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  1. I am glad that they require a valid vaccination.Without this requirement, I would never be cruising again. Why should we taking unnecessary risks ? And I am sure a majority of cruisers think the same.
  2. Never mind. I have another sense of good commercial relationship.But they will be crying soon for more European passengers and we shall remember their lack of common sense ... Your bind your old and good customers by giving them the feeling that they haven't been screwed.
  3. and still no respect for customers holding already a booking. It looks like loyalty is not rewarded at all exc.with the Latiudes program. We pay months in advance, NCL use our cash to survive but we do not have access to all the promos and if we cancel/rebook we loose the penalty . Strange commercial behavior. I was glad I did it differently in my previous active life ....next year I will wait until the last moment to book; since the long-haul pax will not be cruising so soon, the risks are limited.
  4. we shall be there in July and since this is our 3d visit of this city, we would like to try something different. Has anybody a private boat tour recommendation of the Elaphite Islands we could trust ? Thanks in advance
  5. Apparently Spirit passengers have other problems ! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/cruise-passengers-chant-get-ship-20541529
  6. Unfortunately NCL European general conditions are crystal-clear https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/about-us/terms-conditions#!#Changes Period before departure notification of cancellation received by us Cancellation charge per person cancelling* more than 42 days Loss of deposit
  7. I called twice and got the same answer. NO ....
  8. I do not see why my country of residence should interfere in a simple customer recognition. The new rate is also valid for swiss residents therefore I just do not see why I cannot make use of it ..... lack of customer orientation for sure which a lot of fellow cruisers feel also in the past months ! we are talking of one week interval worth 640 EUR.... I am truly disappointed.
  9. Booked last week on the Jade a Med cruise for June 20; prices dropped by 12% since then. I called this morning to get the new price and had a nice travel consultant I know from a long time ago and she said nothing she can do; If I cancel and rebook, I would loose the downpayment. Strange way to punish faithful customers !!
  10. You can call them and request an - amenity invoice- and you will get it within a minute. It includes all extras you have booked and/or paid for.
  11. @Cruisefan42 yes I call NCL beforehand so the cabin configuration is correct when we arrive and the stewart does not have to separate and revamp the beds on short notice. Better for him !
  12. yes beds can be configured as twins. I requested it these 2 last years on the Spirit and it was not a problem to get it. Even mentioned on our confirmation note from NCL
  13. Apparently this passenger was not too much worried with the noise.... a little bit ...
  14. Good afternoon, Was wondering why there is such a big price difference between the MA mini-suite and the MB ones. Is it only because of the mi-ship positioning.... we just booked #11620 on mediterranean cruise and I fear that there is some drawbacks. Thanks for your advice.
  15. if you like meat, then try the Moderno Churrascaria which is a typical Brazilian restaurant with Brazilian meat pieces as if you were there in Copacabana. So gooood ! they call it "rodizio" ; it is a eat as you can system where the waiters bring their long spice on your table and cut the portion in your plate ... a spectacle for itself ...I lived there a few years and it is fully comparable; great salad buffet to start with, etc; etc. But you should book well in advance ... enjoy !
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