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  1. Thanks so much for this information! I really appreciate it. And, yes, I totally agree with your wife. I started feeling sick about 6 weeks and felt like death until about 12-13 weeks when it was like a switch was flipped.
  2. Last time I cruised in February (right before Corona hit) when I did the online check in they asked if you were pregnant and separately if you were beyond 24 weeks. I obviously answered no to both. Perhaps if I had answered yes to either they would have provided additional directions. I heard on the Houston news awhile back about a non-CCL line out of Galveston (maybe Disney or RCCL?) denying a pregnant woman boarding because she had a letter from her doctor but it did not state her due date. Apparently, the person checking her in thought she was more than 24 weeks. God forbid, I don't want to get to Spain with my entire family and not be able to board because I don't have exactly what they want and someone thinks I am too fat to be less than 24 weeks. I am already on the fluffy side (and I am most definitely not currently pregnant!) and got big quick before so this isn't an unreasonable fear. Of course, all of this may be moot. We may not sail. Or I may not get pregnant. I was just thinking about it, started trying to find specific info on the website, and could not.
  3. @ProgRockCruiser Thanks for the info. You hit the nail on the head of where my confusion was. I couldn't find anything about paperwork on the US site and it seems unlikely they would just take your word for it...but maybe so.
  4. I know you can't sail if you are 24 weeks along or beyond at any point in the cruise. Do they ask you to show something to prove how far along you are? How does this work? Not currently pregnant, but we have been talking about starting to try for a third and already have a cruise booked.
  5. No change fees for rebooking through 2022 expires at end of September. In other words, you have to buy ticket by Sept 30, but you can cancel and get a voucher or change your flights for free to a different flight through 2022. Europe will be open by 2022. Also, I used points to purchase one ticket and those go very quickly. A single ticket will be the cost of what I paid for all four if I wait until a few months out. I know this because I waited until January or February last year and "economy plus" RT Hou/London then was as much as what I paid for lay flat business for Houston to Barcelona and then London to Houston. I am in two Facebook groups for my sailings and many people have already booked airfare. I am hardly the only one. Several of the excursions are all booked up as well. In fact, you can't even get a balcony anymore on one of my sailings. For me, it is more about the fact that I am emotionally invested now and have been let down so many times. Vista broke down and my cruise was cancelled then Mardis Gras cancellation due to ship not ready then my Fjords cancelled due to Covid.
  6. Ugggghhhh. I just booked 4 business fare airline tickets for my B2B Carnival Legend sailings. Fortunately, I booked with BA and they have zero change fees so I won't lose the money. Still, I have had two European sailings in a row cancelled. Going to be crushed if Legend gets cancelled.
  7. I am confused. Will they give you back your deposit if you cancel? I thought CCL wasn't doing this even though RCL/X is.
  8. It would be up to the individual bankruptcy judge. However, if you have already applied them to pay for the cruise, they aren't really gift cards at that point. You have paid for your cruise. So, I don't see that being any different than if you had a booked airline ticket. They didn't cancel the airline tickets of people who had already booked and paid for tickets with American before American declared bankruptcy. In fact, from the outside, I bet a lot of people didn't even know American Airlines declared bankruptcy. Here, you can read about other airlines that have filed bankruptcy since Corona: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurabegleybloom/2020/06/27/airlines-coronavirus-travel-bankruptcy/#228641075f69
  9. So...I am still having a problem with my app. I can not see my rewards points on my phone. Only on my desktop. This is annoying because I can't enter the codes as they are posted if I am out and about. Also, it isn't tracking my driving so I am getting neither the points not the safe driver discount on my insurance despite downloading the app. I have called them twice. Still not fixed. Am I the only one with this problem with the app? Even more annoying, my insurance is actually with Allstate.
  10. I booked a couple on one of my European sailings that I really wanted to be sure and get. There are a few excursions on my sailing already booked up, but that may be because people just re-booked the same excursions they were scheduled to go in 2020 and weren't able to. I am waiting on Black Friday to book the others.
  11. Even if Carnival declares bankruptcy, I don't think it will affect your gift cards or future booked cruises. (For those of us who own stock, we are likely screwed in a bankruptcy.) There will be a restructuring much like what happened with American Airlines a couple of years ago. People with booked flights were still able to fly. Even when Radio Shack declared bankruptcy, the bankruptcy judge made an allocation for the gift card holders where they had so long to spend it. There are different types of bankruptcy and usually in a company of this size, it will be a restructuring rather than CCL ceasing to exist. Further, Carnival's creditors want CCL to make money and the only way they will do that is if they are cruising. Further, there is almost no market for their ships because all lines are in the same predicament so there would not be a huge market to sell the old ships and "liquidate" their main assets for creditors. So, in sum, I don't worry about my future booked cruises or my gift cards. Stock is a different issue... fortunately, I only own enough to get the obc for two cabins for our family and my average cost was $11 a share.
  12. This is good to know. I have been wanting to move a cruise to later but scared of losing my $800 deposit.
  13. I have been wondering about this with Carnival and whether they will give a FCC on a "non-refundable" deposit even if they don't cancel the cruise. I just cancelled my NYE cruise on Celebrity that I scheduled over a year ago and they are giving me a FCC for my "non-refundable" deposit. I have been thinking about doing the same thing with one of my Carnival cruises that has an $800 deposit (for our family of 4). My husband wants me to cancel but I hate to lose $800.
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