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  1. Most of the Car Rentals have free shuttle but sometimes it is a bit of a wait for the shuttle. Also the line for Car Rental could be long. Recommend you jump in a taxi (for expediency) to take you to your car rental if so inclined. Taxis are usually around. Peter
  2. We have taken the Metro. Do you have Google Maps in U.K.? just kidding. Bit of a walk from the Port to the Metro but was kinda interesting walk and taking the Metro. Peter
  3. I ask for wire hangers every cruise. No problem. Also get a lot more when send laundry out. Peter
  4. We think it is useful. We are from Northern California...
  5. Saw ATM on Eurodam Nov 2019. Did not get any money but front desk said it cost $7 for each withdrawal. We typically get moneys from ATMs ashore using a debit card with no ATM fees. Be sure to cover the keyboard so no one or camera can see the PIN entered.
  6. == emailed you the letter. It is not a form. Peter
  7. Roy, Ask your TA to obtain a deviation letter from HAL with specific dates. Once you have it retain a copy and take a copy to the front office when you board the ship. I just now emailed you a sample deviation letter. Peter
  8. o.k. here is what happens when I book... Once I am booked my TA from Seattle with close ties to HAL sends me two invoices. One from the TA and one from HAL. The HAL invoice shows the detailed itinerary in the pages of the invoice. Look at the legends for Tender Ports. Note that the itinerary is always subject to change. You should ask your TA for the HAL invoice. Example below:
  9. We were there Aug 2019... In Tokyo used Sheraton Yokahama as base for five nights using points. Book 5 nights get one free. Across the road from Sheraton there is a huge mall with big name Japanese stores with also hundreds of other stores. Lots of places to eat reasonable there or take a train to China Town. Do not confuse Yokohama station with Shin Yokohama Stations the latter is only JR where get Shinkansen. Shin Yokohama is a few stops from Yokohama station. You can get Shinkansen pass but you need to get the voucher from US (is this your home?) and redeem at JR station when get to Japan. The pass will allow you to reserve JR Narita Express to Narita. You can catch the express right in Yokohama (not the Shin station) station. We also got the JR ICOCA Prepaid debit travel card which you can tap and go at the various stations and buses. Two of the nights we used JR Shinkansen with light luggage to go to Kyoto and stayed two nights in a luxury lodge. Be mindful that there are a lot of tourists around so you may not get to see everything. Some things to see Kyoto: Gold Pavilion, Silver Pavillion, Bamboo Forest, Many Temples, Shrines and old area downtown including Geisha area. Tokyo and nearby: Shinjiku, Ueno Park, Emperor Gardens, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Nikko
  10. Once you make five star you need actual sail days to get to the following Gold and Platinum Medallion. I think it is after 1,400 actual sail days they may consider you for President club. Staying in suites and onboard spending will not count towards the higher Gold and Platinum Medallion status. "Existing lapel pins will be replaced with brand new lapel pins for 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star and 5-Star Mariners. In addition, we will continue to recognize our most loyal Mariners through the awarding of a special medallion; a Bronze Medallion for guests sailing with us for a total of 100 days, a Silver Medallion for guests sailing with us for a total of 300 days, a Gold Medallion for guests achieving 500 days, and our highest level Platinum Medallion for those guests who have joined us for 700 or more days. Medallion status is calculated using Cruise Days only; Suite Bonus and Onboard Spending Bonus do not apply toward Medallion status."
  11. There were no drawers in our Spa Cabin. Cabanas took up an entire side of the Lido Pool area reducing spaces for sitting "outdoor". Apart from the these two items we liked the ship.
  12. If you are 4 or 5 star you can get Evian bottled water at the Coffee Lounge with 50% discount if you use your >>room card<<. We do it all the time. Peter
  13. There is a very popular comp any that books specialty cruising that a lot of CC folks use. There headquarters are right there in Seattle two blocks from Holland America headquarters and they are open on Saturdays. Not allowed to give you a name but Google is your friend using a couple of words from first sentence.
  14. Yes, I looked today under "My Offers" as well - it is not there. It has never been there for Bonvoy/Starwood. We will see when get new "Blue Card". Peter
  15. We will wave to you as you get off and we get on July 9. We are going to Alaska and around Japan getting off Aug 14. Our friends Mary and Brent is on this cruise as well. We used Abercrombie & Kent to book Lion Sands Narina Lodge Luxury Safari for three nights and four days. This is similar in activity to the one Mary is proposing except hers might be a teeny bit less luxury but her safari looks really nice. Note there is limited "inventory" for cabins in Kruger National Park so if you are for sure going on this cruise for the specific purpose of going on safari I suggest you book now. The Private Lodges in Kruger are concessions and there are no fences. Animals can go where they want. Concessions can go on their "concession" land in the bush (I really mean in the bush-no road) as well as public roads. Non concessions can only stay on public roads. We still owe you a drink...
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