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  1. Oh, so you're correcting my brain fart. You knew exactly what I meant
  2. I spoke to some of the RC staff and it sounds like they were the ones who got designated as non-vaccinated but they were pretty chipper anyway on account of getting PTO to go on a free cruise. Everyone here is so cheerful today I think everyone will have fun
  3. My grandma is from Baton Rouge and she would have been disappointed in these. A wee bit over cooked but yhe liquor in the heads was still good and the warm butter helped!
  4. I found the lunch to be better than normal at the Windjammer. Did you? Also, I'm the one with ridiculously pink hair. Wave to me when you see me!
  5. I don't know why but this is my favorite photo so far.
  6. I talked to the business development agent who works with us travel agents. It sounds like a lot of us got invited so RC can prove to us how safe it is. We are the ones who have to put our reputations on the line and recommend cruise lines and we are more likely to recommend a cruise line we know our travelers will enjoy and will keep them safe. I really care about my clients and I have been reluctant to book anyone on anything that doesn't require vaccinations. I've been on board the Odyssey for a few hours and it looks like they are being very careful with the safety of their guests. And, to be fair to us travel agents, while I for one don't usually book rc for myself (I'm a Holland and Cunard gal), I so sell about $80,000 worth of RC a year so I think it's reasonable to want to reward us with a few little perks bow and again. The bulk of the volunteers for this cruise are actually RC employees from many different departments like accounting and call centers. After the year those folks have had they deserve a free vacation.
  7. Maybe because they are saving you a royal suite and they don't want the rest of us to get jealous
  8. Have you signed in to the ap? We didn't get an email, but our room was populated in the ap
  9. Yes, it looks like they are giving us the best they are allowed to, which is nice.
  10. They are offering almost everything at 35%-50% including cocktails, specialty dining and shore excursions. They are definitely trying to take care of us
  11. I usually enjoy a couple days without the internet but I am going to buy it this time just to post updates
  12. It looks like Majestic is in the yellow category on the CDC site. Is that affecting your travel at all?
  13. People have always had the ability to watch movies on deck via their phones and tablets. Do you find that particularly disruptive or see a lot 9f people using media without headsets?
  14. I want to believe that isn't true. All the TAs I know are happy to help each other out. I know I always just want my clients to have a great vacation. I am always happy to re-rate if I can. I can certainly match any price. The difference between a $2000 and a $1000 cruise commision is about 80 bucks. I'm not willing to screw anyone over 80 bucks
  15. I am a TA. Sometimes when I see a crazy good price I sometimes put a hold on it as "Too Bee Determined birthdate 1/1/2001" and then transfer it to whichever one of my clients wants to snag it. I actually got that tip from a Business Director at one of the cruise lines. I don't feel very competitive with other travel agents though, and if one asked me to transfer it to them I would. I just love to find good deals for people and make them happy.
  16. This is a known issue on some reservations and Princess has a patch coming in August to fix it. If you are traveling before Sept. 1 you should message princess (click on chat at the bottom of the page on Princess.com) and they can fix it for you. If you are traveling after September 1 it should (fingers crossed) fix itself
  17. it is the same process whether it is 8 or 80 cabins. You pay for all the berths up front and about 10 days after the sailing you get a rebate for the amount of berths you earned. 8 cabins at double occupancy = 1/2 a cabin (at the lowest category reserved) so to get a rebate for 1 whole cabin you need at least 16 cabins at double occupancy full fare.
  18. When booking the group you get points based on how many people are booking. You can spend those points to get free cocktails, on board credit, spa treatments, parties, all kinds of things. One of the ways you can spend it is getting a TC credit. It is usually 1 berth (1/2 a cabin) for every 8 cabins, though what is actually on offer depends on the cruise and how many cabins in what category you are reserving. It is not available for every group reservation.
  19. Does your travel agent have tours available? In our office (part the largest travel agency network in the world if that helps you find us) we have a shore excursions department that has worked with the cruise lines post covid to set up shore excursions that meet the guidelines. Our shore excursions department now has shore excursions in every Riviera port of call and they guarantee that you will get back to your ship on time. Ask your travel agent what your post covid choices are.
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