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  1. If your still required to wear a mask you still have problems that can wipe out the ship
  2. "if it's not safe to cruise without a mask, it's not safe to cruise with a mask." you got problems.
  3. Yaa all dressed up and no place to go... when sports comes back next will be cruiseing
  4. Should be on in the sports bar and sometimes the TV in the casino. We will be on the Horizon for the NFL play off. 5th of Jan thru the 19th. Would be nice if they had some of the games on the Lido, we will see
  5. We got the Premium Wi-Fi Plan for Jan 5, Horizon. Hope its better then the Pride was. We could do almost anything but play games on facebook. I had my reg laptop with and had problems signing on, don't know why.
  6. We are Diamond and could not pick the time , we were told they are booked for that time pick something else
  7. Did the Superbowl 2 times both were on the Lido deck, 1 had a big time party other had a small time party. Both on the big screen
  8. I have always been handed cash by the casino host. Have one in Jan for $1500 on the Horizon
  9. Exclusive Carnival Players Club® Premier Cruises offer Invitation Only: Available on select Premier sailings Cruises starting at $69* per person, per day + $1,500 in FunPlay credits Free drinks while playing in the casino For you and one companion. Terms apply
  10. You get all kinds of Premier cruise fun play I always get between $500 and $1500 fun play . Right now I have a Premier cruise booked for Jan on the Horizon with $1500 fun play. They give it to you in cash. I had a $1000 fun play on the Pride last Jan. What ever is in your VIFP list offer, everybody is not the same its what you played in the past. It has nothing to do with the size of the ship.
  11. If I ever have a problem with anything I call the Diamond desk. My PVP is used to book our cruise only.. We already have everything made out , all he has to do is book it and send me a E mail with the info .
  12. You get your table for 2 about 1 foot from the next table for 2, good luck
  13. On the Pride 14 times , its to close to home. Topic internet, if you want to do any games with a laptop in facebook forget it, it takes forever to load. Use it for anything else and it seems OK.
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