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  1. We got off the Dream on October 3rd and they did have them in the shops.
  2. It was on the Dream in September. It was a lot of fun.
  3. We are on that sailing and haven’t received anything yet.
  4. My husband had the wagyu steak and it was not very good. It was tough. Stick with the other steaks. My filet was excellent!
  5. I’ve been routinely looking to see when check in would be available for our November 7th cruise. The website always said “ we will email you when check in is available “. I never received an email and when I checked the site today, it said we were already checked in and had a check in time of 1:30-2:00. Did that happen to anyone else?
  6. We purchased the all access ship tour for our Liberty of the Seas cruise in November. Has anyone been on this tour on one of the ships currently sailing since the re-start? If so, was it worth it? TIA!
  7. When I logged into the Royal Caribbean website this afternoon, my upcoming November cruise is gone. It shows I have 0 upcoming cruises. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? TIA.
  8. I’ve officially lost it….. I got my cruises confused. My question was really meant for my Liberty of the Seas cruise in November. So, thank you for pointing out my mistake. I’ve never used MTD on Royal Caribbean.
  9. Thanks for the responses. We are on the September 25th sailing of the Dream. We will see how just showing up at an earlier time works out.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before……. We are signed up for MTD. Does it work the same way as other cruise lines? I saw an option to reserve a daily dinner time but the earliest available was 7:00 pm. That’s too late for us. Will it be possible to just show up earlier and get a table for two within a reasonable wait time? Thanks for your help.
  11. We had cove balconies under the galley on both the Vista and Breeze and had no issues. No noticeable noises.
  12. Thanks for the update, MrMarc. We are scheduled to be on the Dream on 9/25. I just read that the Dream is in dry dock getting the new paint scheme.
  13. Thank you all for the info. We will give RCL a call because we like to prepay gratuities and have one less thing to worry about when we get on the ship.
  14. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to pre-pay gratuities on-line? I didn’t see that option under cruise planner. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  15. We haven’t cruised on Royal Caribbean in a while. We have my time dining and wanted to know if there was an app for requesting reservations on line or if you had to call to make reservations or just show up and wait for a table. We are booked on Liberty of the Seas. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  16. DH and I are sailing on the Vista next Saturday. I know the skyride is out of commission for September, due to maintenance issues. Has anyone heard if it will be operational for the October 5th sailing? Has anyone on board this week heard anything from Carnival regarding the skyride? Thanks, in adavance, for any updates.
  17. DH and I will be on the Vista in a couple of months. One of the ports we visit will be Grand Cayman. Can anyone recommend a third-party vendor for a catamaran sail excursion without snorkeling? Is that even doable since snorkeling is so great there? I know we can choose to stay on the catamaran and not snorkel. In the past, we have enjoyed the excursions that included both but just want some sailing time this go around. Thanks, in advance, for any recommendations.
  18. Hi, all. We are getting ready to sail on the Royal in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if the Royal has the new bedding/mattresses installed yet? Thanks, in advance.
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