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  1. Fortunately my mom has a separate res # as she at first wanted her own stateroom. She then decided to stay in the 2 BR and when RCL moved her they kept her original reservation #. She has the single official Seapass for this suite- so at least one person has credentials!!
  2. Last time we used a TA they cancelled our cruise instead of making the final payment. Had to duke it out myself. This was years ago; I enjoy making our own bookings.
  3. We leave on Freedom in 2 weeks. There are 6 of us booked in two suites, there are 3 reservation numbers. Online check in is complete for one suite ; the second suite - not so much. For 10 days we have been unable to complete check in online- and RCL cannot access the reservation either. I have spent hours on the phone trying to simply check in'; I also need to update my son's passport number. i have done trouble shooting with 4 different reps and been told by 3 supervisors that several 'tickets" to fix the account have een issued. The rep today finally gave up ; told me that RCL was probably not going to address it and that no "tickets" exist. How big of a bummer is this going to be on embarkation day? The last person I spoke to at RCL said it will take 30 minutes or longer for the 3 of us who are undocumented to sign in. Is this anything to worry about?( In the far recesses of my mind i see them "Royal Upping" someone else to our 2br GS and leaving half of us at the pier. ) Thank you in advance
  4. Is this per stateroom or per guest? We have ever done this but now I am intrigued. We are traveling with adult children ( 18,20,20) and Gramma. Thank you
  5. What is the latest we can debark? Is there a "suites" waiting area on Freedom on debarkation day?
  6. Thanks for this info. I know very little about San Juan having only been there twice on cruises. GLad we will be away from any potential lingering action!
  7. We are leaving on Freedom on the 4th of August. It will be interesting to see what occurs with arrival of the ship this Sunday in San Juan. If the "unrest" continues is there an alternate port option for Royal or do we just get canceled? Also, is the airport anywhere near theses protests and the responding police presence? I do know that our hotel is in the Condado area. I have not traveled with my mom in decades. The last two times we were caught first in uprising on Cyprus and the next trip a little war in Egypt. This Puerto Rico protest will be a piece of cake for her- except now she is 89!
  8. Perhaps OP would just move their son so that he can have suite benefits as well? They would not be able to cancel the entire booking for the friend's cabin without penalty.
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