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  1. Sorry about this. I read the entirety of this thread and it seems you have already answered my question as you seem to love MSC YC. As an aside, I have not been impressed with NCL either and my husband refuses to cruise with them now.
  2. So, I have to ask...having done Celebrity, MSC YC, and NCL The Haven...which do you recommend? Which was your favorite? I have been thoroughly enjoying this review. I am wanting to do a fjords cruise and it seems like Celebrity and MSC have the best options. I would love to do a Viking, but as I have young children, that is not an option unless I leave them at home.
  3. I remember that. My paralegal had friends on the ship. I just didn't know it was called the poop cruise. Thanks for the response!
  4. Olliebertsmum, I don't know about the Fjords, but we have been in an aft facing cabin before and LOVED it. We actually had a corner after balcony on a caribean cruise.
  5. Just read the thread. Can someone tell me what the poop cruise is/was?
  6. We are from Texas, too! Have you ever done a Fjords cruise? I am wanting to do one but not sure which one to book.
  7. Anyone know about Celebrity Apex? They have one sailing to the Fjords on May 3rd. Apex is a brand new ship.
  8. Yeah...sort of like Viking. It will be great when I am 50+ and kids are in college, but doesn't work for me at 40 with two elementary aged kids.
  9. What does everyone recommend for a cruise line and ship to see the Fjords? Carnival only appears to have one cruise a year and RC only a couple. I see quite a few people on here have gone Celebrity. MSC also looks like it has several. Viking looks amazing but is over 18 only. Disney was insanely priced.
  10. I am wanting to take my family of four (kids are 6 and 7) on a Norwegian or Scandinavian Fjords cruise next summer (2020) for my 40th birthday. Carnival only has one date and it doesn't work. Viking doesn't allow under 18. My husband won't cruise NCL after he got sick on one of their ships. Disney didn't work either. I checked out Royal and they seem like the best bet as the date at least worked, but I was wondering if there were other cruise lines that would be better to this area? Is there a specific cruise line people would rec to this area or a specific ship?
  11. I typically cruise with Carnival, but have cruised with RC and NCL before. I want to do a Scandinavian Fjords or Arctic cruise in the summer of 2020 with my kids and husband for my 40th birthday. I looked at Viking initially, but they don't allow kids under 18. Carnival only has 1 date for this type of cruise in 2020 and it is not when we can go. Thus, I started looking at RC. The dates work and they have some nice rooms/suites that would work for four people. I noticed there was a Crown and Anchor society, but when I tried looking myself up, they didn't have my information as a past cruiser. No clue why other than it may have been too long ago. It was a western carribean cruise if it matters. My question: Does being in the crown and anchor make a difference on the price? (The reason I ask is because Carnival's VIFP program doesn't really give you any benefits until you get to platinum or diamond so I wasn't sure if the fact that I cruised with RC one other time would even matter or make it worth trying to inquire why I am not in the system...)
  12. Omg! The suitcase thrown overboard. Lolol.
  13. They didn't tell me what date and time via email, but they emailed me back and said they would take note of it...and I didn't end up with CT on Lobster night that cruise. When I didn't do this, I got chef's table on lobster/steak night.
  14. I grew up in Laredo and have been all over Mexico...even the very rural and poor areas. Probably to areas that weren't safe. But what I am willing to do by myself is VERY different than what I am willing to do with my 5 and 6 year old in tow. People aren't narrow minded because they want to avoid unsafe areas...especially if they have children with them. Also, I find that often people who have been victims of violent crime before are less likely to want to run the risk of having that experience repeated.
  15. It seems like I get promotions left and right. Funny thing...my husband gets different promotional emails than I do even though we have been on the exact same cruises. How do I know? His VIFP number is linked to my email. No clue why. He will get emails that I don't get and vice versa.
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