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  1. === TA is still going but now the date is October 20. The date is to coincide with the CDC ban on cruise longer than 7 days that visits US port through Nov 11. Peter
  2. test. Resolution not high enough with copy and paste...
  3. And how many pictures allowed to have on Cruise Critic if just copy and paste? Peter
  4. The Cruise Atlas is available to download from the HAL website when available. Look at the bottom of the page then click e-brochures. When it comes up save it somewhere on your computer so you can find it.
  5. I just booked two cruises on the Rotterdam using HAL agent. I told her that I had two cancelled cruises and lots of FCC from March and still waiting for it to post. She said will put a note on my booking that I do not need to do deposit. I just did the transfer form to move it to my TA. So maybe if you start booking with HAL and have FCC pending you may not have to do deposit. Peter
  6. A German traveller posted this from a German Cruise ship.
  7. No Mask and No Social Distancing Leads to really bad stuff: 1. Lockdown leading to 2. No Jobs 3. No Money 4. No Food 5. No School 6. No Transportation More Severe and Death: 5. Grandparents or Elderly demise in a very bad way 6. Children seriously ill some not recovering 7. Those that recover have lasting damages to Kidney, Heart, Lungs and other internal organs. 8. Puts our Doctors and Nurses an other Front Line workers at risk for the virus We are asking you to please Wear Mask and Social Distanc
  8. ==== So, did you cancel before HAL cancelled? --> FCD Or did HAL cancel? --> FCC Not the most knowledgeable here. Just guessing. Peter
  9. I think it is 1. If you cancel before HAL cancels and it is not past Cancellation Penalty you will get your Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) returned to your Mariner Account. 2. If you are within Cancellation Penalty or HAL cancels the cruise you will get Future Cruise Credit (FCC) rather than (FCD). HAL could make exceptions to this action. Peter
  10. ==== I think you meant to type 2021 not 2020. We don't want to alarm my fellow Zaandam passengers unless we know for certain. Peter
  11. === I am with you in the over 4 month club waiting for FCC! HAL cancelled March 15. It is now 127 days. I did get a full cash refund but the FCC is in addition because HAL cancelled at last minute. Someone at Guest Relations gave me the nonsense that even though the cruise did not go it was not officially cancelled until May 2020 and said that it was still within 120 days. By the way our traveling friends disputed the charge with the CC and got their money back from the Bank and also got HAL FCC several months ago! Peter
  12. HAL book with confidence in a nutshell. Note that the FCC is not a Cash Refund.
  13. From reading previous postings I think that HAL GWV cruisers received "prompt treatment". HAL cherish your business!
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