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  1. I just purchased Cheers for our October Pride cruise and used Carnival gift certificates to pay for it !! This was online - not sure what would happen if you ordered by phone Just color me HAPPY :D:D
  2. Sorry - that's what I get for assuming people can read my mind lol AARP Rewards for Good gift cards Carnival $100 and $500 still showing on the website !
  3. $100 and $500 gift cards available NOW
  4. I can see several solutions - we always bring our own soft cooler and have it filled with ice - holds the ice better than a bucket If your group was amenable some of them could go to a bar, each get an unopened beer and take to your parents. Or your parents could do the same thing themselves - go to a bar - get 2 beers - repeat every 5 minutes several times and take to cabin
  5. Thank you, BobbyD - just ordered mine from EBay 👍🏻 I was having a terrible time finding one that wasn't a surge protector 😪
  6. I am considering a cruise on the Grandeur, but need some info on the casino. Does anyone have an idea of how many 3-card poker and low stakes blackjack tables they have ? The reason that I ask, is that we were recently on the Serenade, and they only had 1 3-card and 1 low stakes Blackjack tables. My husband usually moves around different tables - he will get up if he starts losing a lot , and try a different table. On the Serenade, 6 people totally hogged the 3-card table, so if you EVER got a seat if you got up there was NO way you would ever get a seat back. And of course, with just the one low stakes Blackjack table, it was always full :( What I couldn't understand was that was NEVER anyone at the $25 Blackjack table- wouldn't you have thought they would have changed the minimum bet just to get people playing ?? We didn't spend near as much time in the casino as usual. I would appreciate any info anyone has ! Thanks ! Jane
  7. I am like you - I keep buying them !! The last cruise we were on, I booked a cruise while I was on board, and gave them one of my $500 gift cards to use for my deposit - easy peasy !!!
  8. I think the E-Bay bucks are available on just about anything ( at least everything I buy on there ) clothes, shoes, jewelry, books If you find something you are interested in, just click on the item and it will show you how much you will receive in Bucks - usually it's 2% but sometimes they have specials and you might get more. You can redeem them every 3 months -I just redeemed mine the beginning of April and got $100 Carnival gift certificate for $80 :) The next period is April - June, available to redeem beginning of July Jane
  9. Man Kim - I am just loving your review !! ( in fact I love ALL your reviews!!) Thank you so much for taking the enormous amount of time it must take ! I was just on Face Book and saw an ad for MERMAID SOCKS !!! - of course, I immediately thought of Sakari ! Not sure if they have kids size - but worth a look :p Living proof dot com When I did the questionnaire that Carnival sent me after our last cruise I told them it was ridiculous to have about 10+ options for lunch , and such a few in the evening Looking forward to the rest of your review !! Jane
  10. I'm pretty sure they were the 2nd and 9th :confused::confused: Not positive .... If you look at the daily menus you will be able to tell by what is served Jane
  11. The morning that the drink card info was in the Cruise compass, I immediately asked about them at the pool bar - the bartender didn't know anything first thing in the morning, but a few hours later they had them available to purchase
  12. Yes, from what I saw, you could prepay for excursions with gift cards, but not Cheers :(
  13. Well I have read this ENTIRE thread, and will be curious to see what happens when the dust settles :rolleyes: One thing that I have decided is that on our next cruise I am going to inform our steward that we don't require any towel animals -seen em all enough times, and must take a lot of their time to make . I'm sure there are quite a few cruisers out there that prob feel the same way ?? Jane
  14. personally would like to see a larger version of Spirit class __________ Yes, yes, yes 1000 times YES !!!
  15. Well, just pretended to purchase drinks pkg - no space to use gift certificate - just credit card :confused:
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