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  1. I just want to thank you for taking the time to download the dailies We are sailing in September and We can’t wait! Hanya
  2. Thank you. For your insight It is a bit overwhelming. I will go back and review these cards What we were looking for is the transportation only We are in Lisbon less than 48 hours Including a day trip to Fatima Hanya
  3. Marketplace Lisbon Has anyone been their lately That would recommend to go to which kiosk ? I know it all depends in what you are in the mood to eat But their must be some food kiosks that stand out for price value or even popularity ! Thank you in advance Hanya
  4. Has anyone been to Fatima lately that can recommend a restaurant near the bus terminal or near the seers houses in the village Thank you in advance Hanya
  5. hello I would like someone to help me and explaining to me what would be best to buy to get around Lisbon The Day we arrive We have a transfer from airport to rossio hotel near rossio square That is taken care of On our first day We plan to take a free walking tour , so we need to get there We plan to go to the marketplace that night and then back to hotel So let’s say we need to take 3 trips 3 tickets Next day we go to Fatima. By bus transport” rede “ We will need to get to the metro station where the bus will take us to Fatima from our hotel On our return from Fatima we want to head to Belem for some pastries that night Let’s say it’s 3 tickets For our 2 nd day in Lisbon We have not planned out our transportation to the ship yet Should we take public transportation to port is it safe ? Regardless .... we would need 6 to 10 tickets This is my question is it best to pay as we go. Or to buy their Lisbon travel card 48 hours and calculate 48 hours from the time we first use the card Any thoughts ? Hanya
  6. hello everyone My husband and I and our friends are going on a day trip to Fatima on oct 12 2018 day before our cruise begins I know there will be a lot of people because it is on the eve of the miracle of October 13 th We have bought our bus tickets with “ rede “ leaving 7 am in the morning and returning back to Lisbon at 2 pm I have a question to all who have visited Fatima Is there a certain itinerary I should follow Where should I go first I would like to visit the houses of the seers Will I have time? Any tips ? Hanya
  7. hello everyone I will be cruising with my family on the preozia on October 13 leaving from Lisbon less that 30 days from now Does anyone have the dailies that would share with me I know that the ship is sailing in the Baltic’s at this moment . I am more interested in the itinerary and the show line up Thank you in advance Hanya
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