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  1. I love in NYC we have 2 casinos (racings because they only have slots no live table games) that do not allow smoking. Both are always packed. People who like to gamble will gamble even if they can't smoke... The casinos on the ship are to small for smoking. They wouldn't be as bad if they didn't allow people to just sit around and smoke. If there not playing they shouldn't be in there smoking. it makes the casino insufferable at times.
  2. Does anyone think that Carnival will ever ban indoor smoking on its ships. Im not a big smoker. I do enjoy an occasional cigar. On every cruise I spend a lot of time in the casino. I tolerate the smoke but it gets pretty bad in there and the smell is sometimes awful. People aren't even gambling there just sitting around smoking. I really think enough is enough already. It may be time for a ban.
  3. 81 days until my Horizon adventure and 43 days until I set sail on the Vista... I can't wait....
  4. I don't think the prices for the specialty dining are unreasonable and there are plenty of free options for dining and entertainment on board to keep you busy without spending a dime. where else can u go to a steakhouse for under a 75$ per person.
  5. bring two of those fold up chairs and have the steward remove one of the bigger ones there should be more then enough room for you all to sit comfortably that way.
  6. NO WAY.... The pizza is good on carnival
  7. 8/20 can't get here fast enough.... 15 of us so far
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