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  1. Nice pic. I have a Canon 70D and have lots of experience with the frustration of taking speed shots of birds. Take a lot and hope a few turn out 😉
  2. Nice! I am an avid amateur photographer, so I appreciate that. Tell me, are you able to get up and move around to get different angles, or do you have to stay in your seats?
  3. Thanks. I had seen that pic but I didn't really understand that those seats were ON the boat. It sort of looked like they were on the dock and boat pulled up to them. So basically that boat now is a waterborne amphitheater. All the TripAdvisor reviews look great. We are looking forward to it!
  4. OK, just found some pics that show them. Quite a 'retrofit' job. Steve
  5. So if the tour is on a boat, where are the seats you guys have been talking about?
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the best seat location! Our issue is that we have to tender in at Ketchikan on our cruise in July, so I am a little concerned that those with Princess tour tix would get a 'head start' on the rest of us.
  7. Too bad we can't get the forecast months in advance when we have to make reservations 😉
  8. I had the same question as you, so did similar research. My first recommendation is lok toward the upper right of this page and where you see SEARCH type in Bering. You will find a lot of good info, like this one...which is exactly the same question you asked: LINK Good luck, and happy hunting. Steve
  9. So, isn't this thread on the Alaska board? Or is there another Alaska board somewhere I don't know about? Steve
  10. Great decision making process! And thanks for coming back and putting closure on your thread. We sailed on the Wonder with our whole family and it was a marvelous experience...one of the best cruises we have ever done! (We've been on the Wonder, Magic and Dream, and all were great!) And we thought the food/service were wonderful! But we have friends that sailed Disney and they complained about the food/service. But they were going into in with a 'glass half empty' attitude, (their son-in-law planned it, and they couldn't see spending the up-charge that comes with cruising Disney) so I think they were prepared to complain about anything 😉 Have a great cruise!!! Steve
  11. And just some more input on the Grand re sailing out of SF on the Grand. Here is a link to a short slideshow of us walking from the parking garage and then the sailaway under the Golden Gate: Link to slideshow And here is a short youtube video I created of the sailaway also: Link to sailaway video And down in my signature is a link to a slideshow I did of our friends sailing out of SF on the Celebrity Infinity back in 2012. I rode my bike from where I worked (at the time) at One Market Plaza to see them at the ship and then 'raced' it to the GG bridge. Steve
  12. We are booked on the 10 Alaska on the Grand out of SF on July 5, 2019. This will be our 2nd cruise to Alaska (last one over 20 years ago, on a different Princess ship), and our 3rd on the Grand. We did the California Coastal out of SF 2 years ago on the Grand, and the Mexican Riviera out of SF last year on her as well. (We live about 3 hours away, so it is easy to drive and park.) As far as kids are concerned, we have 6 grand-kids, 4 of which are in the same age range as yours. We have done several cruises with them, but NOT on the Grand. And not this time as we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary! But we found that no matter the ship they simply love cruising and love being able to take 'ownership' of the ship. When we did the Coastal it was in Oct. We were in an elevator lobby one day on the ship and heard two parents talking. They said there were only 33 kids on the ship...with the same staff level as if there were hundreds! So they were loving it. June should have quite a few kids sailing which would give your children plenty of opportunity to make friends. As far as the Grand is concerned...well, we simply love it! Sure it's getting long in the tooth, but so what. It is a marvelous vessel and we love the staff! Steve
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