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  1. Had the FULL baratic surgrey.. I was on my 4th month and we cruised.. It was a NO BRAINER... You can only eat what you can eat. Usually I took a nibble of everyone's plates.. SO I got to eat a small bite of everything.. WORKES OUT WELL.. I am now 11 months and lost 118 pounds.. FEEL the world better. ALso have 2 friends who have had the full surgrey done.. NONE ofus regret it.. When we all go out.. and we cruis together also. WE share alot... ITS fun and we all have a comon goal... The cruise is what you make of it hun.. FOOD is a big part but its still what you choose.. STay away from BREADS and you will do great... GOOOD LUCK
  2. YES sorry their was a MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!! I heard a 39 year old was having a HEART ATTACK. But we traveled atleast 5 hours towards Key West. Then was told we would MISS Grand CAYMENS the next day cos we traveled to far... THEN we had another MEDICAL EMERGENY and had to travel to GRAND CAYMENS to drop off 3 more sick passangers... So we get to GRAND CAYMENS around 2:00 pm TENDER.. and let the sick off... So we got to atleast WAVE to GRAND CAYMENS
  3. Just off the LIBERTY yesterday.. My dh and I 9th cruise all on Carnival CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! We had a balcony in the middle aft. We had a group of family and friends.. 15 balconies in a row.. They open the outside dividers for ONE BIG BALONY!!! FOOD.. 99,9% thought the food was THE BEST Service: 99.9% thought the Service was WONDERFUL! Room Service: Little slow but always got what we orderd. Room Stewart: AMY she was THE BEST we have had. Casino: Lot of us WON.. Very nice.. Texas Holdem table is ELECTRIC with NO DEALER.. Lot of us played. Slots payed off pretty good. Roulette??? what can I say EMBARK: Fast.. Once we arrived. Before the doors OPENED.. LONG LINE MOVED FAST.. We were in our ROOMS Before 1pm DisEMABRK: We self disemarked cos our Air lines changed our flight from FLL to MIAMIA and we Fly our at 10:22am... We had shuttles lined up and was down stairs at 7:00 am.. Was off the ship by 7:45.. On the way to MIAMA air port and checked in by 9:00am.. Everything worked out well for us. If I can answer any questions??? I WILL TRY AND we MISSED Grand Caymens because we had to turn around to meet the COST GUARD.. We traveled all most 5 hours towards KEY WEST.. Finally at 6:00 pm they made the call the GRAND CAYMENS was CXLed and we would have ANOTHER DAY AT SEA... We all understood but this was a 6 day cruise only in Nassa from 7 to 1 so it was alittle disapoinnted but what can you do. Carnival gave everyone a 25.00 ship board credit..
  4. Do you think its worth it?? We will be on the Truimph and arrive from 8:00am til 6:00 pm Is there somewhere close to the pier's?? Can you offer the name of a company?? And what side of the road do you drive on.?? LOL Your a great help.. Thanks
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