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  1. So for clarity and as a newbie, is there a Barista at the Coffee Connection, or is it self-serve only? We are on Mariner in Nov.


    When we were on Mariner for the TA, there was always at least one Barista at Coffee Connection during the hours it was open. There was also a self serve machine (and a second one being installed) that makes a variety of coffees and also has hot water and good tea bag choices that’s available 24 hours a day.

  2. Something seems to have gone wrong with Coffee Connection since our TransAtlantic crossing on Mariner.

    We were always able to get a coffee made to our exact requirements by the Barista on duty.

    Yes there were also self-serve machines for those that preferred, but we were never directed to them in preference to the staff preparing and serving our order.

    Maybe there is a problem with staff and/or equipment? Suggest you have a word with the F&B Manager or Asst F&B to bottom out the issue as being told to make your own coffee is not right. :(



    We also had coffee and tea made for us everyday (often more than once!) at Coffee Connection on the TA. You could also make your own (and they were installing) a second self serve machine, but the service from the staff was great. I can’t imagine being told to make your own. I agree with Susan to speak to someone about it.

  3. I can’t speak to a November crossing, but for our April TA (same itinerary, but on Mariner), I was pleasantly surprised to find I had packed well. Basically a few pairs of pants each, some short and some 3/4 and long sleeve tops, a couple sweaters and sweatshirt each. Sport coat for Gene, light jackets for both of us. We were ready for both warmer and cooler weather and we had both. Though nothing too cold. We sent laundry out and used the laundry facilities. Easy to just pack for about a week.

    There was plenty to do during sea days (that had been one of our concerns). I would definitely do a crossing again!

  4. I’m not feeling the love with the spreadsheet, so posting my suite info here...


    Mariner Concierge Suite #944


    It was a very acceptable suite. Conveniently located midway between the elevators. Others have spoken about the lack of cabinets in the living area after the refurbish, but we found there to be plenty of storage in closets and drawers for our 14 day cruise. Great arrangement of outlets and plenty for our needs. I did use our universal adapter, but never needed our extension. I would have liked some kind of a chair, instead of two “hassocks”, but it worked. Nice bathroom with shower only. Great shower with rain shower head and separate hand held.

  5. Some random thoughts from the balcony overlooking the Bermudian harbor. The water is so amazingly blue and is sparkling in the sun. We got some photos from home where they have had about 10 inches of snow. So I’m grateful to be here!



    Days at SeaWe wondered if we’d be bored with so many days at sea, but once we managed to get our sea legs we found plenty to do to occupy our time. Sometimes it was just sitting and enjoying a coffee or other beverage with new friends, or fun little games to win Regent points (and interact with the same group who met for these activities daily), or playing cards or walking around the deck (when weather was calm) or daily working on the Mensa quizzes and playing trivia. I also was the lucky bingo coverall winner two days!



    I liked that a person could be busy, if desired, or just relax. I might prefer a future cruise with port days and seas more evenly distributed. But for this TA, it was great!



    The Country Fair was a blast and we were fortunate to have a beautiful afternoon for it. Susan/Flossie’s photos of that were awesome and really captured the fun! And unlike her, the Captain’s number picking was good for me and I won a bag filled with Regent branded goodies.



    Then of course were all the meals, tea times, etc. Sometimes it seemed we were always eating!




    Our dining experiences were mixed. I spoke earlier about our not so great Setti Mari meal. We tried again a couple nights later and while our server was much better, the food was only a little better.

    Where we consistently had the very best dinner meals were Compass Rose. Some thought meals in CR took too long, but since we generally were enjoying the company of our dinner companions, it didn’t bother us.



    The best of my dinner choices;

    Red Snapper with a Ginger Carrot Sauce and Red Beet Potatoes (so delicious!)

    Broiled Cod (perfectly prepared) over sautéed spinach with Glazed Carrots

    Tandoori Chicken with Jasmine Rice, Curried Cauliflower and Naan (with Samosas as an appetizer).



    What Gene enjoyed most

    Ribeye Steak

    Porterhouse Steak

    Filet Mignon

    Beef Burgandy

    Braised Beef Shortribs

    Korean Grilled Flank Steak

    Do you get the idea the man likes beef?!



    For lunch we ate a couple times in CR, but really loved the food and ambiance at the Pool Grill. The various buffets were fun, but was also nice to be able to order something freshly grilled. The hot dogs and turkey burgers were especially good. And Gene loved the freshly made ice cream!



    Breakfast was good both in Compass Rose and LaVeranda. We especially loved the nice selection of fruit that was available (and all day long). Made for healthy snacking. Oh okay, the cookies and other sweets were awfully good too





    It will be a shame to have to return home and have to cook again. And have no one saying “Yes Madam” and “My Pleasure”.



    Some of the staff might be new and still learning, but everyone has been so friendly, polite and always smiling. They all work so hard! We’ve gotten to know a bit about some we encounter regularly. And we’ve made some great new friends with some other passengers and been touched by interactions we’ve had.



    One of the most humbling.....

    There is a woman onboard for her last cruise. An air ambulance will be waiting in Miami to take her home and into hospice care. She’s in her 80’s and there’s nothing further that can be done for her treatment. Her doctor said she should go ahead and take this cruise as planned. She’s been nothing but cheerful each time I’ve seen her. She said she’s had a full life and been very blessed. I can’t help but believe my life is richer to have met her....

  6. It's a beautiful and much calmer day today, so perfect for enjoying a day at sea!


    With all these nights gaining one hour, this naturally early riser was up early today. I walked a couple laps and decided to get to the laundry room when it opened. Another gentleman had the same idea and between the two of us we filled the three machines and had a delightful conversation. On subsequent trips back to the room to change from washer to dryer and then to fold, I met several more very nice people. At one point it was rather like a party in that little room!


    We had a nice breakfast at the coffee connection between cycles, then Gene went to the lecture and I drank coffee and visited with new friends who happened by until time for the daily atrium game (darts today) and then bingo. Didn't win either, but had fun.


    Then was off to lunch on the pool grill and Asian buffet.


    In regard to Wifi, I don't know if they changed anything during the refit, but it's really been quite good. It's not as fast as at home, but I've had few problems with either speed or connectivity, no matter the time of day.

  7. From our perspective, while we certainly haven't spoken to all 700 people on board, but have talked to quite a few. We have heard mostly about minor issues (safe not open, tv, some balconies not finished being painted). A few with no water for a very short time and someone with no shower curtain. Does this mean there were no more major issues? Certainly not. Just that mostly people have spoken about how quickly anything brought to the attention of management has been corrected.

  8. Some dining challenges last night in Setti Mari. The six of us were seated promptly and given menus and ice water, but then waited for nearly 30 minutes for any attention from a waiter. Two of the men from our group inquired several times during that wait, but things seemed very disorganized and even a little chaotic. I had a straight view into the galley (or whatever the room where the staff were working) and witnessed a couple quiet but seemingly terse interactions between staff members. You could see the leaders were trying to orchestrate, but things just weren’t clicking.


    Eventually the bread and appetizers were brought, then wine and finally orders were taken. We had eaten there a couple nights before and the food was excellent. Last night nothing was quite right. Gene had the same steak he’d had the first time we went, but this time was a different presentation. My veal scallopini was tough, though the marsala sauce was delicious. Two in our group had the carbonara (which Gene had ordered the first time and was just perfectly sauced and presented). Last night it was very heavily sauced and not very appealing. Wine service was very good, but the service from our waiter was very slow and sub par. It took about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. Far too long in that venue by my thinking.


    The buffet choices were all just as good as the first time, so that was positive. The tiramisu and panna cotta are top notch!


    And interesting that Captain Serena told us that about 9pm we’d enter some rough seas and you could have set your watch by her prediction!


    I was tired and chose to just stay in and read. Gene went to the show, pianist Antonio Scali (spelling ?) and said it was excellent!


    We’re pitching and rolling this morning, but with my walking stick by my side I’m ready for a fun day....the first in our journey across the Atlantic. The Captain says it should ebb by this afternoon.

  9. After a very rough day and night at sea it was a great pleasure to wake up in Funchal, with no ship movement. It was rather cloudy to start, but has turned into a beautiful sunny day. It's 10 degrees F at home, so the 65 degrees here is amazing!


    We enjoyed an excellent included excursion today, Panoramic Island Landscapes. Our tour guide was outstanding and the bus driver was excellent. For which we were all very thankful, as the road up to the top peak was long and winding! And the views were spectacular!!

    We had a few nice stops for photo ops and shopping, with great commentary in between.

    One thing that's been very nice is when there are multiple buses on a given tour, they've staggered the stops so it's not so crowded at each place. I'm not sure that always happens, but it did for two of our three excursions.

    Today there was a big motorcycle rally on the island, but apparently they were going somewhere else, because other than hundreds of bikes near the beginning of our excursion, we never saw them again.

  10. Loving your commentary and photos. We love hearing impressions from people new to Regent!


    Please make a comment on either your mid-cruise or end of cruise comment card about the spa. Many of us have had similar issues and it is important for Regent to be aware of how many times that this happens. Canyon Ranch Spa are contractors and if they are upsetting customers, there other companies that would love to be on Regent!


    How was Prime 7?


    Thanks Jackie....J will be sure to comment about the spa experience. Gene got a very nice haircut, with only a passing inquiry asking if he was interested in some product. So probably depends on the therapist/stylist, etc.


    Prime 7 was great! Gene had a huge porterhouse steak that he said ranked right up there with a good steakhouse on land. My surf and turf (with king crab legs) was very good also. But next time I'll just have crab. I'm not such a big steak lover. Our table mates were all pleased with their meals also.

  11. Firstly apologies for being late to the table, but I'm settled now.


    I love the fact that there are a number of us newbies to Regent taking cruises over the forthcoming year and your musings and photo's are certainly whetting our appetites for our first cruise with Regent in 9 months time.

    Glad that all is living up to expectations and you are enjoying yourselves.

    Regarding the excursions, you mention that you are being guided by the recommended activity symbols, do you find the these a true representation ?


    Looking forward to the next instalment.[/quote


    I only have the three excursions to go on, but I do feel like the activity level symbols have been accurate. And the information about the tour and at the end of the tour description has proven very accurate too.

    I know there is always personal taste involved and certainly some tour leaders are better than others, but we've been very pleased with our choices!

  12. Our first sea day is a very rocky one, with sunny skies but rough seas. We weaved our way around with many others, but still had a good time.


    My first negative experience today was in the spa. It was actually a mixed bag, because the treatment was very good, but I felt a good deal of pressure from my therapist to book more appointments. I really only scheduled this treatment (sole rejuvenation) because I have OBC to use and it sounded interesting. But it’s 3x the price of the reflexology I do at home. So I left the spa with a little bad taste in my mouth and very late for the Meet and Mingle. Gene had gone to the lecture, and since I was unable to stand very well with the ship’s motion, I just went and joined him there. I hope the Meet and Mingle was good fun!


    I continue to be impressed with the staff on the ship. Of course I had heard the service is wonderful, but is great to experience that first hand!


    A simple breakfast at Coffee Connection, a lovely lunch at Compass Rose (our first lunch there) an enjoyable afternoon of relaxation and trivia and now will be off to Prime 7 for dinner soon.

  13. Thanks for sharing great suite and ship photos!

    In regard to drawers and cupboards....We are in a D suite and has the bank of 6 drawers in the closet, 2 deep drawers and small lower cupboard in the living room desk and a long, but narrow drawer in the vanity area. The only top cupboard is a glass one with drink wear.

    We received our meet and mingle invite last night. We have spa appointments at 9, but will come after.

  14. It was a beautiful day in Malaga. Definitely more crowded than yesterday as there was also a Costa ship here and seemed most every tour was in town. But we had a very good tour guide and a great, fun bunch on our bus.

    Being in my 50's, I'm definitely on the younger side of the guest list on this ship. But love how active these folks are. Even the ones with canes and walking sticks are out enjoying. And because I wasn't sure how my knee was going to be (I'm headed towards a knee replacement, but juiced up with some cortisone right now) I chose excursions that weren't going to be too much walking. It's been just the right amount so far. Good exercise, but not too much! I can't speak to if some less mobile folks have gone on the more intensive tours, as some have mentioned.

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