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  1. Stayed here last December and returned my rental car at the hotel (not sure if anything has changed). Everything went fine, and I would definitely do it again, but in terms of a rental car office, I never saw one. Make sure you discuss with the front desk, when I spoke with them they explained that the rental car people aren't really at the hotel all that often. I was told to put the rental car keys in a safe right next to the front desk and they'd pick it up later. I was pretty skeptical and a little worried about all the what if this or that happens since I never got a receipt, b
  2. I guess I disagree with most of the others posting negative replies. I really enjoyed my Feb cruise on Majesty. I am supposed to sail on her again in May, but I'm pretty much certain it will be cancelled. It's all about perspective: as long as you realize this is not a huge new high tech ship you can still have an awesome time! Sure, I could find negatives, but honestly I can say that about lots of the newer ships as well. From what I experienced the crew was super friendly. They all get to know you by the second day and they had friendly attitudes. Sure the ship is old
  3. I didn't see anything else from anyone including the CDC on this topic. It seemed to me it was used as a notification to the previous cruise, but also a warning to the voyages to let everyone know they enhanced their sanitation plan and why it was happening so i assume that's why the image mentioned "upcoming travels", the subject did say "recent cruise" The email was sent by a company called Everbridge, which lots of large companies use to communicate to large groups of people based on certain demographics or locations during a critical event. If it was fake someone sure targeted
  4. I totally agree! This email really just incited more worry but I guess we deserve to be notified... I figure they avoided specific details to avoid even more panic, but it sure would be nice to know a bit more. I just hope we all took enough precautions, I was borderline paranoid with regards to hand washing and using the hand sanitizer.
  5. Just received this email from RCL. I realize the letter says may be associated with the cruise, but I figure they must be pretty sure, right?? Dear Majesty of the Seas Guest, Royal Caribbean International is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 that may be associated with travel aboard the Majesty of the Seas in February 29th, 2020. To maximize the health of our guests and crew, Royal Caribbean International has implemented enhanced sanitation, health screenings and conservative travel restrict
  6. Thanks for taking time to post this review! I'll be going on this cruise in March, like you mentioned my main reason for choosing Majesty is that it's an easy drive to New Orleans from my home. Sounds like your experience was similar to what i was expecting. Although I can totally understand how you wouldn't want to repeat on this ship, I have to admit it a bit disappointing to hear. 😉 Justin
  7. Very easy. The rideshare pickup area is across from the parking lot outside of the terminal. There was a designated area and there are plenty of Uber drivers ready to drive you to the airport. Should be no problem.
  8. We were able to drive through and drop off our bags with the porter then go park the car. I don't know if it matters but we were cruising on RCL. Should be no problem.
  9. Quick follow up, in case anyone else in interested in the future. I ended up booking whale watching through the cruise line (Princess) and took the tour last week. I had a really good time, we saw sperm whales about 4 or 5 different times throughout the day. There were several whales each time and they stayed on the surface for a good amount of time. The boat was able to get very close to the whales and it was great. Although they do not guarantee you'll see anything the captain said they normally see something 80% of the time.
  10. Anyone know if American Airlines participates in EZ Check from Port Everglades (where your luggage goes directly to the airline and your boarding pass is delivered to the stateroom)? I used this service last year flying out of MIA, and it was super convenient. I think I saw some posts many months ago where American was no longer an option, but I'd appreciate if anyone who has cruised recently could clarify or confirm. Thanks! Justin
  11. I had a morning helicopter excursion from Juneau last year. It was too foggy so they just pushed it back a couple hours (or you could cancel). After talking to them it seems to be frequent occurrence. Hopefully it'll work out for you!
  12. Does anyone have any recent experience or suggestions on a whale watching tour? The other thread is pretty old so not sure if things have changed. I realize Dominica isn't the same as Alaska but do you think it's a waste of time and money? I'm a bit concerned with booking through the cruise as many times you feel more like livestock. Maybe I'm wrong?? I'd appreciate your experience or opinions!
  13. It isn't something you can sign up for before the cruise. You'll get a form delivered to your room one day (along with your daily planner and other 'mail'). It seems like you complete the form along with a copy of your flight itinerary and they will let you know if you are approved by the airline.
  14. Nope. I've used it several times with flights I booked independently (not through Princess).
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