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  1. I think a cruise with only half or 2/3rds capacity of passengers would be quite enjoyable.
  2. I read an article somewhere that Carnival was going to sail their first few post-virus cruises with the ships only partially full. One of two actions was proposed: Either they leave all the inside rooms open and only allow passengers to book rooms with fresh air access or they only fill every other cabin. They were also taking other measures like no longer allowing any self-serve food (including ice cream) and washing sheets and bedding on super hot water. This may be why some of the more recent cruises have rooms go missing that appear to be booking up. I will say, though, that the FCC people are booking up rooms for 2021 because I have been monitoring a few and have seen rooms disappear.
  3. This was my first time to buy carnival gift cards for the price of the cruise. And it was a Vista Suite for a European cruise so not cheap. Really regretting it now. I never anticipated not going on my much longed for European cruise. Now I am basically stuck taking a FCC because the refund would be in Carnival gift cards anyway! Even worse, all European cruises are canceled until summer 2021 and I can't do the 2021 dates for the same route. I am over the Caribbean/Mexico cruises. Been to just about every port several times. But now I have this huge either FCC or chunk of change in gift cards. Never again!
  4. Any idea? Does anyone know when they posted the summer 2021 European schedule? I want to use my FCC, but the 2021 dates for the itinerary I want (Iceland, etc.) don't work for me.
  5. 12 and up is find anywhere. The issue is that kids under 12 can not be booked in a Havana room. However, it doesn't say they can not go in a Havana room or walk down the hallway. They are prohibited from going in the pool area if they are under 12, though.
  6. Usually it is rendered worthless. Secured debtors have priority. Sometimes old stock holders are able to trade shares in the new company depending on the terms of the reorganization, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
  7. I am starting to get nervous. I dumped some of my RCL stock on Friday when it went from low 20s back up to low 40s, although I kept about 90 shares. I was going to get rid of more this morning, but RCL went back down to low 30s. Carnival and NCL have stayed low (under $15) but if they go back up to high teens, I think I may get rid of about half of it.
  8. Yes, I am aware of the debt. I don't think bankruptcy is a foregone conclusion. I was trying to figure out if there was any reason a gift card would be treated more favorably under bankruptcy laws then FCC...in other words, is there any reason to take my refund in gift card rather than FCC? I did a little research and there have been situations (like Toys R Us) where the bankruptcy judge made specific provisions for consumer holders of gift cards. But there have been other bankruptcies where no provisions were made. Also, in the event of airline bankruptcies, those who paid with a credit card were refunded on canceled flights. Obviously, this doesn't apply to those of us with gift cards. Long story short, from what I can tell it is a crap shoot and I should probably just get the FCC plus OBC. I was just wondering what others were doing.
  9. I heard the Saudis are investing heavily in Carnival and RCL board members are buying up RCL stock. I sold some of my RCL stock that I bought at its lowest point (it went up by 80 percent) last Friday and a company called RCL Norwegian Ltd. bought it. I did a little research to try to figure out how gift cards, FCC, and stock would be treated in a bankruptcy. First, I think if Carnival does declare bankruptcy, it will be a reorganization. Their ships aren't going to cease to exist and there isn't much of a market for them...especially since the other cruise lines are in trouble. Their creditors (banks) will want to ensure that they start sailing again because that is how they make money and, in turn, repay them. If this was JUST a carnival problem, perhaps they would be acquired by RCL or what not, but all of the lines are facing the same problem. And the "CCL" and "CUK" organizations have so many various lines (Princess, Holland, etc.) and are the largest so I can't imagine there would be anyone else to even "buy them out." There really isn't any comparison to this situation for cruise lines. Closest may be airlines. In the case of the 2011 American Airlines reorganization, the stock holders who kept their stock actually came out ahead as they were offered the option of trading their stock in the new company. Unfortunately, that is the rare exception. Usually stock becomes worthless. In the case of the Toys R US bankruptcy, the court made a specific provision for gift card holders. However, when The Limited closed its stores and declared bankruptcy, the values were lost. Radio Shack and some others had a brief time to use them in store, but that would not help us here. I was looking at gift cards not only to try to figure out whether to get my refund in gift cards (how I paid) or FCC, but also because I figured they were the closest comparable situation to a bankrupt company...only other thing I could think of was maybe a "home warranty" by a defunct home builder. Where an airline went bankrupt but remained in operation (like American in 2011), the "flyers" got a refund of their canceled flights.
  10. I am in the same boat! I had $1300 in FCC from the canceled Mardis Gras and about $3000 in gift cards for my June European cruise.
  11. Is there any point of opting for the "refund" over the "FCC" if you paid for the canceled cruise with a gift card? If Carnival goes bankrupt, would a holder of a gift card have a priority over a holder of FCC? I know there are others in my situation so I was just wondering what you guys are doing... I also have stock in all three major cruise lines so I hope none of them go bankrupt.
  12. CCL dropped briefly to $10.95 this morning but now is back up to $13.17. The lowest I have seen it is $8-9. It has been around $40-50 for 5 years. The only way you are long-term losing money at these prices is if CCL declares bankruptcy.
  13. https://www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/03/31/cruise-ship-company-carnival-to-raise-6-billion-in-stock-and-debt-shares-jump.html?usqp=mq331AQQKAGYAerB0_380aH3erABIA%3D%3D&amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https://www.google.com It is speculation, but I don't think that is inaccurate. I Itrongly suspect they are only canceling one month at a time to hold on to refund money longer. See above. As someone else said, we can't look at China. Italy and other European countries are our guidepost. Italyis 6-8 weeks into this. First death was around Feb 21. They are just now starting to see the numbers not increase. It will probably be 6-8 weeks or more for the US. I suspect it will be mid to late summer before things are back to some version of normal.
  14. Has anyone heard anything? On my sailings Facebook group, no one has heard anything. Wonder if anyone here has the 411. All the European sailings are off the Carnival website but we aren't being told anything. Friends in the UK are hearing there will be restrictions throughout the summer and my ship is supposed to sail out of the UK.
  15. Haven't read this whole thread but my guess is: -Europe cancelled for this summer. I think some of the ports won't even be open by then. -All cruises cancelled through mid-May -MD won't be done on time because of shut down in Europe. I think they will resume warm weather destinations in Carribean and Mexico by some time in summer. Not sure if it will be early, late or mid summer. We seemingly aren't getting hit as bad here in Houston and only reason I can come up with is the heat and humidity because goodness knows we have the people. Haven't heard of anyone getting Corona from the Galveston boats. Hopefully, it does not jump over here from New Orleans.
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