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  1. Got our refund this morning! We were scheduled to be on a May 11 cruise that was cancelled mid-April, in the 3rd wave of cancellation announcements. We submitted our refund request through our travel provider on or around April 20. FCC showed up on our accounts quickly even though we had submitted the request, as many have reported. Noticed on Monday (June 22) that the FCC had disappeared, got the email from NCL that the refund was being processed on Wednesday (June 24), and it came through on our CC this morning. Also noticed that our Latitudes points are still on our accounts so that's a nice touch - hopefully those don't go away!
  2. Does anyone know what is planned for the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar on Escape? Getting fun margaritas there (and from the Margaritaville bar on Getaway/Breakaway) was something we really enjoyed, and will miss.
  3. That is great to know, and exactly what I was hoping! Thanks for the quick response @KeithJenner
  4. We are booked in an inside cabin for our upcoming cruise, but the balcony pricing has just dropped so we are considering calling to upgrade. We have already purchased a 3 meal specialty dining package, but with the balcony upgrade we would receive the dining package as one of our perks. Is it possible to cancel the purchased dining package and get that refunded? Has anyone done so successfully? Thanks!
  5. Would those of you who have sailed Caribbean Princess recommend the ship for young adults? We're looking for a summer cruise with some friends, and are liking the Princess promos right now, but are wondering if we'll feel at home on this ship, since we usually sail with NCL. We aren't nightclub/party people, but we do enjoy a lively atmosphere - we frequent pubs and taprooms at home.
  6. Sure! Passes were $50pp - total for 2 adults after tax was $107. And a heads up on booking a pass at Margaritaville, for our date, it wasn't available to book until about a month out. So don't panic if you look farther in advance and it appears sold out! Keeping checking.
  7. OP here - wanted to pop in and you know that we decided on a day pass through resortpass.com. We'll be hanging out at the Margaritaville Resort Hollywood for the day. It seems to offer everything we were looking for, but I'll be sure to report back once we've actually experienced it. 🙂
  8. Thank you! This will be our first time on Carnival so I'm trying to figure out all the little details like this 🙂
  9. Do you know if the aft pool was adults only on your sailing? I've heard that the policy varies based on number of kids on board?
  10. Day 9 - Disembarkation I was woken up by something (maybe thrusters?) at 3:30am and I was surprised to look outside and see that we were already pulling into the dock in New York! I was expecting an arrival between 6am and 7am, so I was surprised, but went back to sleep. Our plan for the morning was to have a leisurely breakfast at Taste and then wait as long as possible before getting off the ship. The only breakfast photo we took today - this was the strawberry parfait. Our flight wasn’t until 5:45pm, and we didn’t really have plans for the day, so we weren’t in any rush. We met up for breakfast at 8am, and then sat in the atrium for a while to wait until the ship cleared. We had phone service, so we sat and checked email and caught up on social media. I wrote down that they were playing really awful music in the atrium during this time - I think it was clearly designed to get you to leave! At around 10:30am, someone came and told us that they needed to clear the ship and that we had to leave, so we did. The lines weren’t too bad, and we were out on the street by 11am. Now, this is where we started to regret not having a plan. I had hoped that the Kimpton would allow us to check our bags with them for a small fee since we had stayed before our cruise (we had done this before after disembarkation with other hotels), but they don’t allow that. We googled and found CityCoPilot, near Times Square, that would hold bags for the day at the cost of $10 per bag. A little pricey, but it was nice to be free of the bags so we could at least walk around until it was time to catch a Lyft to the airport. We spent the rest of the day walking around Times Square, shopping, and taking in New York. Matt recreated this iconic moment the The Office. 😆 We also stopped in at the Nintendo Store, where we got this little guy. We grabbed a Lyft back to the Newark airport for a (thankfully) uneventful flight back home to San Francisco. I think we learned a good cruise lesson here - always have a plan for disembarkation day! We made the best of it, but in the future we’ll make more concrete plans. And that’s the end of our report! Thanks for reading along 🙂 I hope everyone who is sailing the Escape to Bermuda has an amazing time, I know we did! If you have any questions, or if there’s something you’d like to know that I didn’t cover, just ask!
  11. My favorites are the Rebellious Fish and the Painkiller!
  12. Day 8 - At Sea We slept in a little bit for our last day at sea - Sean and I even skipped our usual coffee & croissants this morning! We met at 8am at Taste for breakfast with pineapple mimosas that we had gotten at the Atrium bar. It took a long time for coffee to make it to our table this morning, and we had skipped waterfront coffee, so I was in need of a caffeine fix after breakfast. I decided to get a vanilla latte at the Starbucks in the atrium - after the automatic gratuity it was $6! It did taste like Starbucks on land, but a little pricey, even at sea. Glad I tried it! And it did wake me up. We played morning trivia in the atrium. There were a lot more teams playing today than there were when we had played a few days ago. We lost by just one point! We then headed to our sea day spot, the District Brewhouse, to play cards for a little while. There was a private event in the space at 12, so we stayed as long as we could, and then had lunch at Savor. To start, Sean had the tomato soup and a spinach caesar salad. I had chicken pho and the hummus. For our entrees, Sean had the Philly Cheesesteak, and I had the Mahi Mahi Sandwich, which I guess we were too hungry to get photos of! Sean also got the key lime pie dessert. We then went to the theater for the Captain’s Q&A session, followed by the crew talent show and the NCL crew goodbye. Anyone else get teary-eyed when they sing the “You are Norwegian Now” song? Haha! After the show, we headed back to the cabin to pack up, take a nap, and enjoy the last day on our balcony. We met up with Matt & Grace for dinner at the Manhattan Room at 6pm. There was a 10min wait, and we were asked to sit in the Skyline Bar until our they came and called our room number. This was the longest wait we had for dinner on any night of the cruise, and we weren’t in any rush, so it didn’t bother us. To start, Sean had the butternut squash soup. I had the onion flatbread. I don’t know what I was expecting here, but this was strange. It was just onions on a cracker-like flatbread. I guess I was thinking it would have sauce, like a mini pizza? For our entrees, Sean had prime rib. I had the Mozzarella-Basil Stuffed Chicken. For dessert, Sean had the Cafe Pot de Creme. I had Key Lime Cheesecake. We went back to the room to set out luggage and say thank-you to our room steward. And then, we decided we couldn’t just go to bed on the last night of the cruise! We ended up at the mojito bar. How on earth had we missed this bar all week!? The bartenders were so much fun - doing magic tricks and really having fun with all the guests. They also knew a lot of the guests who had clearly found this fun spot earlier in the week. Don’t miss these guys on the Escape! After a quick stop at O’Sheehan’s for some fries and wings, we headed to bed. The Daily for our last day at sea
  13. Our flight was in the evening, so we didn't have anywhere to be, and hung out in the atrium until someone came and told us we had to leave, which was about 10:30am. By the time we got our luggage and got through customs, it was just before 11am.
  14. Thanks for reading along! The 2-day bus pass was $31.50 per adult. Full list of bus fares can be found here. Definitely do the math based on where you plan to go before buying the pass, the tokens might be a better value if you're just going to the beach and back. We ran into a little crowding on the 2nd day both to and from Horseshoe Bay, and had to stand for portions of the ride both directions. All the complimentary restaurants are freestyle. You have the ability to make reservations, but we did not, just walked up when we were ready to have dinner. We only had a wait one evening, and it was 10 min. If your group is 4 people or fewer, I would say don't worry about reservations for the MDRs. Any larger of a group and I'd recommend making reservations just because there are fewer larger tables in each restaurant. Can't comment on the tour at St George's, but we did see the horse and carriage lady!
  15. We loved the Escape. We've really enjoyed all 3 of the Breakaway-class ships that we've sailed, but the Escape has been our favorite. Looking at your signature, it looks like you haven't done a big ship before, so that might be a little bit of adjustment for you, since the Escape is quite large. However, it handles the crowds well and it never felt crowded. I like the layout as well - it seems like everywhere you want to be is pretty close together with all the bars/lounges/restaurants on decks 6, 7, and 8. As you can probably tell by how much time we spent out there, we also really love the Waterfront area on deck 8. I've only ever sailed NCL, so I can't compare the cabins to other lines, but they are standard NCL cabins. We liked ours. We also don't do a lot of the organized activities, so I can't comment on those. Embarkation was surprisingly quick and easy. For debarkation, we waited onboard in the atrium until someone came and told us to leave, so it was also pretty painless.
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