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  1. So far, so great! All the pics and descriptions I would have expected from you so far, Sid! Hope the rest of the cruise gets even better.
  2. Kim, I am so sorry to hear that things aren't progressing the way you hoped. I am so darn ticked off about medical professionals who don't listen to their patients - YOU knew there was something not quite right, but they pretty much ignored you. Now things are worse. You might need a multi-purpose lawyer - one for your BWC who can also deal with potential medical malpractice issues. I am praying for your recovery, and hope you feel a little better each and every day.
  3. Another one of Sid's loyal tribe members finally giving myself permission to take a work break and read everything here so far. Looking forward to all of your adventures, although we'll miss on on the tribe thread!
  4. This link has a copy of last year's Bermuda fall cruise: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/Seranade Cruise 2018.PDF?token=AWwozZYyUE9esGc8by5X7NoYQnIV1JDwhQMQe6ZukIhC_Y7plOdx3Ht3FIVVg_ftM9t3HBivYT2GAsF3wXIpglSkgmeNvQs_v7b4iL0DOwpvDgQAJVE8tkfbm8gAkt3boDBXLAdMXC0ORiSzK3EZzEBfdqOF4pa5AQ2pmL3pacXUCQ
  5. cruisedeckplans.com has pictures of many cabins (but you must be a paying member to view these) and also links to youtube videos of others (no need to be a member). I checked for your particular cabin, and unfortunately, they have nothing on that one.
  6. Paul, this is what I love about your reviews. You always make the simple things in life become very special things. It's a reminder to us all, especially in these times, to appreciate what is right in front of us.
  7. I've been following your 9/1 "adventure" and glad you finally chose a new replacement cruise. Looking forward to following along!
  8. Glad you decided on a live review - looking forward to hearing about this next adventure!
  9. Norris, love all of your pictures. Those are some crazy skylines, though, the mixture of new and modern mixed with the old and really architecturally interesting.
  10. Kim, I am so sorry you are continuing to deal with not only your injury, but all the bureaucratic crap. As you are a medical professional, I know you are keeping on top of everything, please keep doing so. If you feel something isn't right, the odds are it truly isn't right.
  11. Kim, I noticed you haven't posted anything in a few days. I hope things are improving medically. I am so sorry you have to go through all of this, and insurance sure doesn't make it any easier. My last Norwegian cruise, we had the same disembarkation - someone looked at our passports right on the ship, then we got off, picked up our luggage and were good to go.
  12. Andrew, thanks for allowing us to share in your family's adventure. Glad you made it home safely, and hope Owen is enjoying his first day of school.
  13. Looking forward to the rest of this great live review! Thanks, Paul! Hope you and Edward have a wonderful time.
  14. Thanks for the great review! Love the drinks - the bartenders on Carnival seem very creative.
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