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  1. On the Epic it was there last day and also keep track daily on the tv they will print you out too at desk services
  2. Just off the EPIc last weekend got 4 $250 ones for $500 wanted to use for Alaska in September-book on the ship but actually better deal when we got home by calling andalready used 2
  3. Just off the Epic last Saturday-embarkation was chaotic worst I’ve ever seen waited outside in line for hrs and had bottles of water with us to drink. One was in my NCL water bottle holder purchased years ago by the time reached security totally forgot about it and it went thru no prob-pretty surprised with that! Right behind me they took empty water bottles from people maybe since it was in an NCL holder they let it go. Lol
  4. Just off EPIC last week 4 $250 for $500 already using to Alaska in September
  5. Add paid gratuities to the Free at Sea choices Beverage pkg and $50 per person shore excursion-lower the prices too some are really ridiculously priced (have enjoyed each of these-some of the Best deals) and better Latitude benefits specially for Platinum and up ( open up more agents at embarkation ) last two cruises-first time cruisers were on the ship and I was still in line
  6. I overpacked for my 11 day Caribbean I just got off of last week-we were on the Epic and hadn’t cruised NCL since 2016 and we were surprised how really freeSTYLE it was pretty much you could wear anything except no caps or swimsuits in the dining rooms even noticed how casual even overly casual Speciality was too If you want to dress up or not your choice every night-enjoy and pack an extra swimsuit as they take up little to no space~Happy Sailing
  7. Just off the Epic last Saturday didn’t care for the ship but the service was fine other than a few wait times at the bars but it wasn’t a deal breaker-running out of Mt Dew at times was. Lol i liked when we could bring our own-days of yesteryear! Our Stewart was just fine never a problem always filled the ice bucket-always attentive with a request for something-extra towels lotion etc the embarkation was horrible 5 December never gotten on the ship 15 minutes before the muster drill-that was chaotic! Service in dining room or speciality was just fine we were asked many times if there were time issues-show reservations etc. The two shows-Burn the Floor and Pricilla of the Desert were entertaining-get reservations as soon as you board-don’t miss those! Missed GSC 2nd time now-always a possibility last time we went to Nassau but Harvest Cay was nice We heard EPIC is a ship you love or hate and we definitely didn’t love it-good thing there’s only one. Was my first time on one of NCLs bigger ships we do prefer the smaller, but booked JOY in September to Alaska so we will give the bigger ship a chance but NOT the EPIC again. A cruise on any ship or for that matter a vacation is what you make of it no matter what happens or doesn’t.
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