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  1. Hello, I don’t know a lot of your answers but here goes: 1. I believe that you pay a set fee for 3 nights worth of specialty restaurants. You could probably find out by going onto the cruise planner. I don’t know if there is an additional a la carte fee on some items- you might be able to find menus on line to see. I believe that you have all 3 of the restaurants. 2. If you have access to all 8 peoples cruise planners you might be able to book them. I believe I would call Celebrity or your travel agent to do it though. 3. If you are a member of Captains Club, you can have them book your specialty reservations. 4. I wouldn’t wait until you’re on board to book if you have the option to book ahead of time. The number of people- 8- will be more difficult to accommodate I would think. To ensure a decent time do as much as you can beforehand. Good luck
  2. Hello, we are going to be on the Celebrity Infinity on April 22 for a transatlantic voyage with some Spain and Portugal stops and ending in Barcelona. I will be happy to connect with him when we return in May. But I’m thinking you might want to make a decision before then.
  3. I believe about 90 minutes once you allow for the audience emptying out of the theater. But frankly I don’t remember exactly. I would either not schedule dinner or eat before. There might be more info on the website.
  4. We never had to wait at all. They showed us right to a table.
  5. I believe so. That’s what I’ve read. You could go to the other 2 main dining rooms as they aren’t as dressy.
  6. Hi Cheers for Beers, so glad you had a good time and that you found my comments helpful. DH and I had a terrific time, especially at the great price that was offered.
  7. It was available when we were on it in January.
  8. Men need long pants and closed shoes with a collared shirt. Jackets are optional. This is for Manhattan and Le Bistro
  9. I’m sorry we didn’t eat in the Manhattan. Sometimes I believe they might have live music not sure if it’s always dance music.
  10. There used to be daily one sheet (8x11) papers with news pertinent to different countries that were printed daily by the ship. They were usually at guest services next to extra Freestyle Dailies. Kind of like a mini USA Today for the US, UK, Canada, Australia or whatever nationality the majority of cruisers on that particular journey were. I’m guessing that they were made up by the cruise line headquarters and then faxed. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1368597-doing-away-with-daily-news-sheet/
  11. Hi I posted Freestyle Dailies yesterday! If I was at all tech savvy I could send you a link but that’s beyond me!
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