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  1. I think I will stick with the balcony room. Cant chance a bathtub cabin. Thanks all!
  2. Anyone stay in a Club Balcony Suite recently on the ENCORE and did it have a bathtub or a bigger shower? Looking to upgrade to the Club Balcony Suite from a balcony but only if it has a shower, NO Bathtub!
  3. Is the Britto shop still open and on the Allure or on any Oasis ship?
  4. I heard Choir of Man and Kinky Boots shows were cancelled on this cruise.Is that true? Aren't the performers supposed to be vaccinated too? I know passengers and crew had to be vaccinated to sail. Anyone know the capacity on this ship for your cruise?
  5. Have any Americans sail on Virgen yet? Is it like NCL, Royal C or even Carnival? Differences? Did you like it? Would you sail their ships again?
  6. Is it worth it to buy the Essentials Travel Insurance NCL offers? Does it cover covid? Anyone know? The price is reasonable to me.
  7. Anyone know if the New Prima will have LeBistro or Cagneys steakhouse on this ship?
  8. I would call NCL and ask your questions there.
  9. I am taking it as its effective today. I am very happy with this change!
  10. Is it worth it to get the race car package for a week on the Encore? Is it still $199.00? Can you try it once then buy the weekly package later? Do the cars go when its windy? How many time is a one time around? I lap? 2 laps? Do they have different size helmets? My husband is dying to try this out in December! Any tips/info would be appreciated.
  11. Is it worth it to buy 2 more SDP for $94.80 per person for a cruise. We like the specialty dining restaurants. Is this a high price to pay for 4 meals? Opinions?
  12. Thanks for the answers. We have the UDP for 2 meals.
  13. Say we eat at Ocean Blue and want to get the lobster for a supplemental fee is that in addition to the price on the menu? We will have 2 free dining packages to use. We plan to use those at LeBistro and Cagney's first. Is it more wise to buy 2 extra meals for the specialty restaurants? Or just pay the prices we see on the menu. I know we plan to go back to LeBistro at some point. Our favorite restaurant. For instance Cagney's has Surf & Turf for $49.00 and then it says $19.00 dining package supplement. So the price of this item is $68.00 for the Surf and Turf? Is my math correct? Or is it just $19.00 for the Surf and Turf? I am confused.
  14. Great information so far. Any reviews of food/restaurants specifically Cagney's, LeBistro and Ocean Blue and Onda? We are on this ship in December! We are lobster fans! Looking forward to your review also!
  15. I have been liking the menus I see so far. Do they offer any sugar free desserts in any of the dining venues and MDR. I would love to know what is offered. We are not Haven people. I understand they get their own menus.
  16. On our cruise it says Limited Rooms Available for December 5-12, 2021 Encore 7 day Caribbean. What does this mean? Limited people on board? Or its almost sold out? Any one know? I like the idea of less people!
  17. We no longer have Kinky Boots or Prohibition on our cruise, Encore either in December 5-12, 2021 listed. Disappointed NOT to see Prohibition.
  18. Does anyone know if Le Bistro and Cagneys will be on this ship? I don't see any reference to it yet. Those are two of our favorite dining restaurants.
  19. They posted a new Embark episode/show today.
  20. We sail in December 5-12, 2021 and are hoping to see this show on this ship Encore, Choir Of Man. I hear roumors this show will NOT be ready for Dec 5-12,2021. Can anyone confirm this is true? If so this is the second time we missed this show!
  21. Did the AOS stop in Cozumel and dock or was it a tender stop?
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