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  1. We are leaving Saturday and never had to upload any photos either.
  2. I'm on with you Saturday and have 3 bids all pending - they are all Star level. All still available to change bid.
  3. But only the people in the bidding cabin will be considered upgraded. And you still have to keep the non-bidding cabin. They don't refund it even if the other people move in to the 2 BR with the winning bidders.
  4. I would not take that chance! I don't think they keep a file on all of us. 😀. But maybe they do. Bring the card would be my advice!
  5. Here's the letter we got today; totally different than the back-and-forth we enjoyed on previous sailings. Excuse the marks; I'm on my phone and was having difficulty attaching in order.
  6. I wonder if this is a new development- it just seems bizarre to me!
  7. No, I had a long "chat" with reservation and they will not make any "package" booked reservations, told me to send a complaint to Royal. 🙄
  8. I'm on Symphony in 5 days and a bunch of peeps in the FB group have received Ups tonite. some have received "bid expired" So far the upgrades are Junior Suite and CLS. No word on any Star level, but we are just a FB group of 260 cabins.
  9. No testing unless you manifest symptoms or are contact -traced to someone who tests positive aboard.
  10. The overwater ones are stuck at 1699 for our Symphony cruise this Saturday. Beach Club lowest land cabana price was 599; it's back up to 699.
  11. I just slip skoosh it up my upper arm if I'll need it soon or put in my pocket. Most of my dresses and skirts have pockets.
  12. It is now a welcome letter. They are clear that they are not making reservations ahead of time right now . I'm on Symphony on Saturday. it was one of the best perks of a suite
  13. They are making no reservations until you board.
  14. NOPE! I got my email yesterday. Concierges are no longer making dinner reservations for Sky Class. You are on your own until you board.
  15. Bid until 3 hours before sailing???? I was checking my 2 Royal Up bids and notes that instead of being able modify bid until 54 hours before sailing; both bids now say "3 hours". "3 hours" had shows up previously but only on the Royal Loft Suite bid which I have rescinded as i decided I would rather donate that money to the casino. Glitch or something new?
  16. Thanks. Thought I missed something because that how I remembered it!
  17. Yes , I was one of those. 24 hours after I upgraded for about the same as the minimum bid; my minimums decreased by at least $200 each. My old bids were cancelled. I did receive an email telling me they were cancelled and inviting me to bid again.
  18. I want my co-pays back! You are so right! I thought I was woke but I'm not. Bad therapist!
  19. I've totally been wasting my cruise time all these years enjoying myself and minding my own bidness. We are on Symphony soon and I plan to mock anyone in a category lower than ours. And make a list of the door knockers. ( Maybe I'll call it Sympathy of the Seas.) I still don't know what the purpose of the original post was time for a drink.
  20. I have to say that I have never once noticed if any fellow passenger didn't have the proper entry card. I myself have banged on doors when I have forgotten or deactivated my card somehow . I don't understand how it's in anyway demeaning. I also don't see how it's demeaning to knock ( claw, scratch, kick) on a door. Do YOU actually pay that much attention to what other patrons are doing? I know we have never once looked to see where the wretched knocking was coming from only to turn our noses up for the rest of the cruise every time we pass the lowly JS peeps. None of this is unfair or demeaning . SMDH
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