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  1. That's not overwhelming at all...I appreciate your sharing! I have been "lurking" on the board for awhile, so feel I've gotten to know some of the regular contributors and appreciate all the information I have read. I tend to be a researcher when it comes to our traveling, and love first hand information the best! And being a foodie, the culinary experience is very intriguing.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I'm very pleased to hear about your positive experiences. We are pretty easy going travelers and like to try and find joy in every situation. But is good to hear from those who have been there.


    We did choose a cabin with shower only, based on many reviews. And chose our deck and room location carefully. It also seems like there are some great public areas on this ship! In our limited cruising so far, we really enjoyed sea days as much as days in port.

  3. I've been reading Regent (and other cruise lines) threads on CC for some time. We have done a good amount of traveling over the years, but are new to cruising. I've dreamed of a Regent cruise for years, and having found what seems like a good value, we are booked on Mariner for a repositioning cruise next April. Of course we are very excited! But I'm a little concerned with some things I read about Regent regulars getting the preferential treatment and even some comments about newcomers getting inferior service. I certainly hope that's not the case.


    We would have liked a Penthouse suite, but only the highest level PH were available, on a higher deck than we find desirable. So we chose an E concierge suite mid ship. We also took Regent airfare, but paid the deviation fee to choose our flights (very important to me to know when/where/how I'm flying).



    Choosing a luxury line is a big decision for us. We live comfortably, but are not "well heeled". We are educated people who work (or worked in the case of my retired husband) in middle management jobs. I am hoping we will feel comfortable on this cruise.



    Please share thoughts from your experience and anything you think we newbies might need to know.

  4. hello, all! I am currently booked with my husband on Mariner for a cruise next April. We have enjoyed a multitude of cruises with Oceania, and came across a terrific offer from Regent. After reading several reviews and posts about Mariner, however, I'm getting worried since many folks comment that the ship isn't in great shape. We just came off a cruise on the Windstar Star Breeze (very disappointed with that ship) and I don't want to have a repeat of being on a ship that isn't as well maintained as the O fleet. Have any of you recently sailed on Marina, and were you satisfied with the condition of the cabins and public spaces? We adore smaller ship experiences and I'm thinking that we will love Regent like we love O, but the reviews are making me question my thinking!

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    Which cruise will you be on? We will be Regent first timers on the Transatlantic cruise April 4. I'm excited not only to sail Regent, but on a newly refurbished ship!

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