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  1. Could shore excursions payment be via e-check or did it have to be via credit card? Thank you.
  2. Who is the Cruise Director on Viking Star?
  3. How was the Cruise Director's show called Timeless on Wednesday night?
  4. FYI, Tuesday, pdf has white background with a touch of blue in left corner/side. No worries. It is so easy to read. Very much appreciate the Viking Dailys. Thank you! Now to read Monday & Tuesday PDFs.
  5. Great! Perfectly readable, although still blue background. No sense wasting your precious cruise time to figure out blue background. We can read the PDF without any problems. Thank you for sharing the Viking Dailys. Enjoy!
  6. Thank you so much, amelia3171, for re-posting the Saturday Daily (Day 1). It has a lot of necessary information. The file works. Not sure why there is a blue-colored background, but it is still easy to read the pages. Thank you again.
  7. This is the Daily.pdf file that can not open or download: Saturday, 8/7 Daily (from Post # 203. I hope you can redo it. Thank you SO much!!
  8. Thank you amelia3171. Would you mind re-posting the DAILY.pdf from #203. The file is not available to open or download. I very much appreciate you taking time to post the dailies. Have a glorious trip.
  9. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/2468-viking-venus-roll-calls/
  10. Where and when was this taken? What ships are on either side of Octantis?
  11. No. I was not clear with my question. I wanted to know exactly where on Deck 7 is the PCR Testing Lab.
  12. Exactly where on the ship is the PCR Testing Lab located?
  13. NOW the Rapid Antigen Test is also listed as an acceptable Covid Test as of July 26th. https://www.covid.is/sub-categories/vaccination-and-antibodies "FROM JULY 26TH: All passengers with vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of prior COVID-19 infection need to present anegative PCR test certificate against COVID-19. Rapid antigen tests are also valid. The test must have been taken within 72 hours before departure on the first leg of the journey."
  14. I thought Iceland requires a PCR Test, not an antigen test.
  15. Take a picture of them for future reference so you can avoid them.
  16. That's horrible. From dailies, Viking Sky Iceland phone: +1 323 870 4740
  17. To MSEm, Thank you so much for your extremely detailed review of your Constellation experience. You have given the most details of anyone, and I am thankful for your complete review. Wishing you better and happier travels.
  18. Thank you, Clay. Just read Tom's post re: room numbers above tenders.
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