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  1. Here, on Guernsey, we have been given a vaccine certificate stating which vaccines were given, batch number and date. That is the evidence we would have to provide.
  2. We were sitting in the Horizon Lounge at the time and I could see that it was about to happen and felt the vibrations from the props working full time. My wife nearly lost her champagne but valiantly clung on to it, the lady in the next seat fell out of it. Felt sorry for the Captain, so embarrassing.
  3. Maybe they will sort out the crumpled port stern quarter which was damaged a few years ago when leaving port in a bit of a breeze?
  4. Maybe they are planning to travel at warp speed. 😀
  5. Yes and that maybe so. It’s getting decent tea that’s the problem. Yorkshire tea bags and two of them for me. I do like a good brew.
  6. Yes, there were Illy coffee machines in the suites but if you prefer tea you have to resort to room service. Actually it’s no bother anyway.
  7. As far as I am aware there are no kettles in any of the suites, or at least never in any of the suites we have been in. You have to use room service. Just think of Regent like Claridges at sea. Room service is speedy but ask for extra tea bags if you like your brew strong.
  8. I just hope that future protocols do not include mask wearing. On our New England cruise there was an ILI outbreak which was dealt with very quickly and effectively by Regent. It did impact a little on the cruise experience and I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen again.
  9. Wendy, we were COVID free from June 2020 until January 2021 when a dance festival was held. I suspect that outsiders brought in the Kent version then, but now, at the moment we are free. However, travel to UK mainland is very restricted and self isolation on return is compulsory with £10000 fines if not adhered to. We have had excellent vaccine take up and so are looking forward to the future. By the way, we loved Halifax when we were there three years ago on a Regent cruise. Also have a cousin who lives in Halifax, or thereabouts, and my uncle lives in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. Would do another New England cruise anytime. Sooner the better.
  10. I agree. I don’t see the point in spending a reasonable amount of money on a holiday that has such a restriction. We have been Covid free now for six weeks following the second wave and masks etc. are no longer required. We even managed our May 9th Liberation Day celebrations albeit a little toned down. We will all get there eventually.
  11. We are now 23 days without Covid following our second lockdown. Today is our first day of freedom, without a mask, social distancing etc. I would like to say back to normal, but it certainly can’t be because who knows if/when a third wave may arrive? All I can say is that we’re looking forward to a ‘proper’ Regent experience when it is safe to do so.
  12. @charltonkerry Europe is (in) a mess. Totally miss handled everything. Only themselves to blame and yet they can’t see it. I agree with you that it’s not worth the risk and apart from which what happens if a country changes from green to red whilst you are away? Just wait for next year and hopefully we will all be able to cruise again.
  13. Machotspur I couldn’t agree more with your above post. We did very well after the first wave and had quite a long period (virtually all summer and autumn) being COVID free. Just after the New Year the second wave arrived but we locked down quickly but still had plenty of cases. We are now 22 days without a case and just one person in hospital. The price for this freedom is virtually no off island travel and if you do you self isolate for 2 weeks on return. No visiting cruise ships to the island this year. The way Europe is I am thinking that there will be little point in looking at this year, but hoping for next year.
  14. Hi, I take it that you booked through a travel agent and they should be able to sort things for you. I normally ask them to print off all the shore excursions so that I can peruse them at leisure prior to booking. It may well be the upgrade which is causing the issue but I don’t know. Stick with it, Regent are usually very good. PS I am an ex Firparnian living on this little island.
  15. Well we, Guernsey, did manage to keep the virus at bay until just after Christmas when we had a second wave. So far in this pandemic we have had 760 positive results following testing, with 252 of those coming from the first wave. It would appear that most of the second wave, 500+, are of the new strain which is obviously more virulent. Borders have been closed again and we have had two weeks of lockdown and are hoping to be released soon. The interesting point is how did it get into the island? We have an excellent contact tracing team and really the only people coming in are essential workers or those who have been to the UK for medical treatment. I suspect that someone broke the self isolation rules and wow how quickly it spread from the first four cases of the second wave. Keep safe, cruise soon.
  16. Ah yes we had an email today covering Alaska, Mediterranean, Baltic amongst others. And yet another question, who will accept who? And also what will be required? In our case the UK may require two weeks isolation in a hotel and then when we arrive on our island a further two weeks? Well we’re retired so no problem, but we also provide help with child care and therefore can’t be out of circulation for too long. Itching for a cruise though.
  17. And very close to the Pig in the Wall is Ennio’s a really good restaurant. You may need to book though.
  18. Having had two birthdays on Regent cruises I can confirm that they do help with the celebrations. Usually a ‘surprise’ in your suite and also in whichever dining venue you are in. Normally taken from your passport for birthdays, you’ll need to inform for other occasions
  19. Haha! A bottle of and one for the wife.
  20. My favourite in Compass Rose is Dover sole and scallops, and even better, order anytime. With a nice petit Chablis.
  21. @BellagioCruisers All well and good whilst you and everyone else stay on board. Now what happens when you go ashore. At the moment there are so many petty arguments within the EU regarding the vaccine that I fear that they will not achieve reasonable coverage this year. This, for me, means two years without cruising and whilst living on a small island surrounded by sea we do like to get off. I agree that proof of vaccine would inspire a little more confidence. Keep safe. Cruise soon.
  22. @lprpYes it is great to know that our track and trace system works well. Our MoH is a virologist and has a close handle on things. The chief minister has warned against rumour spreading which in a small community is bound to happen. The pub still continues to be a place of interest by the medics and police so let’s hope that they get to the bottom of it. Case numbers still rising but slowly and somewhat unusually a fair number in schools (30). We all need to remember that it only takes one bad apple in the barrel to spoil the lot.
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