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  1. Thanks. Then you are a lot taller than I am, so I might have a "little" problem with the length. Will have to check them out, though.
  2. Also, I hope I'm not offending, but you don't appear to be really tall. Since I am also on the vertically challenged list, if I'm correct, how do the pants fit lengthwise?
  3. Thanks, Jamie. That would be great. And I do have a Sketchers outlet near me that I can check.
  4. Jamie, where did you find your new cruise clothes/shoes? I am particularly interested in the shoes, as I've never been able to find anything suitable to wear as an "all occasion" shoe.
  5. Following along! Food, drink and casino action? What's not to like!
  6. Looking forward to reading another mitsugirly review!
  7. @graphicguyThanks for all the time and effort you put into this report! By the way, it appears your GF is one lucky gal! And thanks to her for all she does.
  8. Following along, waiting for my Oasis cruise! Just love the comedic aspect of all the posts - priceless!
  9. There were a lot of pre-wedding parties/weddings/receptions when I visited there - some on the beach, some in some sort of covered area, and the pre-partying always seemed to be happening in whichever pool we decided to visit that day. The Casino wasn't a casino back then (I think it was almost 4 years ago). There was an area in the Mall with a Casino sign, and my friends, who had been there before, said it used to have slot machines, but it was empty of anything when I was there. They were in the process of building both the thrill park and the resort you are staying at.
  10. All your pictures sure bring back some party-time memories! The buffet at the Palace was more upscale than the ones at the other resorts. But I don't know about the one you're staying at, as it wasn't built yet. Getting drinks at any of the pool bars was usually pretty quick and easy, even on the swim-up sides. Back then there was self-serve beer on tap at all of those pool bars. If there is still an Italian restaurant in the mall, that was pretty good. Also the French one, between Caribe and the Palace was excellent, with great service. Of course, things have probably change
  11. Here's the link that worked prior to Covid (not sure if it's changed since then): https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  12. That is strange - I checked another site I use to check for available cabins, and this cruise shows with no stated ports of call, and every cabin is showing as sold out. I'm on the Oasis on the 12th, and that one is still available to book.
  13. HI Kim. Just read all of your Cozumel report that's been posted. Thanks as always for all of your research, hard work, pictures, anecdotes and more! I can't believe Sakari is getting to be such a young lady! She has grown so much since I first "met" her in your earlier cruise reports. One thing I do miss is seeing all of her drawings - she is so talented. So sorry to hear about the loss of Kolin's baby. Glad he is in a great relationship now and congratulations on his engagement! So nice to see that everyone gets long. (I can't seem to be able to read
  14. I've asked a few times - usually you have more success with the cans with the twist off tops, rather than the glass bottles. But I also bring can covers and corks and even some foil - one of those usually works to keep a beer good for a day or so. As for Mexican AI, I've been once. And on the way from the airport, we had our van driver stop at what I'll call a convenience store. The guys with us all bought 30 packs of Bud Light, which is what they drank. No problem hauling it all into the resort. Thanks for the review Greg! I've missed these, even if it's not a cru
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