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  1. ==== I am just stating what is said to be offered. And yes some people say President's Club does have perks. You do have to pass Gold and Platinum medallion levels and be invited to President's Club. Peter
  2. Go for Platinum if you have already received Gold for actual 500 days sailing. 700 or more actual sailing days is your next level. Peter
  3. test =ROLL CALL LIST= CC Name As Of Jul 17 NAME HOME (OPTIONAL) DEFAULT = U.S. From to aliaschief Bruce & Sue Florida San Diego Oct 6 to Ft Lauderdale amzngspdrmn Paul & Lisa Vancouver Canada Seattle Oct 2 to Ft Lauderdale ann95665 Ann & Dave Pine Grove, CA Seattle Oct 2 to Ft
  4. To OP. If your question is specific to viewing excursions - my opinion is to download the HAL Personalized Brochure pdf and save it to a file. Then open the pdf file saved. Sounds like your problem is some sort of "buffering" since you are looking at the pdf with a direct connection to HAL online. The excursion pdf file can be very large. I usually like to have a copy of the excursion pdf brochure on my IPad Mini when on the ship. Why use a Mini? It fits nicely in fanny pack! Peter
  5. Sometimes issues with Safari and HAL. Chrome seems to do better with HAL. On IPad Mini I use version 12.5.3 but mostly use desktop.
  6. I don't spend my precious retirement hours fussing with luggage tags. Use the ones from Amazon. Two to be exact on each bag - one on each handle. Use zip ties to shorten the loop so less likely to catch on anything. Snip off tie. TA usually send printed luggage tags or I may print them myself. pic below.
  7. These can be on Mini Ipad as pdf files or printed on one sheet of paper.
  8. Passport, Passport, Passport. Don't know why some spend time figuring out an alternative to Passport for cruising. Good luck to those who don't want to get/use Passport. Peter
  9. At the Lido you point to what you want and they dish it out for you. Not exactly self serve except for coffee and tea. I like it. Mostly want to eat and go. Do not want to wait around for 12 noon to get seated, order and served. Got other things to do...
  10. HAL pours pureed fruit from containers to make smoothie. Imagine pouring banana liquid from a container. Loads of sugar. Some people like myself is used to "fresh" fruit smoothies. Peter
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