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  1. I cancelled our July cruise and asked for the deposit to be used as FCC. It was showing as FCC on my profile but mysteriously changed to Shipboard Credits. I emailed Regent and asked if this was correct as I didn’t want Shipboard Credits but had it confirmed that it is still FCC. I have kept the confirmation email on file. There appears to be several anomalies arising.
  2. As per Foggyzx9r has said, different countries have different rules for other countries. Here, in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, we have had no new cases for 31 days and no active cases for 5 days. We are now allowed to travel within the Bailiwick and non essential off island travel is also allowed. However, no ferries and the airport open 5 days a week with 1 return flight a day to the UK. On return you are interviewed by border force (and video recorded), then 14 days self isolation which if broken brings a fine up to £10,000 or the possibility of imprisonment. So, for those of you who have read that, it looks like no cruise anytime soon for us. 😢
  3. Well, as of today, we have had no new cases for 27 days and no known active cases as from today. In fact they are actively searching for asymptomatic cases. So I thought that I would have a look at next year’s offerings (new brochure arrived yesterday). I found several cruises that I fancy, definitely no price reductions but plenty of increases. I totally agree with Gr J Berkshire and can’t for one minute see why Regent should reduce prices when it may not be possible to run things in the same way as the past. It will be interesting to see what the new normal is for cruising. I’ll carry on looking though.
  4. Flossie009 we have converted our deposit for 16th July Barcelona to Venice cruise into FCC - rightly or wrongly. I believe that today our local and only airline to the UK have said that they are not resuming carrying until August. We have had no new cases for 14 days and have 8 active cases, as of today. I wait and see if Regent cancel our cruise.
  5. So sorry to quote all of this, but let’s have some realism here, and no I’m not a glass half full person. We all pay “good money” to go on a Regent cruise and it is meant to be a holiday. Living on a holiday island I could stay at home, but choose to go with Regent instead. I find it very hard to see a reasonable way forward. Looking forward to cruising again.
  6. Having sailed on a ‘New England in the Fall’ cruise which had a few cases of ILI on board, I couldn’t agree more. Surely the whole idea of a cruise is a relaxing holiday and not having to look over our shoulders whenever someone sneezes or coughs? We choose Regent because once paid for you don’t have to think again. Just get there and enjoy.
  7. ABTA, Association of British Travel Agents of which Regent is a member. Also our TA is a member but I am not sure what this confers on either in the current situation. Many UK travel insurance companies are no longer covering for Coronavirus. I am not sure how we will fair anyway, since we have had no new infections for six days and may not be allowed to travel off island until after September. We may be allowed to travel within the Bailiwick in a month or two.
  8. Oh and I believe that I have just read that NCLH have succeeded in raising enough funds to keep them above water for a year.
  9. Mmmmm. Wouldn’t be surprised, and then I suppose that it falls to the travel insurers who will no doubt do the same!
  10. eliana, it would be interesting to see what ABTA’s take is on Future Cruise Credit. We too have some invested in Regent. Would prefer to cruise rather than lose - the FCC.
  11. The trouble with any diy test is who verifies it? You have had Coronavirus and I know it but I want a good antibody test so ask you to do it. Anything that is diy is a total non starter, trust no one. I will not cruise until a suitable vaccine is available. Over here, we have seen no new cases over the last few days, but also some islands in the Bailiwick have had no cases at all. We are allowed to meet in “bubbles” but no one else. To me, my cruises have been a holiday, and I am prepared to accept that my wife stays on board whilst I go ashore on trips off. So that’s the reason why I chose Regent. Stay safe.
  12. “Is this the ‘new normal’? It may well be and who knows? P & O saying that all passengers will have to undergo strict health checks before boarding, and what will travel insurance be like? I feel that we will wait for a vaccine before we cruise again. I do like the quiet with only three return flights a day Mon - Fri and none at the weekend except for post on Saturday. You can hear the birds sing!
  13. Re: vaccine and prioritisation, I agree with Wizpharm2 and firmly believe in it should not be based on ability to pay (either by country or individual). I do not mind having to wait a little longer to cruise, but cruise I will once safe to do so.
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