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  1. Has anyone stayed in the DV1 aft cabins on the Sky? I usually love the aft cabins but this is a much smaller ship. Thanks.
  2. Most of Celebrity's deposits are NR. So, if you cancel the cruise before final, they get your money. If you wait until your cruise is cancelled (usually after you've made final payment), they get your money (at least for a while) and, hopefully, reserve it after cancellation as a FCC. I'm one of many whose 2022 cruise (booked at a great rate) was cancelled because of the swap of ships. My box store TA notified me immediately. I have a few more days to decide if I want to take what Celebrity is offering, or get a return of my initial NR deposit. I'm also one who is not thrilled wit
  3. We've sailed X more than any other line. When we first started cruising, Celebrity seemed to have the best value for the $$... and the best food. Now, because we are Elite, and we usually book a cruise through the future cruise desk, its the free perks that keep us coming back. I've noticed that the amenities for Concierge class have certainly gone down. I'm really tired of the same food menus from one cruise to the next, and I think the quality of the food has gone done significantly. Even the menus in the specialty restaurants have not changed in YEARS! One of the other reaso
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