18 days. I'm guessing cruising will back to some kind of normality by that time.....I hope!! Rick
  5. I think everybody should "Hasten Slowly" in these difficult times. I 'm sure a proper vaccine to treat this virus will certainly take time, and until that happens and all proper testing has been carried out, we should not even think of travelling particularly overseas. I know for a fact most of the cruise lines are bombarding us with cruise deals, I know I receive them on a daily basis, however I say disregard all that for the time being.....it's all about profit!! We do not need that right now!! Better to be safe than sorry. My 2 cents. Rick
  6. Guys/Gals, We are booked on the Roald Amundsen (Hurtigruten Cruises) January 27, 2022 out of Santiago on an epic 18day'er. We have around 5 days in the Antarctic region. Really looking forward to his one, should be absolutely awesome! Rick
  7. Well we are booked for January, 2022 to the Antarctica. I'm guessing that will still be a goer! Rick
  8. I tell you what Mic...you're a wealth of information🙂 Rick
  9. We visited the Baltic region back in 2018 during May/June. We thought the weather would be on the cool side, however it was sunny for most of the time. I would pack some summer gear as well . Rick
  10. Good stuff Queen of DaNile. We are cruising on the Roald Amundsen in February,2022. Looking forward to it very much. Rick
  11. Many thanks for all the replies and worthwhile information everybody. It's very much appreciated. Cruise Critic in my opinion is second to none when it comes to information, feedback etc. The only other thing I would like to know is whether Celebrity has "Beverage Cards" as opposed to "Beverage Packages." We usually get them with Holland America. Thanks Rick
  12. Thanks for all that input everybody, it's greatly appreciated. We may have to forget about the Antarctica part and just stick to the tip of South America. I will probably wait a while until Holland America release their cruises for that particular region and go from there and do a price comparison. Rick
  13. Thanks for the info jelayne. What month did you cruise?
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