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  1. I forgot to add that they will be reissuing as another FCC.
  2. I was sailing on Odyssey in February which has since been cancelled by Royal. I have initiated a refund. I had a deposit applied plus a FCC of $355 issued to me for a problem on a previous cruise. I’m being told that only the deposit will be refunded and that the FCC is non-refundable only because I had already applied it to Odyssey. Otherwise they could have fully refunded FCC. Does this make sense? Has anyone else had FCC refunded? Thanks!
  3. I got a future cruise credit certificate. Can this be applied to an existing future reservation or does it have to be a brand new booking? Thanks for your help if you know the answer!
  4. I was just wondering if we'll have to battle for a spot at the pool.
  5. Sorry. One other question. How will I know when the suite tasting lunch will be? Is there a cabin invite?
  6. Grand. Is there speciality seating at the pool?
  7. I have seen the general list of suite perks. Specifically for Rhapsody.... 1) Is there anything special for lunch?(I know about suite breakfast) 2) Is there an area at either the pool or the theater for gold cards? Thanks for your help!
  8. You can ask for a discount and they sometimes grant it?
  9. 18% on the fee you paid or 18% on the total value of the meal? *sorry if these are dumb questions*
  10. Does such a thing exist in the coupons loaded onto your seapass card? i am looking to book a specialty restaurant online prior to cruise but I’ll wait if a discount is in the diamond discount offerings. Thanks!
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