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  1. I had a morning helicopter excursion from Juneau last year. It was too foggy so they just pushed it back a couple hours (or you could cancel). After talking to them it seems to be frequent occurrence. Hopefully it'll work out for you!
  2. Does anyone have any recent experience or suggestions on a whale watching tour? The other thread is pretty old so not sure if things have changed. I realize Dominica isn't the same as Alaska but do you think it's a waste of time and money? I'm a bit concerned with booking through the cruise as many times you feel more like livestock. Maybe I'm wrong?? I'd appreciate your experience or opinions!
  3. It isn't something you can sign up for before the cruise. You'll get a form delivered to your room one day (along with your daily planner and other 'mail'). It seems like you complete the form along with a copy of your flight itinerary and they will let you know if you are approved by the airline.
  4. Nope. I've used it several times with flights I booked independently (not through Princess).
  5. Thanks Loonbeam & Whengingersnaps! I appreciate you sharing your experience 🙂 Sunny seems like quite a character!
  6. There are 2 people in my group. With a ship tour you never know which tour guide you are going to end up having. If you get a good guide, it's great, but a couple times I've had some ship tours where the guide didn't seem to want to be there. It was my impression they were just there for the paycheck from the tourists and they couldn't wait to get rid of us. Don't get me wrong I've had some ship tours that were fine. I've just had a much better and more consistent experience choosing local tour guides who come recommended from these forums or other travel sites.
  7. I'll be visiting St Thomas for the first time in December the ship is in Port from 10a-10p so there is a nice amount of time to get a feel for the island. After reading this forum and trying to do some research I feel a bit more confused... Should book an Island Tour in advance or will I have a pretty similar experience just walking around after we dock in the port? The cruise line options don't really seem appealing to me. I keep seeing the several tour operators mentioned, although most of the information is a bit old, it seems like Godfrey and Henry both have good reviews. Does anyone have a clear preference or any insight? Is there someone else or a better plan to see St Thomas that I should be considering? Appreciate your time and opinions 🙂 Thx Justin
  8. I also received this offer and it's a bit confusing. If you have time would you please explain how it works. You mentioned a cruise certificate, does that mean you were free to book your cruise at a later time or do you have to book it that day while you were at the Beau? Did they offer you the ability to upgrade to a nicer cabin? I'd appreciate any additional information as I think this sounds like a fun offer. The information they provide is just so vague. Thanks, Justin
  9. I just returned from a cruise and also booked a tour through Dora last week. Mercedes was our guide for the day, but Dora did check in with our group several times during the day. We paid after the tour in USD. I highly recommend Dora her email is dora@cartagenatour.com She was quick to respond to any of my questions before I booked and provided a very good overview of what to expect including the price and when you pay. Our tour of Cartagena was really amazing. I think you will be very happy if you take a tour with her. Justin
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