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  1. Hi again. How well do phone calls work in an inside cabin? At least to hear it ring? I could step out if I needed to. Thanks
  2. Hi....which night is the first formal night for the Explorer of the Seas from Seattle? Thanks!
  3. OK.....so put it in Airplane mode, turn on Wifi, and then what about my "cellular" settings?
  4. I know...and thanks! We have been a bit more nervous, because a Recruit in bootcamp died a few weeks ago from Pneumonia :(:(:(
  5. Thanks! It was already in WiFi calling mode. I must have been messing with it when I was having trouble recently. On the ship, can I leave it in airplane mode, and still use Internet?
  6. We have T-Mobile. I thought the package would be through the cruiseline, and not the carrier?
  7. My son is in Marine Bootcamp and will be doing The Crucible while we are on our cruise, I am nervous to say the least. If he gets injured, I want to know if his Drill Instructor can call me directly on my phone? Thanks!
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