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  1. Thanks for all that info Tanya...you sure covered all the bases. I'm pleased to hear about the craft beers. I remember enjoying a couple of different brews on the Koningsdam last year during Happy Hour on the pool deck. By the way I take it the beverage package is $199USD per person? Good to hear you guys enjoyed yourselves. Thanks again. Rick
  2. Thanks for those replies everybody. What we would like to know is whether it is windy on the Mississippi as you travel north. I would guess that the weather in February would be similar to December.Also do you need to dress formally for dinner and the entertainment thereafter? Do they have a selection of beers on board. I'm not a real fan of Budweiser. You're right lyndarra, not much activity on the American Riverboat board. Thanks. Rick
  3. Just wondering whether anybody here has done the Mississippi River Cruise on the American Queen? The wife and myself are leaving New Orleans early December for a 9 day trip to Memphis. Rick
  4. Thank you for your comments. As far as my wife and myself are concerned, it's a convenient locality being close to the airport, we have booked a King Premium Suite high up with a balcony and as we say "We're here for a good time, not a long time".... It' will do us. Cheers Rick
  5. I reckon Duffy's will suit us just fine SteerageJoe. It's convenient being close to our hotel, the food looks good from the internet site, and the beer from what I've been told is pretty good. I like a bit of variety. Thanks for the info. Rick
  6. Thanks for that piece of info parrotfeathers. We have decided to book Embassy Suites because friends from Viera FL suggested we stay there, and besides they are coming down to see us before we go on the cruise. I see you're from Mississippi. We are doing the New Orleans to Memphis later after the cruise....9 days on the American Queen. Looking forward to that big time. Rick
  7. Well that's good to know nhra. Looks like...Duffy's here we come!! Rick
  8. Good stuff. Guess I'm probably going to have to flip a coin and go from there. By the way that Duffy's Bar n Grill sound like the go to place although I won't be drinking Budweiser...nothing personal I just don't like it all that much!πŸ‘Ž Rick
  9. Appreciate that info cheeseclan. I'll look into the Hyatt next door. We are not Hyatt members but we'll pay for breakfast...no big deal. Thanks again Rick
  10. Geez cheeseclan that sounds like a bit of a letdown. I know we've booked a king premium room...sounds impressive but you never know. I'm not too sure how the lines will be in December, but I may have to re-think this hotel. I know we can cancel out up to 24 hrs before we arrive. I'm guessing the happy hour may be a "hotel incentive" to get people to book. I'm not that into wine (beer guy). Can you maybe suggest a better all round alternative? Rick
  11. Thanks again everybody for your comments. I think for sheer convenience, and the fact that there is a "Happy Hour" ( which apparently goes for 2 hours) and is right up my alley, the Embassy Suites by Hilton is getting my money for a couple of days. Looking forward to the cruise also. Cheers Rick
  12. Thank you all for that wealth of information. Looks like the Embassy is the way to go. Cheers Rick
  13. Hi All, My wife and I are taking a 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale in Dec 2019 and we are thinking of staying at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Ft Lauderdale. Can any of you cruisers/tourists give us some kind of indication about what that accommodation is like? Thanks Rick
  14. Bob, You might like to bring a cooler with you from home (the kind that folds down and would hold a 6 pack). Save some money mate. Rick
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