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  1. Thanks steelers36. You’re always very helpful!
  2. This will be our 2nd Princess Cruise, this time on Grand. In August we were on Sapphire and the internet was still packages of minutes. In my personalizer there are 3 different “levels” of internet access. Two questions (at the risk of going a little off topic).... I assume this ship doesn’t have Medallion Net? What is your experience with the difference between the levels? We will generally be doing email, social media, hubby reading the news, etc. But I might have to download some small work files and enjoy sending or posting some photos. Thanks for any help from the more experienced Princess folks among us here! I’m in agreement with SDCruiser13. We’ve also been trying out different lines and they all do things a little differently.
  3. Just off Sapphire a couple weeks ago. Complimentary coffee in buffet and dining rooms was not very good. I can believe it is from concentrate and not brewed. If you want unlimited coffee you have to purchase the Premier Coffee and Soda package. The New Grounds Coffee Package is for any 15 coffee beverages plus unlimited brewed coffee and premium tea. The brewed coffee was only a slight step above the coffee in the dining venues, but if you ordered an Americano it was quite good! Of course Americanos count as part of your 15, not unlimited.
  4. We just got our custom air for May 2020 and have business (or first class) on all legs, including the domestic legs. We’ve most often gotten a Delta flights through Regent, but also United.
  5. But is it 12 midnight on the 7th (end of the day) or at 12:01am (first minute of the day)?
  6. I know this information is somewhere in the boards, but I can’t seem to find it. What time (of day) do shore excursion reservations open? I have always just waited until sometime in the opening day to book, but wondering what is the actual time (Central time US)?
  7. We’ve also had no problem with husband’s Cpap on the ships. Convenient outlet right next to the bed and no adapter needed. We asked our TA to request distilled water and it was waiting in our cabin on arrival.
  8. We’ve really enjoyed your commentary and photos. And appreciate the fair and balanced review. Thanks for sharing! Safe travels to you two. I’m sure Gucci will be thrilled to have you home!
  9. TC you are spoiled 😀 And C suites on Mariner are PH. We love Mariner and find the E and D suites (we like Concierge benefits) to be perfectly acceptable size wise. But like many others prefer the shower only to tub/shower.
  10. Can we expect the same kind of weather and seas for the same itinerary in November?
  11. We have our first Princess Cruises coming up this year. How do we know if our trips use the Ocean Medallion?
  12. Spoiled dogs indeed...there’s no better kind! Here’s our Milo enjoying an escape from MN winter at the gulf coast. Off topic I know....
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